Bragging Rights

Catch up on the latest achievements of:

AM.CAN.CH Lothlorien Norbury's Miz Daisy CG BN RA AM.SE CAN.JE (Daisy) (Jansim Pup-in-law/Grand-pup)

(proud owner - Jenny Chambers)

Sadly, Daisy left us on 27 August 2018, Click here to visit Daisy's Rainbow Bridge Page

A Positive Ring Experience

Jenny took advantage of the new Beginners Novice Class to give Daisy a ring experience that would not reinforce bad heeling off leash and to add another title to her name.

The venue was the Burlington Obedience Dog Training Club trials in Williston VT, on November 3rd and 4th, 2012
"Presiding" Judges were William Craig and Mike Calhoun.

Despite the heat

...not outside but not air-conditioned either!

Daisy had a good weekend at the VT shows qualifying in:
Novice B at Woodstock Dog Club, Inc. - Thursday 07/12/12 (judge Mr. Frank J. Washabaugh) for the first leg towards her American CD
Then Rally Advanced A at Woodstock Dog Club, Inc. - Friday 07/13/12 (judge Mr. Stephen P. Hersey)
Green Mountain Dog Club, Inc. - Sunday 07/15/12 (judge Ms. Janet E. Induni)
to complete her Rally Advanced title

2012 BTCA Specialty Achievements, Oconomowoc WI, June 10-14, 2012

Daisy picked an excellent venue to earn her first AKC Rally Advanced leg.

Rally Novice Done

Daisy completed her AKC Rally Novice title at the Wachusett Kennel Club Show on Friday 08/20/2010 under judge Donna L. Cassista with a respectable 96

Success on home turf

Daisy earned her second Rally Novice B leg (judge Stephanie Podejko) at the Green Mountain Dog Club (Jenny's local club) on July 18, 2010

2010 BTCA National Specialty Successes - Tryon NC - May 12-16

Daisy once again qualified in Senior at the Specialty ED tests (judge Camilla Moon) and she also earned her first Rally Novice B leg (judge Carol Mett)

Her preferred venue

After blowing Jenny off in the Maritimes (unless she is making sure of a return trip next year), Daisy made up for it with her third AKC SE leg at the Greater Boston ED Tests in Gardner, MA on August 09, 2008 to complete her AKC Senior Earthdog Title
Judge was our own Marg Pough.

And still more Earthdog Success

Jenny and Daisy divided the New Jersey Beanfield Spring Festival week between relaxation and rewarding activity coming home with two legs towards Daisy's AKC ED Senior title.

Her qualifying runs were at the NBTC ED Test (May 31, 2008) and NJBEC Test (June 01, 2008). Judges were Russ Wischover and Bill Kasting respectively)

More Earthdog Success

Jenny and Daisy made their trip to the Parson Russell Terrier Association of America and Scottish Terrier Club of New England Earthdog tests in Harwinton, CT on October 13-14, 2007 worthwhile with Daisy polishing off her Junior earthdog Title
Judges were Joe Mazur and M. Sacco respectively

Maritime Madness Success

Unable to stay through both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Daisy made the best use of her time by completing her Canadian Championship at the Fredericton Kennel Club Shows in Sheffield, NB with Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed on July 27, 2007 (Judge Jose Vidal Montero) and Winners Bitch on July 29, 2007 (Judge Fred Heal).
She also earned the first leg towards her CKC Senior Earthdog title at the BTC ED test on July 29, 2007 (Judge Duane Pulford)

Switching Gears

After an eighteen month hiatus, Daisy came out roaring to complete her Canadian Junior Earthdog Title at the CTAO and BTCO Tests in Moffat, Ontario on June 23/24, 2007 under Judges Jean Callens and Russ Wischover.

Inching forward....

Daisy and Higgs competed at the Club Canine de Rive Sud shows in Iberville, QC on April 28-29. On Saturday they were beaten by a very nice young female who went on the take a Group 3rd and finish her CKC Championship.
On Sunday in he absence of class competition, Daisy and Higgs squared off with Daisy coming out on top on this occasion for one more single.

Half Way There

Daisy's return to the show ring after her successful maternity leave and Jenny's convalescence added two more points towards her Canadian Championship under judges William Taylor and Dr. Rene Echevarria at the United Kennel Club Shows in Montreal, November 25-26, 2006.

Memorable Memorial Day

Daisy's non-pregnancy may have been disappointing but her memorial day performance was not. She was one of four Scrimmage kids to earn a Certificate of Gameness at the North American Teckel Club's AWTA Trial in Crosswicks, NJ on May 30, 2005. Judge was Carrie Hamilton.

Meanwhile ..... back up North

Daisy added two more points to her Canadian total by going WB, BOB at the Club Canin de Rive Sud shows on April 30 and May 01, 2005 under judges Jacqueline Rugsby and Ray Smith.

Done down South!!

Yep, Daisy took winners bitch for one point at the Greater Lowell KC show on January 15, 2005 under breeder judge Bob Naun then finished with points to spare by going winners bitch at the Merrimack Valley KC show the following day under judge James White.

Canadian... eh!!!....

Daisy registered her "intent to compete" by going Winners Bitch for 3 points under "Mike" Billings at the United Kennel Club Show in Montreal on November 27, 2004

"Major" Announcement

Yep! Daisy scored her second major at the Springfield Kennel Club Show on November 21, 2004 under judge Fred Ferris. She was beautifully presented by Donna Moore-Lavoie.

Along for the ride....

....but making it count. It was quite a last minute decision to enter Daisy at the Lewiston Auburn KC shows on September 25 and 26, 2004 but it paid off when she added two more points to her tally going Winners Bitch both days (Judges Fred Ferris and Polly Smith).

Coming Along Nicely

A bit of an understatement!
Jenny was thrilled when Daisy went Winners Bitch for a 3-point major at the Lakes Region Kennel Club Show (judge Linda More) on July 08, 2004
Astonished when she upgraded it to a 4-point major by going Best of Breed!
And grinning like a Cheshire Cat when she took a group second!!!!!! (judge Dr. Robert Smith)

She followed this up with Winners Bitch/Best of Winners at the Champlain Valley KC Show (judge Ken McDermott) on July 10, 2004 and Winners Bitch for two more points at the Green Mountain KC show (judge Robert [no bait no toys in the ring] Moore), July 11, 2004

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