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Jansim It's All About Me CG AM.JE CAN.SE RATN PCD CAN.CD CAN.RA CA NS (Finlay) (Jansim Grand Pup)

(proud owner - Isobel)

Oh so proud …of Gunter's grand son

Finlay completed his CKC CD in 3 straight trials with scores of 183.5 (judge Leslie Marshall) and 192 with 2nd place (judge Edward Leslie) at the Poodle Club of Canada's Obedience Trials - November 2-3, 2019
(He earned the first leg in September with a score of 191.5 and 1st place see below)
More important than the Q's or scores is what happened at his last two trials …or perhaps that should be, what didn't happen
Like most of us who do obedience, Isobel is no fan of the stays, there is the constant unknown in what other peoples dogs will do

In Isobel's words:
"I've always been nervous about other dogs getting into my dog's space and my worst fears were realized....Finlay , however, managed to ignore the intrusions of the Border Collie that came over to visit in the first trial, then the same dog started barking at his owner in the second trial Stays, triggering barking responses further down the line.
Throughout all this, Finlay remained calm and relaxed, appearing just a bit disdainful about all the commotion going on around him!
Love this little guy's temperament."

The epitome of versatility - Poodle Club of Canada, September 7, 2019 - Vanessa, ON

Isobel definitely prefers training to trialing but she finally entered Finlay in Novice B under judge Leslie Marshall and came away with a 191.5 qualifying score and First Place!

Switching Gears...again - June 22, 2019

At the Central Bark AWTA Tials, in NY - Judge Judy Todd:
Finlay aced his AWTA Certificate of Gameness

He didn't have to wait too long - May 26, 2019

At the Red Barn Event Center CKC Sprinter Trials, as Isobel puts it:
Finlay was possessed, acing his runs with placements in his height category, intent on killing the lure....a couple of plastic bags got shredded!

Sprint to the Finish - October 06, 2018

Well, actually he will have to wait until next year to finish, his CKC Novice Sprinter title that is.
Finlay debuted in Sprinter at the Red Barn Event Center in Barrie, ON.

Unfortunatley, he overdid things a little on his first run and Isobel wisely scratched him from a second run.

Another Title "Of Course" - September 29, 2018

While it took Finlay some time to warm up to the game at his Chase Ability debut in 2016, that all changed at the Borzoi Club of Ontario Chase Ability Tests in Jerseyville, ON.
He ran two qualifying courses to complete his CKC CA title.

Lure Operator Brad Heppel

Judges: Janice Preiss and Lisa Miceli

Switching Gears - July 21, 2018

Isobel, Finlay and Maisie made a quick stop at the Finger Lakes Kennel Club Earthdog Tests in Newark Valley, NY on their way to a family committment truly worthwhile.

Finlay earned his first AKC Senior leg under judge Bob LaBerge.
His recall tme might have been close to the mark but who's counting, well I guess the judge was!! LOL

He's been busy - on the quiet

In May, June and July 2018, Finlay competed in CKC Rally-O and completed his Rally Intermediate and Rally Advanced Titles

Swansea Dog Obedience Club - May 27, 2018
Intermediate - judge Lorraine Purnell, score 97.0
Intermediate - judge Lorraine Purnell, score 78.0

North York Obedience Club - June 16-17, 2018
Intermediate - judge Heidi Kadoke, score 97.0
Advanced B - judge Mary Monteith, score 82.0
Advanced B - judge Mary Monteith, score 93.0

Simcoe Performance Dogs - June 30, 2018
Advanced B - judge Stephanie Podejko, score 82.0

"If I recall" ....

...and he did! Twice!

Thanks to some excellent coaching from Marg Pough on training day and fancy footwork from Isobel on test day, Finlay completed his CKC Senior Earthdog titles at the Earthdog Association of Ontario's CKC ED tests on October 22nd, 2016 in Plattesville, ON under judges Marg Oough and Richard Reynolds.

As always, this brag will benefit Isobel's favourite cat rescue group.

August 14, 2016 - Rally-O - St. Catherines & District KC, Welland, ON

Finlay completed his CKC Rally Novice Title with two first places and scores of 99 and 91 under judge Paul Oslach.

Once again, it was very hot and humid and to quote Isobel:

"To be honest, I would have pulled had I been handling Maisie because I really have to be focussed with her, but, as I say, Finlay is so obliging and unflappable, that he pulled it off with very little help from me! "

The judge was Leslie Marshall

He turned style

Saluki Club of Canada CAP Test July 31st, 2016 in New Tecumseth, ON.
Judge Larry Gahan
Lure Operators Brad Heppel and Jacob Simunovic

Finlay, who thus far has not demonstrated any great interest, clearly not quite understanding why he should chase a plastic bag, today got into it, deciding that the goal was to kill the plastic bag, not just chase. He took off like a rocket, caught the lure, worrying it, tugging it off the line and shaking it, then taking off again when the lure was restarted (minus one shredded bag) and qualified.

July 24, 2016 - Rally-O - Simcoe Performance Dogs, Barrie, ON

In Isobel's words:

"It's been so hot and the dogs are under-exercised and bored, so, on the spur of the moment, we headed up to the Red Barn today, where there were Rally & Obed. trials going on , with day of entries being accepted.
I entered Finlay in Rally, Novice B, neither of us quite knew what we were doing, but he pulled it off, in First Place, with a score of 95. "

The judge was Leslie Marshall

May 17, 2015 - Barn Hunt - Oxford Dogs Sports, Princeton, ON

Finlay completed his RATN title in fine style under judge Laurie Soutar.

December 07, 2014 - Barn Hunt - Oxford Dogs Sports, Princeton. ON

Finlay earned the first two legs towards his RATN title under judge Laurie Soutar.

Icing on the cake was is his High in Class.

Interesting Finish - November 15, 2014

Finlay earned his second and third PCD Legs under Marie Sawford

In the afternoon Trial, Finlay was one of only two dogs entered, the other being a Coonhound with the delightful name of Rockytop Alabama Slammer! Not something you see very oftem. Isobel described him as "quite the nicest big guy and a nice working dog".
Even the Judge commented on her surprise at having a Coonhound and Border Terrier in the ring.

A modest but promising debut

Finlay earned his first PCD Leg under Ted Leslie at The Poodle Club of Canada Trial on November 09, 2014

To quote Isobel

"He was happy and confident in the Ring, in a new environment, on flooring that some more experienced dogs were freaking out over and he maintained his composure and attention despite distractions."

September 21, 2014 - Barn Hunt - West Highland White Terrier Club of Canada, Terra Cotta. ON

Finlay aced his Barn Hunt Instinct (RATI) title under judge Robert Kripaitis.

Earth Dog Association Of Ontario, June 22, 2014 - A promising start...

.... to Finlay's Senior earthdog career.

Finlay drew rave reviews from the Judge, who said he was the best she had seen all day.
He entered quickly, made his way straight to the quarry and started working immediately.
The Judge said she had to move the quarry back a bit because Finlay (he of the long legs!) was trying to reach through the bars.
He did not recall quickly but when he came out, he went straight to Isobel and qualified for his first CKC SE leg.
Way to go , Finlay!

Nice way to Title

Finlay completed his CKC Junior Earthdog Title by qualifying under Anna Robaczewski at the Border Terrier Canada National ED Test in Berkely, ON on August 09, 2013.

Not a problem

Finlay had no trouble at all earning his first CKC JE leg a the Victoria County KC Test on June 23, 2013 under judge Brenda Weintraub. Brenda described his work as "fabulous".

It's in the genes

Finlay lived up to his parental heritage by earning his AKC Junior Earthdog Title at his first outing of 2013. Qualifying under judges Steve D Watson and Marian Shaw D.V.M. at the Ravenna River Earthdog Club Tests on April 27, 2013.

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