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Am.Can.Ch. Jansim Toad in the Hole TT,CGC,CGN,CG,Am.ME,Can.SE,Am.Can.RA,Am.Can.CD.BTCA-VX (Gunter) (Jansim Pup)

(proud owners - Chris & Pam)

I said farewell to my beloved "Big G" on July 09, 2014,
Click here to visit Gunter's Rainbow Bridge Page

2013 BTCA National Specialty Achievements (June 23-27, Warwick, Rhode Island) - Never in my wildest dream...

... did I imagine that Gunter's show career would end on such a high note.
I was absolutley thrilled when he repeated his 2012 Specialty Sweeps achievement beating two other lovely oldies to win the 13 Plus Class.
Then, when breeder judge Lynn Looper awarded him Best in Veteran Sweeps over 43 other entries, all younger than him, I totally lost it.
The progression of Gunter's disc disease makes it harder for him to maintain that lovely effortless trot that has served him so well for sixteen years, especially when he is excited.
He loves being in the ring and kept breaking stride but Lynn had me move him at a slower pace and was very patient.
Thank you Lynn for seeing the gold beneath the tarnish of old age and for giving me and all Gunter's fans a memory to last a life time.

A fitting achievement

Gunter earned his first title when he passed his Canine Good Citizen test in 1998, a few days before his first birthday.
It seems fitting that what will surely be his last title should be the Canadian equivalent.
On March 03, 2013, a month before his sixteenth birthday, Gunter passed the CKC Canine Good Neighbour Test to add CGN to his list of titles.
A list made more impressive because it has spanned fifteen years

2012 Border Terrier Canada National Specialty Success

Gunter followed his BTCA National success by going Best Veteran Male under breeder judge, Patrick Glover on July 25th, 2012

2012 BTCA Specialty Achievements, Oconomowoc WI, June 10-14, 2012

At fifteen years-old Gunter stepped out to win his 13 plus Veteran Sweeps class under Carlie Krolick and place second in his Regular Veterans class under Marg Pough.


Gunter closed out his Rally career earning his Canadian Rally Advanced title at the Island Dog Club Shows in PEI October 29-31, 2010.

Scoring 83 (judge Anne-Marie Leadbeater), 95 (4th place - judge Anne-Marie Leadbeater).

It wasn't pretty... but...

The Newtown Kennel Clun Trials in beautiful Indian Well State Part, CT on September 24th were Gunter's first (and last) outdoor Rally Trials. He did reasonably well in the morning to earn his second Rally Advanced leg (Judge Lynda S. Moore).
The afternoon was incredibly hot and sunny but with no better forecast for the following day and not wanting to put everything on the line in Sunday's indoor trial I chose to run him.
I gave him every ounce of encouragement and praise I could muster (plus a lot of pleading) and somehow the old boy pulled it off completing his AKC Rally Advanced title - just!
Moving up to Excellent was not even a consideration so I pulled him from Saturday's Trials and he hung out at the beach. Back indoors on Sunday at the Northwestern CT Trial he demonstarted that he now knows that he is off leash and I am at his mercy - he did earn a bonus leg but not a brilliant performance.

Another one done

Gunter earned his CKC Rally Novice title at the Maritime Group 7 Club trial and Halifax Kennel Clubs trials in Halifax NS, September 4-6, 2010.
Scoring 99 (1st place - judge Susan des Cotes - HKC),
79 (13 points in handler errors - again!!!!) (judge Brenda Juskow - HKC),
and 99 (2nd place - judge Susan des Cotes - Maritime Group 7 Club).
He then went on to earn his first Rally Advanced leg on Monday with a score of 94 (judge Brenda Juskow - HKC)

"Advancing" in age and titles

Gunter earned the second leg of his AKC Rally Novice title at the Woodstock Dog Club show in Tunbridge, VT with a score of 98 and third place (judge Celeste Meade)
His title came the following day at the Champlain Valley KC show in Essex Junction VT with a score of 99 and second place. It would have been 100 but for a one point handler error. The judge was Carole Artim

At the Green Mountain Dog Club show on Sunday he was moved up to Rally Advanced B and despite neither of us having "much of a clue", he qualified with 84 under judge David Maurer. It would have been 94 but this time his handler (me) failed to complete an exercise thus incurring a 10 point penalty!!!

I always said that the pups we ran on in this litter grew up in spite of me and at thirteen plus years, Gunter is still succeeding despite me.

2010 BTCA National Specialty Successes - Tryon NC - May 12-16

Gunter and Pam also demonstrated that you can teach an old dog and "not so young" handler new tricks by qualifying in Rally Novice B with third place (judge Carol Mett). In the conformation ring he was only one step behind his brother finishing third in 13yrs and over Veteran Sweeps (judge Barbara Dalane) on Friday and second in 13yrs and over Regular Veterans under Bob Naun on Sunday - Sincere thanks to Amanda for not only showing him in conformation but also making it fun.

2009 BTCA Specialty Achievements - September 27-October 01, 2009 - Centreville, MD

Gunter did very nicely in Veterans Sweepstakes taking 2nd place in the 10-13yr class under Breeder judge, Kathy Robinson
(and look who's waiting patiently in the background for his turn)


That pretty well sums up Gunter's reaction to each portion of the ATTS Temperament Test which he easily passed on April 26, 2009 in Ballston Spa, NY. The test was hosted by "Out of the Pits" a pitbull welfare organisation. This brag benefits their cause.

Gunter - a.k.a. The "Quarter-Master"

That's right - Gunter became the first Border Terrier in Eastern Canada to qualify in Master, earning the first leg towards his CKC Master ED Title at the ATA CKC ED Test in St-Croix, NS on August 03, 2008 under judge Joe Mazur

No More "Senior Moments"

It took three years but was well worth it.

Gunter went into his first test of the year at the BTCOA ED Test in Moffat, ON on May 10, 2008 without the benefit of any practice or warm ups and perhaps that was a good thing.

He turned in an almost faultless performance (one slight detour on top before re-entering) to complete his CKC Senior Earthdog Title (judge Carol Mock)

Gunter also congratulates his niece Henry on her "bonus" Senior Leg

2007 BTCA National Specialty success

Gunter enjoyed stepping down to Junior (permissible for dogs with the Master ED title) and getting away from the frustrations of the Canadian Senior ED Tests. As a result he qualified in fine style at the Specialty ED Test on September 18th (judge Norman Row)

Maritime Madness Success

Taking his time!!! Though in all fairness he is giving his all to get the job done. It is just very difficult to get yourself turned around when you are as big as Gunter and end up at the quarry tail first!!!
His first attempt in the Maritimes turned out to be his best and he earned the second leg towards his CKC Senioe ED title at the ECDC ED Test in Sheffield, NS on July 28, 2007 (Judge Trudy Kawami)

He's a Character

Nobody would guess that Gunter earned his AKC Senior Earthdog title in three straight legs based on his performance in the Senior Earthdog class Canada. Of course that was a good few years ago. Suffice to say that our "Good Boy" put it together on September 10, 2006 at the DCGO ED Tests to earn his first CKC SE leg under Lou Herzog.

Gunter's a "Good Boy"

Despite turning in what was probably his worst performance to date (he even had the judge convinced that there were rodents behind the closed off food concessions that formed the back wall to the ring), our wonderful but serious "Hubble dog" finished his American CD on Saturday November 19, 2005 at the Chenango Valley KC show in Syracuse.
The judge, Edward Haas is one to keep in mind. Loves Borders and it showed in his generosity

Two down....One to go!!!

My "Hubble dog" muddled through to score a qualifying 176 at the Penobscot Valley Kennel Club Trial in Brewer Maine on October 15, 2005 under sympathetic judge Edward Whitney for his second AKC CD leg.
Sadly on the Sunday he "lay down on the job"
On a bright note these were very nice trials in a nice site with friendly folks and well matted rings (maybe a bit too comfortable me thinks!!!)
They also had Rally at the same site.

Borderline performance!

Gunter squeaked through two qualifying "performances" at the Arnprior Canine Association Obedience Trials on September 24, 2005 to complete his Canadian CD. His scores should be "classified" information but in truth they reflect my training efforts not his capability, so........ in the first trial under Ulrich P. Mueller he squeezed by with 171 and in the second trial under Donald Wallace he had a "hair" more wriggle room with a 172-1/2!!

This brag benefits Best Friends Katrina Relief Fund

A leg in each Country.....

....And a slight improvement in batting average!!!
Out of three Trials at the Essex County Fairgrounds, Gunter and I managed to qualify once in Novice B on Saturday July 16, 2005 (Champlain Valley Kennel Club) under Judge John Blenkey.
As a point of interest, the first time I showed under John Blenkey was in 1976 shortly after our arrival in Canada. On that occasion the dog was a German Shepherd named Donna who took high in trial! Oh how the mighty have fallen - on Saturday I asked him to whisper Gunter's score!

This brag benefits Northern Greyhound Rescue

Not Pretty....But!

Gunter was entered in four Obedience Trials in two days at the Hochelaga Kennel Club Shows on May 21, 22, 2005.
Talk about learning on the job - in the fourth Trial, Gunter managed to squeak through with a 176 to earn the first leg on his Canadian CD under [very] Border friendly judge - Edward Leslie.
To put things in perspective: Prior to the trials Gunter had only done three stands for examination with a "pretend" judge. He had never done a stay in a line of dogs. Had never done a full one minute sit stay or a three minute down stay under any circumstances!
Gee - just think what he could do with some training and practice.

For everything else there's.......

Entry Fees: $44.00
Gas to get to the show (and back): $50.00
Motel Room: $89.00
Well deserved supper for the support team: $100
Last point for an American Championship ..... PRICELESS

Sincere thanks to Donna for a superb handling job, to David and Lisa for their good sportsmanship and to Jenny for being there All the excitement took place at the Lewiston Auburn KC show on September 25, 2004 (Judge; Fred Ferris)

This brag will benefit a local no-kill shelter.

Oh My!

We entered Gunter two days on the New England Circuit as his "Swan Song" - it looks like it may have to be a prelude to an encore - Beautifully presented by Donna M-L, Gunter went Winners Dog/Best of Winners for two points at the Woodstock Dog Club Show on July 09, 2004 under Judge Florise Hogan leaving him ONE POINT shy of his American Championship.

Solid Performance

After a senior moment at the BTCO Earthdog Test when he paused to wag his tail at the rats and enquire politely if they were having as much fun as he was, Gunter got his act together at the Dachshund Club of Greater Ontario CKC Earthdog Tests, June 19-20, 2004 and earned his Canadian Junior Earthdog title.

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