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CAN.CH Lothlorien Jansim Hazel Tor CG AM.CAN.SE RATN BTCA-V BTC-V (Hazel) (Jansim Pup-in-law/Grand-pup)

(proud owner - Anna R.)

Sadly, Hazele left us on 16 March 2019,
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September 21, 2014 - Barn Hunt - West Highland White Terrier Club of Canada, Terra Cotta. ON

Hazel's return to the Barn Hunt "Arena" was simply successful. She earned the third leg of her Barn Hunt Novice (RATN) title under judge Robert Kripaitis.

April 05-06, 2014 - Barn Hunt Debut, Wag It Training Center, Lincolnville, Maine

Despite along lay off from competition, Hazel absolutely aced her Barn Hunt instinct tests to earn her RATI and topped that off with two legs towards her RATN Title. There's no doubt "she'll be back".

It's been a while, but.....

Hazel turned in a credible performance at the Bayshore Companion Dog Coursing Ability Test on June 03, 2012 to earn the first leg towards her CA

2007 BTCA National Specialty success

Hazel enjoyed earning a bonus SE leg under judge Annette Neff at the specialty ED Test on September 18th.

Maritime Madness Success

Hazel made it look easy when she completed her CKC Senior ED title with qualifying runs at the BTC ED Test in Sheffield, NB on July 29, 2007 (Judge Duane Pulford)and at the ATA ED Tests in St Croix on August 4-5, 2007 (Judges Pat Rock and Jean Callens)

Senior!! Junior!! she's all confused....

After completing her AKC Senior title while owner was busy in Poland, Hazel got her act together and completed her CKC Junior ED Title at the BTCO ED Test in Moffat, ON on June 25, 2007 under respected US Judge, Russ Wischover

Leading the sibling Ratskateers

Hazel cooperated with surrogate handler, Pam, to become the first of the three Roger/Scrimmage "pups" to qualify in Senior at the New Jersey Beanfield Earthdog Club ED Test in Crosswicks, NJ on June 02, 2007 (Judge Jean Clark) and in doing so completed her AKC Senior ED Title.

She racked up a bonus leg at the Northeast Border Terrier Club ED test the following day (Judge Blue Sandrock).

This brag will benefit Whippet rescue in memory of Nipper

Hey! What About Me?

Hazel's Canadian Earthdog career has had to take a back seat to owner Anna's commitment to promoting ED as a sport in the Maritimes - but she got her chance at the ECDC ED Test in Fredericton, NB on July 30, 2006 when she put away the first leg of her Junior Earthdog Title under Marg Pough without any hesitation.

Working on a "Senior" Graduation

The New Jersey air obviously agrees with NJ-born Hazel as she went two for two at the NJBEC and NBTC ED tests on June 3rd and 4th, 2006 respectively, to earn the first two legs on her AKC Senior Earthdog title (Judges Carrie Hamilton and Joe Schrimpf).

Without Fireworks or Fanfare

"Workmanlike" is perhaps the best way to describe Hazel's performance in going Winners Bitch over her cousin all three days at the Fredericton Kennel Club shows on July 29, 30, 31, 2005 to finish her Canadian Championship. Judges were Heather Langfeld, Denise Cornelssen and "Butch" MacDonald.

Junior Success

Despite being away from home for three plus weeks, including a two week road trip, Hazel made us all proud by finishing her Junior Earthdog Title at the BTCA National Specialty Trial in Eureka Missouri. (Judge Blue Sandrock).

A Working Gal at Heart

Hazel threw off her "drama queen" image to nail the first leg towards her Junior Earthdog title at the NJBEC ED Test in Crosswicks, NJ on May 30, 2005 (judge Ron Sebastiani)
She was also the fourth Scrimmage kid (three by Roger and one by Tripper) to earn her Certificate of Gameness at the North American Teckel Club's AWTA Trial on the same day (Judge Carrie Hamilton).

Promising Encore

Hazel added three more points to her tally going Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the Atlantic Terrier Association Specialty in Halifax Nova Scotia on September 03, 2004. The judge was Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine from the US.

Seizing the Moment

Hazel combined her good looks and excellent showmanship to edge out her half distant cousin Molly (who was redefining - "don't touch me - I have PMS") and earn 4 points towards her Canadian Championship as well as three Best Puppy in Groups and a Group 2nd at the Fredericton Kennel Club Shows - July 23, 24, 25, 2004. (Judges: Charlotte McGowan, Freeman Perry, Leslie Rogers, George McMurray)

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