Bragging Rights

Catch up on the latest achievements of:

Izzi Belle Del Luna (Lizzie) (Friend of the Family)

(proud "care givers" - Eric & Dora)

Sadly, Lizzie left us on 16 March 2015 at the venerable age of 18 yrs 8 mths
Click here to visit Lizzie's Rainbow Bridge Page

Not a fluke...

Lizzie followed the pattern she established in Fredericton by warming up one day and pulling out the stops the next when she earned her first American JE Leg at the Greater Boston Earthdog Club Test in Gardner MA on August 13, 2006 (judge Christine Forbes)


Tough love

Pays off............

There was a time when Lizzie was a BT with issues in need of a new home. Fortunately her breeder was there for her and then along came Eric and Dora who were willing to take her in and spend an inordinate amount of time and effort to help her find her place in canine society

While Lizzie may still have her occasional "worries" with other dogs, she now lives in harmony with the family cat and young BT companion Bonus.
She has also discovered her "raison d'etre" through earthdog tests and found a comfortable place to express her character.

In Dora's words:

After numerous tries to qualify in earthdog Lizzie finally got a qualifying leg in Junior Earthdog under Judge Marg Pough at the July 30th Eastern Canada Dachshund Club Earthdog test.
This is the first time she has not felt it necessary to go check out the judge's end of the tunnel during a test.
Hopefully it will not be the last!

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