Bragging Rights

Catch up on the latest achievements of:

Wimberways Border U Tuder Rose URO1 RL1 (Rosie) (friend of the family)

(proud owners - Chris & Jeff)

WCRL Rally, Dog Training Club of Chester County - 01 March 2020

In Chris' words:

"Rosie (aka Wimberways Border U Tuder Rose) had a successful Sunday playing in WCRL rally at Dog Training Club of Chester County.
Under Judge Joan Klingler, Rosie qualified in both her Level 1B runs with scores of 206 and 209 (out of a possible 210)!
She was also awarded Highest Scoring Rescue dog!
I'm so proud of her performance, especially since it was a new environment for her.
These are her first Q's towards her Level 1 Championship -- only 8 to go!
Love my little Rosebud!"

Oakes K9 CynoSport (Halloween Themed) Rally trials, - 26 October 2019
Level 1 title -- RL1 accomplished!

In Chris' words:

"She performed beautifully, completely focusing on our partnership in the ring.
In the morning trial, under Judge Sue Oakes, she earned a perfect score of 210 and 2nd Place!
In the afternoon trial, under Judge Annette Murphy-Wales, she earned a score of 209 and 1st Place!
Rosie also won Highest Scoring Rescue Dog, In Memory of DVGRR’s Bridget and Finn. A lovely prize which included a fancy dog cookie, a stemless wine glass (embossed with HSRD) and a bottle of wine.
Both judges and competitors complimented us on our performances. Rosie definitely brought her A-game! Many thanks to Judges Traci Bowers Isabella, Sue Oakes and Annette Murphy-Wales for helping us achieve this.
Rosie loves life, training, playing and snuggling. Can't ask for more than that!"

Off Leash Debut at Kan Do K9s UKC rally and obedience trials at the K9Jym 05 October 2019

Rosie was entered her in both the morning and afternoon trials, with one run each in rally and obedience in each trial.

The rally trials were judged by Annette Murphy-Wales, and the obedience trails were judged by Norbert Kowal.

She earned her first leg in Rally 2A and 2nd Place, and two legs in Novice B obedience, with two 3rd Places!

Working her magic at KanDo K9's CynoSport trials at the K9Jym20 July 2019

In Chris' words:

"Our morning judge for Level Intro was Renee Hall, and Rosie qualified with a 204 and Second Place for her Intro title, RLI!
I was going to leave her in Intro for the afternoon trial as I didn't have the confidence to think we were ready for Level 1, but my beagle friend, Marie, convinced me to move her up as another Intro leg wouldn't make a difference, and Rosie is such a good worker. Besides, she said, you only need a 170 to qualify, although she knew we would do better. So I did.
Our judge was Traci Isabella. Rosie worked so well she qualified with a 205 and 1st Place! So proud of her! Everyone was so happy for us and said she's so good."

Another Rally Good Saturday - 13 July 2019
CynoSport Rally, Intro Level, at the K9Jym

In Chris' words:

"In the morning run she scored 208 (out of possible 210) and Second Place! Judge Traci Isabella
In the afternoon run she scored 208 again and earned 1st Place! Judge Jeanne Thompson"

Very Nice Rally Debut - May 4-5,2019
Kan Do K9 Sports Association UKC rally and obedience trials at the K9Jym

In Chris' words:

"On Saturday, under Judge Marguerite Plank (lovely judge), our first ever attempt we got a score of 81 (out of 100)! Marguerite said she had a lovely run for her first time and said she's a lovely working dog. I was so excited we got our first leg!
Our afternoon attempt earned us a score of 95! She was much more focused on me and paid much better attention. Even Marguerite mentioned how much she had improved over the morning. I was very, very proud of her.
Sunday morning, again first in the ring. Our judge was Annette Murphy-Wales, she was happy to meet Rosie, and when we finished her course we scored 97 and 1st Place! Yay, our title!
Annette said she's a lovely working dog. The afternoon trial we did just as well with another 97 and 1st Place."

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