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(proud owner - Jane Kroll)

On a whim - August 2018

As if driving through the night from Maine to home with a new puppy was not enough excitement, team Schemer attended a farm dog test where passed her tests and earned her farm dog (FDC) title

Another wonderful update - September, thru November, 2015

Per Jane:

"Back in September 2015, Schemer finished her RATO title.
Halloween weekend she earned two legs on her TIAD title (she just doesn't think weave poles are necessary most of the time), she missed her third leg by 1.6 seconds. She also ran her first time at level 3 games and earned a leg.
This past weekend (November 7-8, 2015) she earned her Iron Dog title in flyball. That's ten consecutive years of running. She is just amazing, she is running very consistent times, keeping her average speed, and having a blast and all at almost 10 years of age.
Those were some good genes, thanks Roger and Scrimmage."

On the quiet....

Jane doesn't post much, but somewhere along the line she and Schemer racked up enough points and titles for Schemer's BTCA Vesatility Award
She has also earned enough flyball points for her FGDCh 70K and is just 2 points shy of her Versatility Excellent

Two Fun Weekends

In Jane's words:

"Schemer has been pretty busy the last two weekends. Last Friday and Saturday, (October 25-26, 2013) she went to her first outside barnhunt on a sheep farm.
The set up they had for the hunt was really neat. We had 2 runs each day. Both her runs on Friday, she found one of the rats, but timed out on the second. Saturday brought our (NC) first really hard frost when we departed home. Her first run was a little disappointing as she didn't find any of the rats and timed out. She was searching like crazy but no luck. I was a little "worried" for our second run, as she hasn't ever not found at least the one rat. While we were in the holding area, we had a nice conversation as to the benefits of finding at least one of the rats. I should add that our first run was at 11 AM and our second run was at 6:15PM, daylight was truly burning. She went in with a determination like I never saw before. She found her first rat really quickly (I was almost sure it wasn't the one, but she was right). Now for the dreaded second rat. She was looking like crazy. After her first run, the judge suggested that I was letting her do the perimeter too much and "help" her towards the center. So I was watching her and guiding her the best I could (3 tunnel runs and numerous climbs later), I asked her to "calm down" and think about what she was doing. There was an "intersection" of three bales. She came to that point, she went "under" the two bales and came up on the other side of the two bales with straw in her face, I made the comment that I guess that wasn't it and she went back down and suddenly I could hear her nails clicking on a tube, sure enough she was on top of the rat tube and reacted, I called it, and it was there. She got her second leg in open in 1:46, took first place in small dogs, and was a couple of tenths from winning High Open. Really a nice way to finish the day.

This weekend (November 2-3, 2013), Schemer went to flyball and earned her 60K in simply wonderful style. She ran probably her best average time in her racing career (at almost 8 years)! She had multiple sub 6 second runs and probably would have had more, but our team was running so well, that we had to monitor our racing because all 4 dogs were running their personal bests. My little girl never ceases to amaze me. "

She's "BAD" - September 28-29, 2013

In Jane's words:

"This weekend Schemer competed in her second TDAA agility trial and completed her TBAD title running a 60 second course in 22 seconds. I was also surprised to learn this morning that she placed in another category for the trial. She placed 1st in Best Female for 12" height and 3rd in Best Veteran for a 12" height. Pretty good considering she was only entered in the standard runs and one game, when everyone else was entered in pretty much everything. Needless to say, she always makes me proud. "

One Stop "Shopping" in Durham NC - May/June 2013

In Jane's words:

"Schemer is proud to report that since Memorial Day (US), she has been busy.
Memorial Day weekend, she attended her first Teacup Agility Trial. She came away with her TG1 title and one leg in standard. This was her first time doing agility.
A couple of weeks later, she did flyball and had a great time.
Yesterday and today, she attended her first barn hunt and came away with her RATN title and then had a pretty good run in her first attempt at open. Our judge was Mary Oppermann.
To close out what she thought was a great couple of days, she took a swim.
The cool thing about the agility/barn hunt/swim, is that it all took place where she trains. "

Rising to the Challenge

Schemer earned her FG50K title on September 01, 2012 despite having to deal with a couple of issues that could easily of sidelined her.
Kudos to Jane for the teamwork and respecting Schemer's abilities and limits.

The energizer bunny

On 19 March 2011 at the Go Dog Go March Madness flyball tournament in Wilson, North Carolina, Schemer earned her FG40K title.
She might be little, but she's a little energizer bunny. She just keeps going and going!

Grand Champion!!! - March 20-21, 2010

In Jane's words

I am very proud to report that Schemer has attained the "God" status. She earned 30,000 points to give her the title "FGDCH" (Flyball Grand Champion). She gave me a little scare in the last heat on Saturday. She was running 5 of 5 heats and could earn 125 points if all went right. She needed 54 points to wrap up the title on that day. She came away with 56 points and ran a slow 8 seconds. I didn't want to worry too much (she had an injury two tournaments ago) and was attributing it too increased heat (it was in the 70's in NC, long racing day, and coming off the injury, didn't have the opportunity to build up her stamina (also it has been raining here alot). She slept really good and came back on Sunday and ran a 5.8 in her first heat of the day and ran a 5.9 in her last heat of the day. I am really, really proud of my little girl. She gives it everything she has and then some. Now if we could only get our off-leash heeling in order, she could complete her CD.

Another Milestone - April 18-19, 2009

From Jane

Schemer got her Onyx (20,000 points) in flyball this past weekend in Virginia. The fun part was she was on a team that consisted of a Rhodesian, two shelties, backup BC and a mix. It is quite fun to think that she has gotten a good deal of her points running on a three height dog team. She is the only dog on our team to be appointed to do so. Quite a testament to her and her tenacity.

Flyball gets even more exciting

A fun update from Jane

I have some great news from Schemer. She attained her FMCH (15,000 points) at our tournament this past weekend. She is the #1 ranked Border Terrier for region 9 and the #5 ranked for regions 9 & 15 combined (Donna's Free is way ahead of us). At our recent tournament, we had a little earthdog excitement. Just as one of the race heats were about to start, a brave little mouse decided to run from one side of the room, through the racing lanes, to the other side, and back into the racing lanes, escaping lunging dogs, people, but not one PRT who thought the mouse would make a tidy morsel. The mouse was removed from the chewing PRT by its owner.

Flying Fast

In Jane's words

Just wanted to report that Schemer earned her Flyball Master title this past weekend (October 27-18, 2007). To me this is pretty surreal being that she only started racing in April and her first three tournaments were only as a part-time runner. She was also on an Open team this past weekend; this meant that she was passing a dog she never met before. You just got to love that wonderful temperament.

Standing on one leg!

While several JJ members were enroute home from the 2007 BTCA Specialty we received word that Schemer had earned the first leg towards her American CD.

In Jane's words

Just wanted to report that today [October 3, 2007], at the All Terrier Obedience Trial in PA, my Schemer, earned her first leg toward her CD. Our score was 177 1/2. Pretty good considering she is very green and had not one sit in both of her heeling patterns or figure eight. She did do a mighty pretty front and finish on her recall. Her stays were "almost" an adventure. First, being in a line of all terriers; and second, realizing that there were other rings of dogs behind her. We also got to meet Sophie.

Going for Gold!!

In Jane's words

At the flyball tournament this past weekend in MA, (September 01-02, 2007), Schemer earned her FDCH-Gold (Flyball Dog Champion-Gold) title. Her team finished in First Place. She even had to run a "little" extra to help out our other team when their height dog was under the weather on Saturday.

Silver lining.... and no clouds on the horizon!!

Schemer had another great weekend at flyball (July 21/22, 2007). She earned the next title, which is FDCH-S (Flyball Dog Champion Silver). She ran for the first time as a full time running dog and ran the anchor leg for her team. Her team ended up winning first place in their division. The team consisted of a NSDTR, Border Collie, and Belgian Malinois, and Schemer. Jane believes they came away with approx. 1100+ points out of a possible 1200.

Certainly not a fluke....

Schemer demonstrated that her previous successes were no fluke by earning her FDCH at the Coconut Classic on June 23, 2007 and followed this up by completing her AKC Junior Earthdog Title on June 30, 2007 at the Dachshund Club of NJ ED Test in Crosswicks NJ.

All in a days work fun....

"Today Schemer (Roger X Scrimmage) had her flyball debut, with her owner/handler Jane. She is the cutest little girl at 15 months. She looks much more like her cousin Sophie (PA) than her cousin Boomer. [that's the good news -- Pam] She is running on a team with all experienced solid dogs. She was supposed to take turns with a more experienced height dog (Louie, a Chinese Crested), but after Louie came down with Kennel Cough, Schemer was on her own.
Her first race looked pretty good with a couple of runs under 7 seconds and a couple slightly over. She now had her FD, and by the next race her FDX. Then there was a few bits of confusion with exactly what lane she was supposed to come back in and she chose to just come right down the middle between the two lanes, splitting the difference for a while. She managed to get her head in gear by the end of the day, and her club is still happy with her. This is the first time that Schemer has seen a second lane with dogs running in it, so the distraction and confusion wasn't a great surprise to the rest of the team."

Submitted by Donna (Gally, Harry, Free & Colin) on April 21, 2007

All in a days work (for a terrier that is)

Schemer mimicked several relatives when she earned the first leg of her AKC Junior Earthdog title and her AWTA Certificate of Gameness in one weekend.
Schemer's success came at the New Jersey Beanfield AKC and AWTA Earthdog tests in November 2006 (Judges Art Snellbaker and Pam Dyer respectively).

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