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Norbury Brendan's Teazle TT,CG,CGC,TDI,Am.RA,Can.RN,Am.CD,RATN,TACh2

(proud owners - Gwen and Jack)

Predictably unpredictable !!!

Teazle continues to do well in Agility and is closing in on her TDAA Ch. for the second time. One never knows with this Madame!

She hated AKC obedience although knew all her work well. Some weeks ago my friend decided to try her in a CDSP OB trial being held at her training site.
The exercises differed a bit from AKC but we figured if she did exactly what she was told it would be ok!!
Well. apparently the unexpected routine suited her because she won her class with a score of 197.5!! The best ever I achieved ( with a Basset ) was a 194.
She since completed her Novice title and has one leg in Open.

She also now has two legs on her Open title in Barn Hunt where she either does very well or totally bombs, depending on her mood!

A new venue, a new opportunity

Teazle went to her first ever CDSP obedience trial on June 12, 2015.

To quote Gwen:

"It was hotter than you know where and not air conditioned.
She has not done ANY obedience In a year and it is several years since she got her AKC CD and some exercises are different.
However,she decided to show off and turned in a score of 197.5 in the first trial and 196 in the second!
I'm thrilled because this gives her another exercise option while I cannot work her myself. I'm so proud of her!"

This brag will benefit S.A.V.E (a local no kill Rescue).

Teazle has been busy

While Gwen was laid up in hospital, rehab and reucperating at home, Teazle did her proud

Teazle earned her VX certificate from the BTCA when she completed her TDAA agility championship back in November, 2014. Gwen's squirrely little prima donna decided she could run just as well (or better) with her instructor Natalene Lamming and quickly moved through the various levels to her championship.
To keep Teazle occupied Nat then started her back to Barn Hunt and she earned her RATN cert and is working on her Open title.

Teazle has really blossomed since Agility entered her life, she continues to attend weekly lessons which she really seems to enjoy.

This brag will benefit S.A.V.E (a local no kill Rescue).

Border Terrier Club of America Specialty, Purina Farms, Gray Summit, MO - May 18-22, 2014

May 20th, Tuesday -- Obedience/Rally/Sweepstakes
Teazle qualified in Beginners Novice B Obedience with a score of 191.5 (Judge Ginger Kinion)

TDAA Agility - April 04, 2014

From Gwen

" Teazle ran two virtually flawless rounds to finish her Standard Intermediate title with two first places but much more importantly in my mind she also earned the final .5 star she needed to qualify for the BTCA Versatility award!
Of course she just had great fun, she loves Agility above all else and will frequently run a ring full of obstacles alone while her handler catches her breath!
The third run tonight was a game in which she also Q'd to complete her Intermediate Games title too!
I am immensely proud of my Material Girl who always marches to her own cadence and is the smartest dog of any breed I have ever owned.

TDAA - November 07, 2013 - almost there

From Gwen

"Some months ago I switched from AKC Agility to TDAA agility because the ring is smaller and I cannot presently make the qualifying time in AKC.
Although I have since handled her to qualifying runs in both Standard and Games classes in TDAA it is still a struggle for me to keep up with her and I'm a liability to her rather than an asset so when our instructor offered to run her for me I accepted gladly.
It has taken a few weeks for her to concentrate and not look for me when running the courses but tonight she was totally focused and turned in great runs in her standard Beginners and Intermediate games classes qualifying with first place in each.
She needs one more Q for her intermediate games title which in turn would give her a BTCA Versatility certificate.
It is my hope to have her join Declan in the Parade at the Specialty next year, I feel she more than deserves it.
She has had first place every time she's qualified in Agility, anything she deigns to do she does very well!

Having Fun in June

Teazle re-started Agility with the TDAA organization and completed first Agility title TG1 and earned one leg on another.

In The Hunt

June 15, 2013 Barn Hunt, Pawsable K9 Events Training Center, NJ

from Gwen

"I entered Teazle in the instinct class at one event only because of her unpredictability.
Yesterday was an "on" day She was eager,got to the rat area a lot more quickly than I did, was again fastest in the class and earned her RATI title,( a surprise as I'd missed the fact that RATI is now a title class) "

Ahead of the game [and Gwen]

April 25, 2013 - TDAA agility trial

From Gwen

"I entered Teazle in Standard Beginner class and she won with a blue ribbon. She then qualified in a non - traditional game class where you must choose most of your own course and run it in 45 seconds plus accumulate additional points.
Speed is my big challenge so I chose to add in the obstacles I was pretty sure she'd like best and which carried most points.
When I let her go she tore through the chute, raced across the dog walk and into the first tunnel, then she did a second dash to the next tunnel, out to another dog walk and a bar jump en route to the last tunnel.
She finished off by doing the A-frame in both directions and headed to the table to stop the clock. The 15 second warning had not sounded so all this in 30 or so seconds.
I was trying to qualify in the shortest distance with the minimum required extra points and only intended to add the A frame x 2 for 10 points total.
Teazle's version added 16 more points, all maximum pointers except the bar jump which frankly just got in her way! Jack is convinced she can both read numbers and count. "

Tale of a Temperament Test

Best told by Gwen

"I took Teazle and Declan to the TT tests at Staten Island DTC on July 16th, 2011. I'd never been to one before and was curious to see what each of my dogs (so different from each other) would do in the various situations. Teazle continues to march to her own drummer, I will never fully understand her. She is usually prudent in new situations, doesn't launch herself at new people and tends to keep me between her and anything or person unusual while she evaluates. Loud noises she actively dislikes! Well, In the midday 95deg heat and testing environment she apparently decided that she'd tolerate "whatever" and calmly dealt with everything, reacting enough but not being spooked, walking over wire x pens and "hot" plastic sheeting without complaint and standing out in front of me at the threatening stranger , she actually even growled. I was pretty much speechless! "

2010 BTCA National Specialty Successes - Tryon NC - May 12-16

Teazle had fun in Team Obedience and was in fact a member of the first place team.
She had even more fun in Rally - at Gwen's expense - but that is another story and a definite Molly Award contender.

One day - two titles

At the Staten Island Companion Dog Training Club's Obedience and Rally trials on February 20, 2010 Teazle qualifed at both Rally trials with a second place in Advanced A at one and finished that title. She also qualified at one of the two Obedience Trials and finished her CD.

A Good Start to 2010

At the Princeton Dog Training Club's Trial on January 16, 2010. Teazle earned her second leg in Novice B Obedience and second leg in Rally Advanced A.

In Gwen's words

I was really pleased with Teazle,it was her first time out since the BTCA specialty and two Qs in a row from her is a gift! Of course she made it abundantly clear when off leash who is really in charge but I'm not aiming for perfect scores!
In Rally I was about to miss the jump but she saw it and of course cannot resist any agility like item so she took it anyway and fortunately it was next in sequence.

Scoring "nice" points

Teazle's last ring appearance of 2009 at the Bayshore Companion Dog Club Rally OB Trial in NJ on December 05, 2009 was definitely an early Christmas present for Gwen.
Despite the challenge of working off leash, Teazle managed to earn her first Advanced A Rally leg.

2009 BTCA Specialty and National Earthdog Tests Achievements - September 27-October 01, 2009 - Centreville, MD and October 05, 2009 - Crosswicks, NJ

Teazle started of the Specialty by qualifying with a third place in Agility (Standard Novice Preferred) despite very poor weather and field conditions. This was followed by a qualifying score in Novice B Obedience. She also had "fun" in Earthdog and Rally

At the National ED Test, Teazle made the day by actually qualifying in Junior under judge Sharon Yon.

First Canadian Title

Teazle earned her Canadian Novice Rally title at the Stourmont, Dundas and Glengarry Dog Show Association shows at the end og August, 2009 with a first and two third places.

Just another working girl

Seems that a visit with grandma Scrimmage was the final touch Teazle needed to join the ranks of the working (helped no doubt by a low key practice run with JoAnn).
Teazle aced her Certificate of Gameness at the NJBEC AWTA Test on November 02, 2008 in Crosswicks NJ under judge Camilla Moon.

2008 Specialty Success

Teazle demonstrated that Earthdog titles are not "off the menu" but just being savoured for a future thrill by qualifying in Intro to Quarry!!!
she also added a 4th straight qualifying run in Rally Novice B. These events took place September 23/24, 2008 in Hutto TX.

A busy little girl

Teazle and Gwen took some time out from travel planning and entertaining a special houseguest to visit 3 area dog shows on September 11th, 12th and 13th, 2008.
Gwen thought some practice for Rally at the Specialty might be a good idea for her as she only got the signs up in the yard to practice on Wednesday.
Teazle did not feel that was at all neccesary, and she was right! She turned in three qualifying scores and earned herself a new title! Rally Novice

An Important Step

On June 25, 2008 Teazle, on hiatus from Earthdog and focusing on obedience took time out to "Ace" her TDI Certification Test. No surprise, she also stole the show doing her "aren't I just the very cutest LBD you have ever seen routine".

First Title

After returning from her Specialty trip, Teazle was off to a match where she successfully passed her Canine Good Citizen Test.

2007 BTCA National Specialty successes

Teazle made her Specialty debut a successful one with a qualifying score in Pre-Novice Obedience plus a very credible 4th place in the 18-21 mths puppy sweepstakes class (Judge Linda Cribbs)

Out of the Starting box

Teazle started on the Conformation title road with Winners Bitch under Judy Webb at the Nitanee Kennel Club show on July 20, 2007 for her first point.

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