Bragging Rights

Catch up on the latest achievements of:

Can.Ch. Falconbrook Persuasion (Tinker) (Jansim Pup-in-law)

(proud "mum" - Anna F.)

It's in the Genes

Tinker added her name to the long list of Lothlorien/Jansim related dogs who have shown their true colours in the earth, earning the first leg towards her CKC Junior Earthdog Title at the ECDC CKC Earthdog Test in Pictou County Nova Scotia on September 10, 2005

Bermuda Vacation

In style.........
Tinker accompanied her humans on a Bermuda vacation (a tough job but someone's got to do it) and occupied the time between daiquiris with a few dog shows - In Anna's words:

"She received a Group placement in each of the six shows. She was the only BT there but there were 8 breeds represented. Here are her results:
Nov 3 a.m. Group 3 Judge Jane Forsyth
Nov 4 a.m. Group 3 Judge Barbara Innes
Nov 4 p.m. Group 3 Judge Donald Jones
Nov 6 a.m. Group 2 Judge Anne Rogers Clark
Nov 6 p.m. Group 4 Judge Bob Whitney
Nov 7 a.m. Group 4 Judge Elaine Whitney

Anne Rogers Clark was particularly complimentary. She spent a long time going over her in the breed the day before she judged the group and when she gave her the Group 2 she said that she had looked at her very carefuly for signs of softness both in coat and conformation and she saw none. She described her as 'an excellent example of the breed and a very pretty bitch'.
We were thrilled but since there was no major in terriers she does not have her Bermuda championship although she has more than enough points."

So......... Tinker has to go back - rumour has it there are a few volunteer handlers out there!!!

On a Roll!

While relatives Daisy and Gunter were accumulating points South of the Border, Tinker was working on Group Placements up North at the Miramichi (NB) shows (September 25-26, 2004).
Bringing home a Group 4 from Charles Hunt on Saturday and a Group 2 from Geraldine Taylor on Sunday.

Size does Matter!

At least to Canadian Judge, Shirley Limoges who gave Tinker Best of Breed and Group 4th in very strong competition at the Halifax KC show on September 04, 2004

What an encore!

Tinker (Ch Falconbrook Persuasion) was awarded a Group 1 by Phyllis Wolfish at the Moncton Kennel Club show on May 1, 2004.
On May 2 she received a Group 4 under Terry Carter from Alberta

Finished with a Flourish!

Truro Kennel Club Show, March 27th, Judge Robert Dawson from the Philipines
Best of breed for two points and Group 3rd for three more points - that's it - that's all!!
Nice going Tinker!

No "Tinkering" Around!

Tinker beat four other Borders (including her sister and half-sister) to go Best of Breed and earn two points at the Halifax Kennel Club show on February 07, 2004 (judge Don Fitzsimmons). She then topped that on Sunday going Best of Breed, Group 4th and Best Puppy in Group (judge David Eadie) for three more points.

Including her first point earned at the Charlottetown shows October 2003, this brings her total to six.

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