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Out and About - Archives

Click on the links below to look back at our antics, events, and memories

That was 2018 Another Roller Coaster Year

Summarising 2017 Fifteen years on the web

Recapping 2016 The highlights and Low Points

Touching on 2015 A brief look back at a another year gone by too fast

Christmas 2014 A brief look back at a challenging year

Christmas 2013 Seasons Greetings from members and friends of the Jansim Jottings

September/October/November 2013 Bringing home the bacon, All Terrier Week and the Circle of Life

June/July/August 2013 BTCA and BTC Specialties and Much More

April/May 2013 Fun in the Sun, New Kid on the Block and Hide the Car Keys!

January/February/March 2013 A Hint of Spring, Three Quick Trips to Toronto and a Purposeful Trip North

Christmas 2012 Annual Season's Greetings from The Jansim Jottings

September/October/November 2012 Autumn, Celebrations, anticipating Winter and Indian Summer in Halifax

July/August 2012 The Dog Days of Summer

May/June 2012 So much planned, so much can happen

March/April 2012 Celebrations, Reflections and Farewell.

January/February 2012 Just a bit of this and that.

Christmas 2011 Season's Greetings

October/November 2011 Vacation Flashbacks

August/September 2011 Our short 2011 BTCA Specialty Trip, The Measure of Life, Waiting and Water, Dog Days of Summer

May/June 2011 Star Power, Specialty Stars and Specialty Fun

March/April 2011 There are no Words, Birthday Blessings, A Grand Pup, Birthday Milestone, Bittersweet Birthday

January /February 2011 Rescues, Wildwood, Birthdays, Snow days, New Year Resolutions and Little Christmas

Christmas 2010 Season's Greetings from the JJ Family and Friends

November/December 2010 Bits and Pieces

September/October 2010 A beautiful show site, friends can be fun (or not), pups are cute but Veterans Rule, especially on Birthdays, and Here's to Halloween

July/August 2010 National Pride, news from around, another sad loss and new beginnings

May/June 2010 Beanfield Extravaganza, Fun at Home and Away, Another Year, Another Specialty (make that two of them)

March/April 2010 Well Deserved Recognition, First Birthday Pics, Teenage Birthday Celebrations and Sad Farewells

January/February 2010 A new decade, new arrivals, snoozetime and "snowmaggedon"

Christmas 2009 Wishing Everyone the Blessing of the Season and Health, Love and Happiness in 2010

November/December, 2009 A White Christmas is coming and gadding about in New Jersey and elsewhere

September/October, 2009 - Memories of the National Specialty, the magic of Montgomery County KC, the thrill of the National Earthdog Test and good fun at home and away

July/August, 2009 - More Tough Times, Tender moments, Time to Travel and Maritime Madness

May/June, 2009 - Mixed Bag, Yard Work, New Jersey Beanfield Week, Nova Scotians visit Quebec, Happy B-Day, and just good "stuff"!!

March/April, 2009 - Spring is in the air

January/February, 2009 - New beginnings, Cabin Fever Weekend and lots of Border antics to keep us smiling

December 2008 - Best Wishes and Blessings of the Season

November 2008 - The season winds down, out and about, sad news

September/October 2008 - BTCA National Specialty, Hutto, TX

July/August 2008 - This is the Life, Maritime Madness, B-days, Pupdate, Summertime fun and All "Decked Out"

May/June 2008 - 2008 Beanfield Bash, Good times! Here, there and everywhere!

March/April 2008 - In like a Lion! Spring has sprung - maybe! April B-days and a Wonderful Weekend

January/February 2008 - A Quiet Beginning to a New Year, Anticipation, Action, Cabin Fever Weekend and Tough Times

December 2007 - Tis the Season

September/October 2007 - Westward Ho!!!

July/August 2007 - Maritime Madness, Venerable Veterans, "Strolling" Seniors and Aspiring Adults

May/June 2007 - Looking Out and Looking Forward, Sunny Moments, New Jersey Memories and a veritable Smorgasbord of summer pics

March/April 2007 - Sad March Days, "Mad" March Days, April Birthdays, April "bad" days and April Fool[ish] days

January/February 2007 - Birthdays, Fashion Month, "Going back" to Massachusetts, A New Year and Everything Else

December 2006 - Season Greetings

November 2006 - Happy Birthday, Happy Thanksgiving and Fall Frolics

September/October 2006 - At Home, Celebrating and Pip's New Adventure

July/August 2006 - July Birthdays, Friendship, Family Success, Maritime Madness, Pip meets Daisy and Much More

May/June 2006 - 2006 BTCA Specialty, Beanfield Bash, Mr. Marmalade Finds a Home, News from "around", Crate Safety, "Diggin it" in Ontario, Gimli's Visit, Zeke's Angels, Puppy Pics and "Pupdates"

April 2006 - A veritable "smorgasbord", Jenny's Easter Bonnet and "Pupdates"

March 2006 - Black Sheep of the Family, Black & White, Winter Reflections, Birthday Flashback, Country Style (and we don't mean donuts) and "Pupdates"

February 2006 - Cabin Fever Weekend, Young Things, Making Progress, Staying Warm down South, Chillin' up North, "Accommodations" and "Spring Things"

January 2006 - Baxter's friend and This and That

Christmas 2005 - Seasons Greetings from members and friends of the Jansim Jottings - all to benefit Best Friends post Katrina Relief efforts

October/November 2005 - Fall frolics, Autumn Colours and the Lingering Taste of Summer

August/September 2005 - The Dog Days of Summer, A hunting we will go! Maritime Madness becomes a Reality and "This and That!"

June/July 2005 - Fun in the Sun, July Moments, June Memories including Peterborough Picnic, and.... Eureka!

April/May 2005 - "RATical" Fun in New Jersey, May Memories, Western Fun and Frolic, A Picture is Worth, Promising Juniors, Water babies and Spring has Sprung!

February/March 2005 - Just Looking! Easter Happenings! Happy Birthday! Puppy Time Bonus! Waiting for Spring, At Home in Maine, Saratoga Cabin Fever Weekend, "Summer Time" and Pupdates from Nova Scotia

January 2005 - Birthday memories, looking forward backwards to Spring, Deja Vu, Fitchburg success and Pupdates from Nova Scotia

December 2004 - T'is the Season, This and That, New Arrivals

November 2004 - Catching up in New Jersey, Alabama Diggin Dawgs, and Flash Back to a Magic Moment

September/October 2004 - Digging those Terriers in Nova Scotia, Instincts of a "Baser" Kind, Kicking Butt in Kentucky, New Kid on the Block, Trick or Treat, "The 21st Century" and "Alaskan memory"

Pictures and memories from the BTCA Specialty, Gardner, MA - August 15-20, 2004

July/August 2004 - Where did the time go? Independence Day Together, Family Friends, "North to Alaska"!, Pics from the Gang! and a Very Special Specialty!

May/June 2004 - Another Birthday! "this 'n that", den trials galore and saying "goodbye"

March/April 2004 - Whatever the Weather, Pretty as a Picture, Cute as a Button, "Mini Me", Harmony, Across the Pond, Easter and Nova Scotia Border Bash

January/February 2004 - The NBTC Cabin Fever Weekend (aka Beach Party), "pupdates", and the end of an era

December 2003 - Pupdate, the Holiday Season, "Bon Voyage" to Jacqueline, a flash back to the Caledon shows and visit to the grand-kids at the end of November and "better late than never" pics from the West

November 2003 - what happened to September and October?

August 2003 - In Good Company

July 2003 - Sad news, "the cat's out of the bag", out and about in June and July plus pupdates from all over!

Christmas 2002 - Season's Greetings from Jansim Reg'd


Stories, Titbits and Articles

Many wonderful stories and a wealth of information have been shared via the Jansim Jottings Group, the stories, titbits and articles linked below, either did not appear in the Jottings, or have been compiled from the Jottings archives - enjoy!

A Tale of Two Thirteen Year-Olds (Donna Sapp)

"Westward Ho" - Hitting the Oregon Trail - BT Style (Donna Sapp & Pam Dyer)

Practicing for an Eddie Award (Kathy Acosta)

Trust - A Deadly Disease (author uknown)

He's a Good Boy - Gremlin Arrives Home (Beth Hunt)

A Lesson in Love - Midge's First Day at School (Barb Ryan)

Winter Games - Keeping the BT Mind and Body Exercised (Compilation)


Pupdates - Archives

Click on the links below to look back at the precious pups raised by our extended family

20017 Jansim (East Coast) Pups, Pop: Geordie and Mom: Gryzia

2013 Pups, Pop: Scrapper and Mom: Tank

2011 Pups, Pop: Devlin and Mom: Maisie

2010 Bandersnatch Pups, Pop: Colin and Mom: Lark

2009 Jansim (East Coast) Pups, Pop: Zeke and Mom: Hazel

2009 Shivaree/Falconbrook Pups, Pop: Zeke and Mom: Molly

2008 Shivaree/Falconbrook Pups, Pop: Zeke and Mom: Molly

2006 Shivaree/Falconbrook Pups, Pop: Roger and Mom: Molly

2006 Norbury Pups, Pop: Gunter and Mom: Daisy Jnr.

2003 Lothlorien Pups, Pop: Roger and Mom Scrimmage

2002 Jansim Litter, Pop: Tripper and Mom Iseabail


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