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January:Say it again! Where has this month gone?
February:More of the same....sadness
June:Fox Valley Frolic

Border Terrier Club of America National Specialty - June 09 - 14, 2019

Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles, IL (about 40 miles west of downtown Chicago)
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August:Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Barn Hunt, Sprinter and Earthdog! Oh My!

Border Terrier Canada National Specialty - August 18, 2019

In conjunction with the Manitoba Canine Association (MCA) Shows - August 15 thru August 18, 2019. Plus CKC Earthdog Tests on August 19, 2019
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February - More of the same....sadness

February saw a continuation of January's sad losses.

On Valentine's day, Fred and Marnie said goodbye to their beloved Archie, he fought so hard to stay but the challenges were unsurmountable and Fred and Marnie did right by him as they did throughout his life.
He was a wonderful ambassador for the breed, not in competition so much but in every day life and his interactions with people and dogs.

Just one day later, on February 15th, Mel gave her sweet Molly rest from the tiresome trappings of this world.

Thankfully, there were also dates to celebrate

Maisie, Teazle and Dundee officially became teenagers turning 13 on February 9th, never forgetting Bridge brother, Pip.
Ellie became a Venerable Veteran, turning 15 on February 13th.
Jink and Karma hit double digits turning 10 (how did that happen) on February 21, never forgetting Bridge sister Mimi

Click here to visit Archie's Rainbow Bridge page

Click here to visit Molly's Rainbow Bridge page

Happy 15th Birthday Ellie
Anne Geall, NS

Happy 10th Birthday Jinx
Lee Shuman, PA

Happy 10th Birthday Karma
Tina Jaillet, MA

January - Say it again! Where has this month gone?

Given the age of our family members, two-legged and four, it is little surprise that 2019 started in the same way that 2018 ended, with losses

On January 4th, Gwen McCullagh passed away after along illness. Jack was by her side throughout her illness, visiting every day. And perhaps she stayed longer than she should have just for Jack as she chose to leave in the short hours between his visits.

Harry - officially known as GCH/CH Rosendog's He Who Must Be Named, RN, CGC, CDCA-HC, V, ROMX left to be reunited with his brother, Amanda's beloved Peter on January 10th

Ricky, the old rough Collie Jacqueline and Clay took in several years ago, left on his “Big Adventure” on January 14th after a long, well fought battle with a nasal tumour.
Jacqueline and Clay went above and beyond to make his last months comfortable and meaningful.
They also recognized when that was out of reach and put his needs first and foremost.

On January 18th, Mel McCarthy's dad passed away, to say he will be missed is an understatement, his obituary was but a hint of the incredible person he must have been.

Bebe (Lorien Back To Bandersnatch), grandmother to Donna Sapp's Fells left this world on January 23rd 3 months short of her 15th birthday

In addition to the losses endured, the JJ family faced other challenges. Fred and Marnie came so very close to losing sweet Archie and, at months end, he is still struggling with pneumonia and mobility issues.
He is such a little trooper and Fred and Marnie are dedicated to supporting him as long as he chooses to stay.

Celebrating birthdays in January:
Simon - 17 on January 3rd (never forgetting Maggie and Lexi)
David & Lisa's Jessie - 4 on January 19th
Anna's Felek - 6 on January 24th - still a goofy puppy at heart
Marg & Amanda's Devlin - officially a teenager turning 13 on January 26th

Gwen and Teazle

Harry was a wonderful ambassador for the breed and connected to the JJ group through his bother Peter

Ricky was so blessed to have been taken in by Jacqueline and Clay. Click here to visit Ricky's Rainbow Bridge page

Bebe and her beloved "mom" Genie. Genie gave Bebe the best life imaginable.

For one of her birthday treats, Jessie got to visit the Dyer family... and have her hips X-rayed

Devlin may be taking it easy on his birthday but you can be sure he will be an active teenager

Hazel, Lola and Felek. Easy to spot the birthday boy. As goofy at 6 years as he was at 6 months

Simon (Roger-Copper) at 17 years loving snuggles with Gloria

Two exhausted "troopers", Archie feeling safe with Fred

Molly catching some ZZZZZ's under the watchful eye of the "Swiffer"


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