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January:A sad start to the year once more
February:Shortest month... how time flies
March:Celebration, Sadness and Fingers Crossed
April:What a busy month!
May:And we thought April was busy!!!
June:Border Terrier Club of America National Specialty

July:A busy month indeed
August:Border Terrier Canada National Specialty and more
September:The end of summer and so much more
October:Fall Persists

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October - Fall Persists

October saw us blessed with some stunning fall weather.

The month started with Pickles and I making a short trip to Massachussetts for Earthdog and a wonderful visit with Mark. Michele and Grizzy.

Donna and her mom accompanied by Fells came for an all too short visit at Thanksgiving but they made the very best of their time playing tourist. Hope for a repeat visit in the not too distant future.

Chris, Robert and Sage were able to get the Sportboat on the water one last time before wrapping her up for the winter.

And Gracie was winterized, although we hardly used her in 2022 we hope that will change in 2023.

Birthdays in October were celebrated by Lola, Emm and Ruby who turned 5 on October 3rd and Fells who marked his 12th birthday on October 12th.

Fells in a contemplatice mood chez Dyer, dreaming of his birthday or plotting???
Loki commemorated Gremlin's birthday in the best way possible.
It might be Keltic's bed but no denying that the cat has the lion's share!!


September - The end of summer and so much more

September saw the end of Lorek's visit to Canada, he returned homw to Poland with Marta a few days after Benita flew home. Their visit was greatly enjoyed.

Anne Geall came out for an all too short visit, come back soon Anne

On September the 8th, the same day that Queen Elizabeth II passed away, Dundee, one of Jenny Chambers' "raised by a village" pups also left on his "Big Adventure" at the respectable age of 16 years and 7 months.

Chris and I made the trek back to QC for something other than a vet visist for one. I spent a successful day at my old agility club's CKC trial with Pickles and Digger and Chris paid a brief visit to a lawn bowling tournament in Beaconsfiled.

Birthdays in September: Unbelievable but Abbey, Digger, Keltic and Loki all turned 9 on September 1st. Seems like yesterday when they were running in the yard with Tank. Shari's Merlin also celebrated a birthday on September 1st hitting double digits at 10 years young.

"Shall we dance?"
Blue and Loki continue to get acquainted
Happy 9th birtday to Abbey (recovering from hospitalization) and her sibs; Keltic, Loki and Digger
Emma acing the weaves in another very successful AAC Agility outing. Way to go Emma and Lois


August - Border Terrier Canada National Specialty and more

August was another very busy month. Chris and I celebrated our 50th Anniversary with a lovely boat ride on Canoe Lake and a quiet supper at home.

Middle of the month, Benita, daughter Marta, and Lorek arrived in Canada.

Over two weekends of showing, Marta was able to finish Lorek's CKC Championship with a nice group placement along the way and lots of nice compliments.

Andrea and Richard also came to the Specialty and Gryzia was thrilled to be reunited with Benita and Marta but was equally happy to head back home to Halifax.
Camilla and Frank were amongst the US visitors to the Specialty and while they did not get to visit as originally planned (thanks Covid) it was great to catch up at the show.
Karen also made the long drive out to the Specialty and Keltic also received some lovely compliments and his share of loot.

The downer of the month was Donna losing her beloved Colin at 18 years and 8 month. A long life, well lived but never long enough. He was one of the special ones. We still hope that one day his genes will live on through the stored semen that is left.
you can visit Colin's Rainbow Bridge page here:

Nimbus and Pickles joined the boating members of the Jansim family taking to it like Borders to water

Birthdays in August were celebrated by Freddie, Tumnus and Maisie (NB) who all turned 14 on August 4th. Deenie's Pippa celebrated her 8th birthday on August 11th while Mark and Michele's Grizzy turned 6 on August 25th.

Lorek enjoying some down time at Anna's
Gryzia and Benita reunited albeit just for a little while
"Gracie" was the perfect [mini] base camp
Pickles joined us on our anniversary boat ride
Nimbus mastering the kayak like a pro
Touzie vacationing by the water rather than on it.


July - A busy month indeed

Early in the month Chris took me for my first ride in the new boat, Robyn joined us but I think she prefered the icecream on the way home to her time on the water..

Mid month the unthinkable happened!! Anne Geall had no choice but to release Geordie from uncontrollable seizures due to a Cushings related tumour. He passed peacefully at home in the garden he loved.
You can visit his Rainbow Bridge page here

Anna and I made the trip to the Finger Lakes Earthdog Tests as did Gen and family with Nimbus. Felek had no problem earning his Junior Earthdog Title and Nimbus aced her Novice Earthdog Title. Pickles earned her first JE leg. It was a new sire but a fantastic one. Kudos to all involved.

The first of the "Blues Boys version 2", Spike (was Quill) headed off (just up the road) to his new home with Shawna. While the end of the month saw Beth flying in from Dawson Creek to pick up Blue (was Quail)

David and Lisa along with Jessie of course, fulfilled a bucket list trip with a vacation in Newfoundland. Their photos were stunning.

Birthdays in July were celebrated by Ivy and Scout who unbelievably became veterans turning 7 on July 11th, Pippa's Rupert celebrated birthday 8 on July 17th and Tiago, the baby of the bunch turned two on July 27th.

Enjoying the sun (but not the horseflies) on Loughborough lake
Sleep tight sweet Geordie, you were loved beyond measure.
A pretty girl and a stunning backdrop. Jessie in Newfoundland


June - Border Terrier Club of America National Specialty and more!!!

The month started on a sad note with the news that Barb's beloved "CFH" Zeetz had lost his battle with age and illness at the grand age of 16. He was one heck of a cat with attitude in spades.

On June 10th I headed out with Gracie (our camper van), Digger and Pickles for the BTCA National Specialty in Ohio. We got to break our trip Chez Pippa in Michigan and were treated to good food, good wine and the best company, two legged and four.
On Saturday we did the final leg of the trip to the Specialty Earthdog site just outside of Dayton. There we were able to catch up with so many people we had not seen in so long, especially Jo Ann and Steve and the "boy" Tiago and Cotton.
Sunday evening we all headed to the Roberts Centre in Wilmington Ohio, site of the specialty and settled into our RV spot right next to Tony and Beth with Loki and Mel and marion with so many memories.

It was a great week, once more outstanding evening meals and company topped the bill. The camper proved to be everything I hoped she would be and easy to manage. Though air conditioning would have been nice and will be taken care of.

The journey home was again broken by an overnight stop at Pippa's, another great evening was had by all.

On the home front Chris decided the search for a second hand Grumman Sport boat had gone on long enoug and took the plunge and purchased one new. Robert came down for the week while I was at the Specialty and they made the long drive to Algonquin to pick it up. It has proven to be as a big a hit as the camper van.

A few days after my return from the Specialty, David and Lisa and Jessie came for a visit. We crammed as much as we could into a few short days but there is lots left for their next trip

The only birthdays in June were celebrated by Jane's Didi who turned 4 on June 6th and Amanda's Reen who became a teenager on June 17th.

Colin enjoying a leisurely stroll in the garden.
Geordie not sure what all the fuss is about.
Loki enjoying a cuddle on route to the Specialty.


May - And we thought April was busy!!!

On May 12th (Anna's birthday), Lola gave birth to two vigorous blue and tan boys.

Nimbus started the month with a successful Barn Hunt outing south of the border. Michele took Grizzy to an Earthdog Practice and Earthdog test with great success. Barb's Abbey and Olive ran in FastCAT and Abbey did Scentwork. Iza did really well in conformation. Chris's Rosie achieved a major agility milestone.

On the home fron Pickles was busy with Rally and a pathetic attempt at her first agility trial. Robyn gave us concern with a reappearance of anorexia and a nasty bout of GI upset. By month's end we were seeing some improvement but suspicion is we are on borrowed time.

At the very end of the month we maid our maiden voyage in the camper van, heading back to the Mallorytown KOA for one night. A great opportunity to remmeber what we have forgotten and for me to familiarize myself with set up and take down.

Birthdays in May included Robyn who turned 14 May 6th. Jack's Declan became a "'Venerable Veteran" celebrating his 15th birthday on May 8th and Amanda's Cole somehow became a veteran turning 7 on May 18th, Lexi the youngest of the bunch was just 2 on May 12th?

Happy 14th Birthday Robyn, we are keenly aware it may be your last but we will count each and every day as special.
One of Nimbus's many activities with the family is bike riding. She obvioulsy enjoys riding up front..
Our first outing in the Camper (call sign BBC42, name not yet decided) was a very successful learning curve.


April - What a busy month!

My goodness, the Jansim Jottings family were busy! Jane Kroll's Didi competed successfully in AKC earthdog earning her Novice Earthdog title. Susan and Anna's Iza completed her BHA Novice Barn Hunt title. Pickles competed successfully in Conformation, Rally and Sprinter. Digger completed his AAC Starter Games title and his Novice CKC Scent Detection title. Olive earned her BCAT title. And last but not least, Chris & Jeff's Rosie had another amazing day at CPE Agility going 5 for 5!

April was not without its sadness as Jane Kroll's beloved Schemer left us on April 25th at the grand age of 16 plus.

Wearing my Canadian Border Terrier Welfare hat I picked up Rufus, a 12 year-old foster dog on April 11th, thankfully he was able to go to his new home on April 28th and what better home could he wish for than to move in with Helen and Bramble in Nova Scotia.

The only Birthday in April was celebrated by Marg and Amanda's Pippit who turned 11 on April 17th and now lives with old friend Genie Hurme

Happy Easter from a freshly groomed Fells
Spring is in the air and Colin's step
Definitely something in the air say Olive and Abbey


March - Celebration, Sadness and Fingers Crossed

We welcomed another new member to the Jansim Jottings family when baby Malcom Derek, Mabel and the rest of the Logan family.

Anna and Lola made the long drive to Wisconsin so that Lola could get closely acquainted with Albert's dad, the lovely Quinn. Fingers crossed that their dalliance was fruitful.

At the very end of March our ongoing search for a downsized replacement for our beloved fifth-wheel came to a close with the purchase of a 1997 Dodge Roadtrek 190 Popular.

Birthdays in March:
Geordie, Touzie and Bramble officially became teenagers turning 13 on March 4th, with fond memories of Bridge Sister, Tankie!
Gryzia and Salem celebrated birthdays ten and eleven respectively on March 7th.
Helen's Gator made it to his 17th birthday on March 9th but sadly left on his "Big Adventure" just 10 days later on March 19th. Please visit his Rainbow Page.
Rosie celebrated birthday number 6 on March 15th and Olive turned 2 on March 21st

Keltic as playful (and handsome) as ever at eight and a half
Happy Birthday Rosie, looks like you scored big
Making babies is apparently thirsty work, Quinn and Lola


February - Shortest month... how time flies

Agilty accolades in February go to Chris Morett's Rosie who had an astounding weekend at CPE agility, and our own Digger who finished his CKC Novice PAD title. Details can be found on their brag pages

Training is back in full force with Digger enjoying Agility and Scent Detection and Pickles loving Agility and tolerating Good Manners Class - of which she is sadly lacking

At the beginning of February we welcomed a new member to the JJ Family and Friends when baby Albert joined Pippa's boys to become a little brother to Tumnus, Rupert and [from time to time] Salem.

Birthdays in February:
Teazle and Dundee turned 16 on February 9th, never forgetting sister Maisie and brother Pip.
Jinx and Karma made teenager status on February 21st with fond memories of sister Mimi and her pups.

Happy 16th Birthday Teazle, glad Fred and Marnie could bring you for a birthday trip - memories we will treasure.
...and to brother Dundee, celebrating with a wonderful vacation at Janet Chernin's home away from home.
We drank a toast to "Bridge Sibs" Pip and Maisie with a 2006 Vintage


January - A sad start to the year once more

With covid cases still high in Ontario, training is on hold and most upcoming events have been cancelled

Just two weeks into 2022 we received the sad news that Amanda's beloved Canaan girl, Ida, had left on her "Big Adventure". Her presence will be sorely missed at Bandersnatch

Birthdays in January:
Sarah M's young boy Neville celebrated birthday number two on January 12.
David and Lisa's Jessie turned seven on January 19th reaching official veteran status, and Anna's goofy boy Felek turned nine on January 24th

Happy second Birthday, Neville
Jessie looking very mature as a 7 year old veteran
Felek, as funny as ever at nine years old
Pickles might be planning career as a plumber...
...or interior decorating...
or...your guess is as good as mine
AKC BRONZE GCH CH/UKC Altered CH Bandersnatch Rsndg Ida Know RivRoc RN CGC TKN CDCA-VI ROM "Ida"
March 12, 2006 - January 16, 2022, 5790 days
"Somehow, I don't think any number of days would ever be enough"


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