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January:A heartbreaking start to the year...times two.
February:A short month but another tough one.
March:Is spring around the corner?
April:Sunny days and April showers...snow shower included
June:Border Terrier Club of America National Specialty

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August:Border Terrier Canada National Specialty


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April - Sunny days and April showers...snow shower included

Mother nature was not quite done with winter, a brief but annoying snow shower challenged the spring blooms and budding blossom.

Pickles and Peanut graduated their Puppy Manners class and Iza headed off to Ohio and and new adventures with Susan and Sam Kane

Two amazing couples celebrated their 50th Wdding anniversaries just one day apart. Fred and Marnie Fielding on April 23rd and Chris and Jeff Morett on April 24th

Pipit's 10th on April 17th was again the only birthday celebration in April

Colin, still a stately gentleman at 17yrs 4 mths
Keltic, it's a boy Border thing
Lola, girlish figure restored


March - Is spring around the corner?

Spring may well be just around the corner but March treated us to some of the white stuff, but I have to say the month just flew by.

Covid postponed an agility trials I was entered in but training continued for... the most part.
Pickles Peanut and Iza all started puppy manners class.

There was a very sweet incidence of Kismet when Jane and Bill Rail adopted Barbara Gunyon's Pippin when Barbara moved into assisted living. Barbara and the Rails adopted housemates Digger and Suki back in 2013. Sadly, Digger passed away due to kidney failure and Barbara adopted Pippin the following year.

March birthdays were again tainted with sadness:
Geordie, Touzie and Bramble all turned 12 on March 4th making the loss of Tank seem even more unfair.
Gryzia and Salem celebrated birthdays nine and ten respectively on March 7th.
Gator and Ida were the senior celebrations of the month with Gator turning 16 on March 9th and Ida turning 15 on March 12th.
Gator wasn't the only blue and tan CBTW dog to have a birthday this month as Rosie somehow became 5 years old on March 15th.
On the other end of the scale from Gator and Ida, Olive celebrated her first birthday on March 21st

Happy 12th birthday Geordie,
and Bramble...never forgetting Tankie
Happy birthday to the blues: 5 year-old Rosie
9 year-old Gyrzia
and 16 year-old Gator
Abbey & Olive. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!!
Happy 1st birthday Olive!
Sorry I missed your puppyhood
Pippin settling in with Bill, Jane and Morgan, such a lucky girl.


February - A short month but another tough one.

Isobel had to say goodbye to her amazing and beloved girl Maisie just 4 days before her 15th birthday. Those of us who helped raise Jenny's 2006 litter knew that Maisie was the pup that Isobel would pick and sure enough she did. Isobel and Maisie were an incredible team in and out of the ring.

The Felek/Lola pups turned 9 weeks at the start of the month and decisions were made as to who would go where...or not. A week later Pesto (now Nimbus) moved to Stittsville to join the Steynor family and Peanut crossed the river to the east side of Kingston to join the Finlaysons, their veteran Border, Gus, and two cats. Pumkin (now Iza) will remain with Anna until she can travel to the US. Pickle will continue "Boot Camp" chez Dyer for the foreseeable future.

The birthdays in February were very poignant:
Teazle and Dundee turned fifteen on February 9th but tears were shed for Maisie and Pip.
Jinx and Karma somehow became 12, never forgetting sister Mimi.

Iza (a.k.a. Pumpkin)
Nimbus (a.k.a. Pesto)
Olive, still very much a puppy


January - A heartbreaking start to a "New Year"

On January 5th at 3:00pm I gave up the fight to keep Tucker in a world that he was never meant to inhabit. Anna would be the first to tell you I was not a big fan of using Felek for Lola's first litter but it was for personal [to me] reasons not the expectation that my heart would again be shattered.
However, Covid, other concerns, timing and circumstances dictated the breeding to be the one that made sense and I am glad that four homes will benefit from the decision.
If there is anything positive to come out of this it is that I would not hesitate to save a cleft palate puppy as long as there were no other life limiting issues. Sadly, Tucker's issues extended beyond the visible.
At least now we know why Tankie was bound and determined to leave the best home ever and head off on her "Big Adventure" last December.
She must be done partying with the girls (she and Boomer made their peace in December 2019) and ready to do what she did best.
Tankie was a great little dog on so many levels but she was the best momma dog ever.
I won't forget you Tucker or the lessons learned.

January was not done with the heartache. Zeke left to start new adventures in "Big Adventure Land" on January 23rd. Zeke was very special to me and Mel and Marion gave him the home and the life he truly deserved. I know that he and Boomer will be sharing the most amazing tales as they run free together once more.

Birthdays in January:
Sarah Mouri's young chap, Neville turned a year-old on January 12th.
A week later on the 19th, David & Lisa's Jessie celebrated birthday number six.
And a week after that on January 26th, Marg and Amanda's Devlin became a Venerable Veteran at 15
And we mustn't forget, Anna's Felek who turned 8 on January 24th

The month ended on a bright note with Sara Jones welcoming Foxrun Winter Bramble, a.k.a. Beatrice Grace a.k.a. Bea into her home.

Karen's Roman and Keltic know how to handle the latest "lockdown"
Pippa's Tumnus and Rupert and Aram's Salem await instructions
Digger as gentle with his "Tucker Toy" as he was with Tucker


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