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January:Hunkering down for winter
February:Ground Hog day and so much more
March:Roller Coaster anyone???
April:More ups and downs or is that downs and ups?

Border Terrier Club of America National Specialty - April 23-27, 2017

Florida Classic Park, Brooksville, FL Click here for Specialty Results and slide show

May:Another sad farewell
June:More Heartache - Times Two
July:Another very busy month

Border Terrier Canada National Specialty and Earthdog Tests - July 5-8, 2017

Festival Inn, Stratford, ON and Skerryvore, Plattsville, ON

August:The Dog Days of Summer
September:Spectacular Summer Weather
October:A Time for Every Purpose...
November:Tribulations and Troubling News
December:The Roller Coaster Continues

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December - The Roller Coaster Continues

By the time I left Halifax in early December, Hazel was back to her usual self, only time will determine what is really going on, but for now every good day is a blessing.

A reoccurrence of health issues put Jenny's plans to come up for Christmas in jeopardy and they were completely kiboshed on December 20th when she was rushed into hospital where she stayed until December 27th. Poor Daisy spent the holidays in kennels.

David and Lisa came for a quick overnight visit and Jessie stayed with us for Christmas, an easy and welcome house guest.

The year ended with Anna and Mel arriving with Felek, Hazel, Hermit, Molly and Fia to spend New Year's in Quebec

Rollie and Casey hit double digits turning 10 years old on December 4th.
Bindi, Colin, Teddy and Hazel celebrated their 14th birthday on December 11th.
Dot, Bonus, Nike and Baxter became teenagers on December 11th.
Last but not least, Schemer enjoyed her 12th birthday on December 22nd - talk about "where have the years gone&qout;!

Season's Greetings from the Jansim Jottings family and friends
(photo from Christmas 1991)

Tinker, Hazel and Boomer share some precious moments before we head home

Back home Digger gets to spend more time with his cousins

Suffice to say, Tinky (soon to become Ruby) is his favourite

Felek and Hazel nestled all snug in Anna's bed

While visions of milk-bones danced in Ida's head.

And Boomie and Digger settled their brains for a long winter's nap,

Merry Christmas Robyn

Merry Christmas Boomer

and Merry Christmas Digger

November - Tribulations and Troubling News

The month was a busy one for Digger and I with Obedience Trials in Vermont and Quebec that resulted in his AKC and CKC Companion Dog Titles.

Jacqueline and Clay's adopted Collie, Ricky, continued to make an amazing recovery following radical surgery to remove a nasal tumour.
Parker Posy (Roger Molly pup) turned 11 years old, although her celebrations were dampened by a possible Cushings diagnoses and Gunter's grandson Finlay marked his sixth birthday

Some two-legged JJ members and their families are facing serious health challenges and our hearts go out to them.

As the month drew to a close, Anna's preparations to bring the pups to Quebec were derailed by the devastating news that Hazel's "upset tummy" was most likely metastatic cancer. Consequently, the trip was cancelled and instead, Digger, Boomer and I went to Halifax.

Dipsy, the second born pup, went to her new home in NS and quickly morphed into Emma

Hazel and Boomer - cousins and BFF's, sharing time and the couch in Halifax

While back home, Robyn is happy to have Chris (and the house) to herself

Parker, 11 years young

Geordie with his buddy Ricky

Hazel, as beautiful as ever

October - A Time for Every Purpose...

The month pretty much started with Gryzia giving birth to four healthy girls on October 3rd. Sadly, the fourth puppy, the only male, was still born. His life may have ended before it began but he will always hold a place in my heart.

Donna Sapp's Fells officially became a veteran on October the 12th.
On October 16th, Archie, Boomer, Geordie (UK) and Henry celebrated their 15th birthday. The three members of the "'Magnificent Seven" Gremlin, Midge, and Sophie who celebrated at the " Bridge"' were well remembered and sorely missed.

Towards the end of the month, Digger, Boomer and I enjoyed a fun visit with Mark, Michele and Tank. On the way home we stopped in at Dog Mountain in Vermont, another Boomie bucket list item.

Welcome to the world little girls
Click here to follow their progress

DoG speed little man
Go find Finlay's brother

Happy 15th Birthday



Geordie (UK)


Never forgetting their
"'Bridge Sibs"




Here and there in October

Nova Scotia - Tinker & Boomer about to be photobombed by Felek

Maine - Jessie after a run in with a prickle bush, the bush won

New Jersey - Scrapper wraps up his AKC Master Earthdog Title

Massachusetts - Digger very much at home chez Dougherty

Vermont - Quiet reverance in the Chapel at Dog Mountain

British Columbia - Loki is loving grouse season

September - Spectacular Summer Weather

After a "so so" summer, September brought spectacular weather [at least here in the East], unseasonably warm and almost devoid of precipitaion.
The month started with the Scrapper/Tank kids: Abbey, Digger, Keltic and Loki celebrating their fourth birthday.
Fred & Marnie's Archie had surgery to remove a tumour from his third eyelid - what a trooper he has been.
Jenny's Daisy had to come for an unscheduled visit when Jenny was taken ill with a nasty stomach bug.
Digger, Boomer and I left for Halifax at the end of the month and Chis was kind enough to take Daisy home.

September 02, 2013 - how could four years go so fast?

Goodness! Abbey's toy is almost as big as she is!

Loki hoping she looks the part to earn some birthday Grouse...

...while Digger hopes for a bit of cookie in the absence of cake

...and Keltic is content to snuggle with Roman

Archie, adorable despite the cone!

Gryzia, every inch the "Lady in Waiting"

Daisy making the best of a tough situation

Geordie contemplates a cooling dip in Kidston Lake

Ellie makes a lovely foreground to a stunning background

Boomer takes in some lawn bowling on a quick trip to Toronto

August - The Dog Days of Summer

Gryzia was successfully bred to Geordie at the beginning of the month and the four week ultrasound revealed two little heartbeats. All fingers and toes crossed from here on in.

Jocelyne, Boomer and I met up with Jenny for lunch in Burlington, a great but all too short chance to catch up.
Robert, Amber and the grand kids came for a brief visit, Robyn would have happily snuck home with Sage!
Digger's cousin Scipio came for a play date and the two boys had a grand time.

Freddie, Maisie (NB), Hermit and Tumnus all turned nine, ubelievable as it seems!

Sweetwater's dog-friendly Patio in Bulington, VT is officially "Boomer approved"

Freddie demonstrating remarkable patience as he waits for the cutting of the birthday cake

Tank and Michele taking in the spectacular scenery at Sioux Falls, SD

Some photos defy caption. This one of Hazel and Felek falls in that category

Digger and cousin Scipio burning off some energy.

Abbey approaches each day with joyful enthusiasm...

...as does Geordie when it comes to blackberry picking.

Robyn on the other hand...defies description!

July - Another very busy month

To say that July was hectic is an understatement but at least there was no new heartache after two consecutive months of loss

The month started with the Border Terrier National Specialty and Earthdog Tests attended by many in the JJ community. I followed this up with three days of Rally trials in Vermont and just a week later it was off to the Finger Lakes Earthdog Tests where I was able to catch up with several ex-Beanfielders. Others had equally hectic schedules.

On the birthday scene, Ivy and Scout turned two and Rupert celebrated birthday number three!

Happy birthday Scout...

...and Ivy, looking good you two

Not forgetting Rupert, a very young three. He did great at the Specialty...

...with successes in Conformation and Earthdog

Hermit scored a nice win in Veterans under Ronnie Irving

brother Tumnus in the 7-10yrs class

Colin in 13 plus boys

and Molly in 13 plus girls

Felek duked it out with Digger's dad in Working,

and Boomer partied every chance she got...

...unlike Robyn who is not at all sure about Fia, nor Fia about her

The Earthdog Tests turned into quite the Jansim "Meet & Greet". Karen came with Keltic

Isobel, Finlay and Maisie seized the opportunity to come out and catch up with everyone...

...and of course Sarah was our hard working secretary, much to Henry and Rollie's chagrin,

Our pre-Specialty houseguests included David and Lisa with Jessie

Donna with Colin (looking very spiffy) and Fells (not so much),

Anna with Tinker, Hazel and [no bed privileges] Felek

Elsewhere, summer marches on, Geordie (UK) loves his beach walks

While Bonus would love a bite of whatever Dora is eating,

and Archie is wondering when the AC will get turned on

June - More Heartache - Times Two

June started and ended with devastating losses. On June 1st, Deenie had to let her beloved Bumble go after a difficult battle with hypertrophic osteodystrophy and on June 28th, Chris and Jeff said farewell to sweet Sophie when her glioblastoma returned with a vengeance.

Boomie and I made another bucket list trip to Maine. This was followed by Chris, myself and all three dogs visiting Mark and Michele to see the Tall Ships parade in Boston Harbour.

The end of the month saw visits from David and Lisa with Jessie, Donna with Colin and Fells, and Anna with Hazel, Felek and Tinker.

Amanda's Reen was the only birthday celebration in June.

Sweet Bumble, a gentle soul at heart
Click here for Bumble's Rainbow Bridge Slide Show

Sophie, a small dog with a huge presence
Click here for Sophie's Rainbow Bridge Slide Show

Boomer and Jessie on the Mr. Rockefeller Bridges Carriage tour in Acadia National Park, ME

Boomer and the Bluenose II, sincere thanks to Mark for making this grandstand view possible

Michele and Tank, our Friday afternoon Nahant peninsula tour before choppy seas turned us back.

Abbey stopping to enjoy the view
on a great walking trail

Abbey's aunt Touzie with a favourite toy and comfy bed.

Ivy looking very grown up...
or trying to!

May - Another sad farewell

Very few dogs survive one Pancreatic ketoacidosis episode let alone two, but even Gremlin could not survive a third! He waited until Beth came home from a business trip then asked to be released from the "ties that bind".
I am sure by now, he has introduced Medrick and Gunter and DoG knows who else to the fine art of grouse hunting.

Lisa brought Jessie for a visit and we indulged in trips to the Hot Dog Cafe, where her manners were impeccable, and our local ice cream parlour that has free mini cones for dogs.

Quick trips to Ottawa and Toronto gave us chance to catch up with Archie, Maisie and Finlay.

Celebrating birthdays in May were Zeke who turned 14, Fiona who somehow got to be 7 while we weren't looking and Robyn who turned 9!

Gremmie goofing around
Click here for Gremlin's Rainbow Bridge Slide Show

Jessie patiently waiting for her free ice cream cone

Archie was a very gracious host when we visited

So good to see Boomie feeling better and bouncing back

Teddy looking dapper and all ready for summer in his new trim

Hermit and half-sib Maisie (NB) catching up and posing pretty

That is one happy dog, Geordie (UK) after his beach run

April - More ups and downs or is that downs and ups?

April was another roller coaster month.
It started with Boomer desperately ill with a GI issue. After almost two weeks of "getting nowhere" and no diagnosis beyond a bacterial overgrowth, there was a glimmer of hope when I took her to training classes and she responded to the stimuli of action around her.
Despte the challenge of dealing with a dog needing to be syringe fed and on multiple medications, the decision was made to go ahead with our Florida trip to the BTCA National Specialty in the hopes that Boomer would respond to an enviroment she has always loved

It was the right decision!

But the month was not without sadness, Jo Ann said goodbye to her beloved Chisel on April 10th, he was an amazing companion and his Rainbow Page cannot begin to do him justice.

After a plethora of birthdays in March, April was somewhat sparse but well worth celebrating as Sensei turned 14. and Pipit celebrated birthday number six.

Boomer, happy to be Florida bound

Scrapper did kids: Digger, Keltic, Abbey and Loki proud. Bet his girlfriend, Tankie, would be pretty pleased as well.

Digger had fun in Agility although he didn't qualify. The less said about Rally and Obedience the better!

It was a good Specialty and Boomie thrived on the action and attention, but she was content to head home!

Sensei enjoyed his birthday walk with best buddies Tumnus and Rupert, though from the looks of things, they definitely got into the pot

Hermit and Fiadh on the alert, both sides covered and enjoying the welcome appearance of Spring to Atlantic Canada

Meanwhile, in British Columbia it is a whole different weather scene. Much more snow and Gremlin and Loki won't be seen!

Abbey seemed to sense all was not well with Boomie and was very sweet and respectful

Since the passing of Caye, their matriarch, Roman and Keltic have become even closer buddies

"Feathers! Don't know nuthin' about no feathers!"
Who's Ivy trying to kid!

March - Roller Coaster anyone

March was another busy birthday month!
Geordie, Tank, Touzie and Brmable celebrated their 8th birthday on March 4th closely followed by Gryzia's fifth on March 7th, Gator's twelfth on March 9th and Ida's eleventh on March 12th. Daisy turned fourteen on March 26th as did Tinker and Molly (never forgetting Sophie "Paradis") on the 31st thus rounding out the month.

March also saw the addition of three new four-legged members to the JJ group!
Kika and her half brother Reggie joined Geordie and Ricky with Jacqueline and Clay in England while Jessie travelled across North America from Washington State to live with David and Lisa in Maine.

On the not so good side of things, we found out early in the month Gryzia was not carrying Colin pups. So very disappointing after all the time, effort (and money) that went into making it happen.

The month ended with the sad news that Karen had said goodbye to her oldest Airdale, Caye, at the amazing age of sixteen years and four months.

Hazel & Felek, hard to tell where one "rag mop" ends and the other begins!

Kika looks a little shell-shocked but she is settling in well. It sure is a long way from Italy.

Jessie on the other hand seems to be planning a takeover...at least in regards to dog beds.

While some of us are still shovelling snow, Rigby and Oakley are enjoying sun and sand.

Tankie also gets to play in the sun, so many new adventures.

While Scout in Ottawa has to make do with a cozy woodstove...

...and Abbey seems to be hedging her bets weatherwise

February - Ground Hog day and so much more

There was a plethora of birthdays in February. Maisie, Teazle and Dundee celebrated their 11th birthdays with fond memories of Pip.

Ellie achieved teenage status at 13 while Bumble outdid her by a year at 14!.

Jinx and Karma are still youngsters at eight, sadly missing Mimi.

Bumble celebrating with all the trimmings

Do I see a hint of teenage rebellion in Ellie's eyes

"I see no groundhog!", probably just as well as Loki and Gremlin might make short work of him and his shadow!

Rupert and Tumnus are apparently tired of waiting for Mr. Ground Hog to appear!

Boomer is much too busy mentoring Digger in agility to worry about groundhogs

January - Hunkering down for winter

The year started with us still reeling from the loss of Midge in late December, not how any of us wanted to start the New year.

The Roger and Copper kids: Lexi and Simon celebrated their fifteenth birthday with fond memories of sweet bridge sister, Maggie

Hard to believe that Felek is four, such a pup at heart! Scipio's three week visit came to an end, he was the perfect house guest and Digger had a grand time playing with his cousin.

Boomer enjoys a brief sprint around the "'moat"'...

...and rearranging the beds to her liking even more so.

For the first time in 2 years, Chris was able to get Seville oranges

Sophie modelling new togs, courtesy of a dog show shopping spree

Further north, good natured Hazel and Felek make their own fashion statement, sort of !!!

While Canadians are dashing through the snow, Touzie is dashing through the grass

and Geordie in England enjoys the time honoured tradition of rolling in the ......

And Tank is much happier than this time last year, queen of her domain, or so she believes

Parker demonstrating Border Terrier flexibility

Rupert and Tumnus take advantage of a warm January day in Michigan to check out the new playground equipment


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