A Four-Legged WHO's WHO

The following is a list of Jansim residents (past and present), pups, pups-in-law, nieces, nephews and friends of the family, along with place of residence and owner (this is informal so it is first name basis and only where the owner is a member of the group).

A question mark inside the bracket indicates that we have unfortunately lost touch with the owner and are not sure of the status. "Sherlock Holmes" in the group are welcome to contact us for particulars, in some cases the Intranet has enabled us to re-establish contact.

Although it is an emotional subject, we have included Jansim Borders and JJ members that are no longer with us, they are simply marked with an asterisk - a small symbol that means so much.

We have also taken the liberty of including our non-Border residents who have always played a significant role in shaping our Borders' attitudes and abilities.

Jansim Residents Past:

Donna* (German Shepherd)
Fred* (Lurcher)
Pinch* (6 1/2 lbs of working dachshund)
Nipper* ("The Whippet")
Robyn* "Whippety Thing"

and Present:


Jansim Pups:

Born 1982
MOM: Mumfee
DAD: Lothlorien Loremaster
PUPS: Jock* (Sarah's Dad ON) and Mij* (QC)

Born 1983
MOM: Pickle
DAD: Workmore Waggoner
PUPS: Tyne*, Sunce* (ON), Mini* (QC) and Pepper*

Born 1985
MOM: Mumfee
DAD: Toby
PUPS: Jake* (ON), Gra Gael* (ON), Kelsey* (ON), Bigwig* (Marnie ON), Twigge* (AB) , Biscuit* (ON)

MOM: Pickle
DAD: Starcyl March On
PUP: Fleuri* (AB)

Born 1987
MOM: Pepper
DAD: Ryswick Ranger
PUPS: Tango* (ON), PC* (Marnie ON), Poco* (AB), Spice* (VT), Barkis* (NH), Chopin* (QC)

Born 1990
MOM: Pepper
DAD: Ryswick Remember Me (Ranger's son)
PUPS: Tangle* (NJ), Penny* (Marnie ON), Gimli* (ON), Badger* (QC), Sam* (Barbara BC)

Born 1993
MOM: Penny
PUPS: Muffett* (ON), Danny* (Jenny VT), Rosie* (Jocelyne QC), Gizmo* (Tony & Beth BC), Oliver* (Anna NS), Vinci* (QC), Tigger* (QC)

Born 1997
MOM: Penny
DAD: Dandyhow Topnotch
PUPS: Newman* (ON), Roger* (Anna NS), Gunter* (home), Iseabail* (Jacqueline UK)

Born 2002
MOM: Iseabail
DAD: Tripper
PUPS: Gremlin* (Tony & Beth BC), Henrietta* (Sarah ON), Boomerang (home), Archie* (Fred & Marnie ON), Geordie* (Jacqueline UK), Sophie (Chris & Jeff PA), Midge* (Barb PA)

Born 2009
MOM: Hazel
DAD: Zeke
PUPS: Geordie-NS* (Anne NS), Touzie* (Sarah KY), Bramble* (Helen NS), Tank* (Mark & Michele, MA)

Born 2013
MOM: Tank
DAD: Greywoode Brambling at Highdyke (Scrapper)
PUPS: Loki (Tony & Beth BC), Digger (home), Keltic (Karen ON), Abbey (Barb PA)

Born 2017
MOM: Gryzia
DAD: Geordie
PUPS: Ruby (Bob Glatter NY), Emma (Lois Fiander NS), Lola (Anna ON)

Born 2022
MOM: Lola
DAD: Quinn
PUPS: Spike (Shauna Froese ON), Blue (Tony & Beth BC)

Born 2020
MOM: Lola
DAD: Felek
PUPS: Tucker* (home), Peanut (Greg & Marcy Finlayson ON), Nimbus (Trevor & Gen Steynor ON), Pickles (home), Iza (Susan Kane OH)

Born 2022
MOM: Lola
DAD: Quinn
PUPS: Blue* (Tony & Beth BC), Spike (Shawna Froese ON)

Born 2024
MOM: Lola
DAD: Lorek
PUPS: Fergus (Andrea NS), Olek (Anna ON)

Pups in Law (where pups belong to a member of the Jansim "gang" or were placed through Jansim Reg'd):

1993 Pups-in-law
Phoebe* (Donna FL), Trixie* (ON),
MOM: Greywoode Snow Bunting

1996 Pups-in-law
Gordie* (Isobel ON), Anita* & Enya* (Donna FL)
MOM: Phoebe
DAD: Bordeaux

1997 Pups-in-law
Tristan* (Jacqueline UK), Chipper* (Ontario)
MOM: Lothlorien Tye a Beau
DAD: Bordeaux

1998 Pup-in-law
Tripper* (Donna FL)
MOM: Gamekeepers Stunner II
DAD: Danny

2002 Pup-in-law
Maggie* (Anna NS), Lexi* (Megan AB), Simon* (Gloria ON)
MOM: Copper
DAD: Roger

2003 Pups-in-law
Daisy (Jenny VT)
MOM: Scrimmage
DAD: Tripper

Sensei* (Aram MI)
MOM: Oldstone Topsy Turvey
DAD: Danny

Tinker* (Anna-F* NS), Molly* (Melony NB), Sophie* (Andrea NS)
MOM: Copper
DAD: Tripper

Higgs* (Lisa and David ME), Zeke* (Mel & Marion AB)
MOM: Gamekeepers Blue Sky of Rovin
DAD: Danny

Hazel* (Anna NS), Colin* (Donna-S MD), Teddy* (Ines NY), Bindi* (Kathy NY)
MOM: Scrimmage
DAD: Roger

2005 Pups-in-law
Schemer* (Jane NC), Flair/Thistle* (Erin)
MOM: Scrimmage
DAD: Roger

2006 Pups-in-law
Maisie* (Isobel ON), Teazle* (Fred & Amp; Marnie ON), Dundee* (Lynda BC), Pip* (Mark & Michele MA)
MOM: Daisy
DAD: Gunter

Parker* (Shari NS)
MOM: Molly
DAD: Roger

2008 Pups-in-law
Mr. Tumnus* (Philipa MI), Freddie* (Chris-M PA), Maisie-NB* (Carol Woods NB), Hermit* (Mel NB)
MOM: Molly
DAD: Zeke

2009 Pups-in-law
Karma* (Tina MA), Jinx (Lee PA) and Mimi* (Mel NB)
MOM: Molly
DAD: Zeke

2010 Pups-in-law
Fells (Donna S MD)
MOM: Bandersnatch A Fine Romance
DAD: Colin

2015 Pups-in-law
Ivy (Dora ME), Scout (Mary-Ellen ON), Doug, Maple
MOM: Greywoode Willow Warbler
DAD: Felek

Grand Pups (where pups belong to a member or friend of the Jansim "gang"):

1989 Grandpup
Bordeaux* (Jocelyne QC)
MOM: Fleuri
DAD: Hollybridge Red Jester

1996 Grandpup
Jane* (Shirley BC)
MOM: Tangle
DAD: Hollybridge Raffles

1997 Grandpup
Scrimmage* (JoAnn NJ)
MOM: Tangle
DAD: Hollybridge Raffles

2011 Grandpup
Finlay (Isobel McGowan)
MOM: Maisie
DAD: L'Dickens Bandersnatch Devilry

2018 Grandpup-in-law
Didi (Jane Kroll)
MOM: Ivy
DAD: Greywoode Cheviot Echo Of Oldstone

Friends (including great-grand-pups and distant cousins):

Olive (Barb, PA); Gryzia; (Andrea & Richard, NS); Felek (Anna ON); Tux*, and Canaan Dogs Peter*, Ida, Reen, Cole & Lexi (Amanda, NY); Roscoe*, Spunky* & Rosie (Chris & Jeff, PA); Morgan* and Medrick* (Marion, AB); Bumble*, Bria* and Pippa (Deenie, VT); Keeley* (the Standard Schnauzer) (Isobel, ON); Django*, Parker* (the Mutt), Nicholas* and Rupert (Pippa, MI); Nadine* and Fiona* (Donna and Paul*, FL); Gally*, Harry* & Free* (Donna S, MD); Fi and Puss* (the Whippets) (Melony, NB); Lizzie* and Bonus* (Dora and Eric*, ME); Baxter*, Mabel and Matthew(Derek and family, CT); Dot* and Casey (Penny and family, NB); Copper* and Hamish* (Anna-F* NS); Daisy* (Michele & Mark, MA); Rollie* & Bertie (Sarah ON); Ellie* (Anne NS); Declan (Jack NJ); Eli (Jane NC); Oskar (Kathy PA); Jessie (David & Lisa, ME); Gator* and Rufus (Helen NS)

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