Can. Ch. Devonair's Jansim Robyn - born May 06, 2008
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Our sincere thanks to Devonair Whippets for trusting us with this special girl.

Seven months - and very first Christmas

Official Christmas photo

Her very own bed for Christmas

Lots of toys to go around

Let's play "Simon Says"

Four to Six months - Two more road trips

Robyn and Boomer - wrestling in the camper

Robyn meets a new friend.

.... and an indulgent Whippet fan

Robyn with her prize.

Fourteen weeks - Rough and Tumble

Where's the Whippet

Where's the Border

She may look sweet...

...but she is tough!

Eleven - fourteen weeks - Off to the Maritimes, Robyn's first road trip

Robyn handled a five mile hike in Fundy National Park as easily as she did the long hours in the truck.
Limited play times in the camper, strange places, thunderstorms and boring ex-pens were all taken in stride.
Her favourite times were probably free running at the earthdog site in New Brunswick, collecting souvenir sticks and rocks wherever she could and teasing a visiting Border who stopped over one night in Nova Scotia.

Home away from home, NS style

Another souvenir, this one from NS

"How could she" Gunter looks disgusted

Don't look down

The first step's a doozy

Come on slow pokes

Family portrait

Eight to eleven weeks - settling in nicely

This show dog stuff is a breeze!

Am I classy or what?

When dignity goes flying

Let's go for a walk instead

Seven and a half to eight weeks - coming home

Robyn tries to sneak off with the big guys
but she is heading home with us.

"Pleased to meet you" Robyn has chance to say "Hi"
to Bailey on the way home

"Pleased to meet you, I think"
Robin and Boomer taking measure of each other

Life sure is tough around here.
Robyn usurps Gunter's chair - for now!

Approx. 5 weeks and quite a cutie

....from any angle.

Play time with Dad

Quiet time with Dad

May 06, 2008, 10.04pm
(born at 10.02pm)

Robyn and Rupert at 4 days old

...Don't be shy !

Fat and plumptious

Can.Ch. Corandy Country Road Can FChX-II Am.FCh (Tripp)

a.k.a "dad"
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Can.Am.Ch Devonair's Mabel

a.k.a. "Mom"
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