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CAN.CH Devonair's Jansim Robyn TT CAN.RA

(proud caregivers - Chris & Pam)

Coursing may have been a non-starter but Sprinter was a whole different story

Simcoe Performance Dogs, Red Barn Event Centre, Barrie. June 28th (3 runs) and August 31st (3 runs), 2020

Robyn earned her Novice Sprinter title in four runs improving her performance with each run

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Of course she's a "Good Neighbour"!

Stourmont, Dundas & Glengarry, August 27, 2017

Robyn passed her CKC Canine Good Neighbour Evaluation despite no being comfortable in the busy dog show setting

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"TT" Racer, well not quite

Borzoi Club of Ontario Chase Ability Program Tests, September 17, 2016
Robyn surprised the heck out of my by not quitting at the first turn, istead she kept goiung and earned a leg towards her CKC CA title
Judge: Dave Snider
Lure Operators: Werner Darbyshire

On September 25, 2016, Robyn passed her ATTS Temperament Test run by North Country Kennel Club in Ipswich, MA.
Chief Tester Tom Szebenyi

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...and Finishing...just!

On September 2nd, 2016 after the summer off, Robyn completed her CKC Rally Advanced Title at the Cornwall & District KC Show under kindly judge Lorraine Moffa with a generous 82.
It was an outdoor trial with the ring set up next to some very tempting woods.
I am heartfully grateful that this marks the end of her Rally Career

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Starting the next level

On April 2nd, 2016, (yet again two days after an appalling class performance) I ran her in Rally Advanced B at the Lakeshore Dog Training Association (our club) Rally Trials under judge Deanna Abbott.
Her morning run was very pretty and she placed fourth with 98. The afternoon run - not so much!
The exhuberant barking of a dog in the next ring must have reminded her of three nasty situations all at indoor trials and she pretty much shut down.
I am nor sure how we made it round but we did and she earned her second RA leg with a kind 82.

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That's a wrap - sort of

Mainly along for the ride and the vacation, Robyn did however humour me on our 2015 BTC Specialty trip by completing her CKC Rally Novice title at the Alberta KC Rally Trial on August 3rd, 2016 under judge Sandy Briggs.
Her score was a respectable 98 earning her 3rd place

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Robyn's coursing career never materialised, as with so many other things she quickly reached the "Been there, done that" point.

We played around with agility and a bit of in-house rally training where she showed great promise. I started taking her to classes and that was a big mistake!!!

By week three "Been there, done that" was surfacing big time.

However, on April 25, 2015, (two days after an appalling class performance) I ran her in the Lakeshore Dog Training Association (our club) Rally Trials.
To my surprise and delight she put in two brilliant performances in Rally Novice B to earn two legs towards her Rally Novice title under judge Katherine Stead scoring 99 in both trials placing first in the morning and second in the afternoon.

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Last but not least

Sighthound breeder judge, Jan Buchanan gave Robyn Best of Winners at the Club Canin de Chomedy show in Laval on September 20, 2009 for her last point.


On to Coursing

One more down....

...and one more to go

Robyn was Best of Winners at the Cornwall & District KC show on September 05, 2009 under sighthound breeder, Maida Puterman

Inching Closer

We incorporated three days of shows into our 2009 Maritime vacation by attending the Fredericton Kennel Club shows on July 25/26/27. After behaving like a total goof ball on the Friday, she got her act together and took Winners Bitch on Saturday and Sunday under judges Rita Walker and Sandra Goose-Allen respectively for two more points. The other entry was a VERY PRETTY petite female.

Robyn was quite happy to exchange the show ring in NB for the beach in PEI

Back to the Show Ring

Tempted by two sets of points in one day, we entered the CASA Sighthound Specialty show and Kars Community Recreation Association dog show on July 19. 2009

Thora Brown, judging the Specialty gave Robyn Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Breed for three more points - we were thrilled to say the least

We did not do anything in the regular show but that is OK - Robyn celebrated on Monday playing with the Grand Children

Promising First Runs

Robyn made a very promising coursing debut in Singles Stakes at the OCLA Meet near Cayuga Ontario on June 27/28 2009

Despite losing the lure (distracted by a noisy pulley) and only running half the course in the preliminary run on Saturday, she ran well enough in the final to earn enough total points to be NBQ (next best qualifier - 5th place)

On Sunday there were no mistakes and she "ran like stink" in the Prelims and the Finals to take first place in the Singles Stakes.

We did try a pre-certification run with her on Sunday afternoon but she was intimidated by the presence of another dog in the field so will be running Singles until her confidence builds (she is a very submissive girl).

First Points

Although I am sure she would sooner have been coursing with mom, pop and brother Rupert at the CanAm, Robyn managed to keep four on the floor and go Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for 3 points at the QUON Specialty in St. Lazare, QC on May 16, 2009 under judge Bob Rowbotham.

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