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Sadly, Zeke left us on 23 January 2021,
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Titling on a High Note

Performance and Earthdog Association of Alberta Barn Hunt Tests, April 8-9, 2017

Judges: Wally Quinn and Victoria Hall

A tale worth telling and well worth reading, I (Pam) am so very proud of this boy and his people (Mel & Marion) who have allowed him to be all that he can be and more.

In Marion's words

"The Barn Hunt trials are held about an hour's drive east of here at the Strathmore Agricultural Society grounds. Set-up was starting at 9 AM Friday morning, so in order to avoid having to get up extra early on Friday to do last minute packing and then drive out there, we opted to drive out and camp overnight on Thursday. There is full service camping at the grounds, although full service doesn't include water this early in the year. Fortunately Mel filled the water tank halfway at home which was plenty for the weekend. We had a leisurely evening and enjoyed a lovely sunset and went to bed listening to the wind howling around the RV vents.

Next morning we were wakened before 6 AM by the sound of some sort of loud sawing or something like that taking place nearby. Oh well, it's only sleep. Set-up proceeded, involving what seems like at least 1,000 bales of straw and several miles of rubber matting. I (Marion) do not do bales, just flimsy stuff like the fencing while Mel and others do the heavy lifting. Friday evening there was a seminar given by the judges. BT Breeder Wally Quinn gave a talk on the canine olfactory system which taught me a few things I didn't know before. For her part Victoria Hall aimed to help people learn to organize their dogs' time in the ring (especially important in classes beyond Novice) to cover the larger area completely and efficiently. Then she had each dog come into the ring for an individual session. Unfortunately there were more than 20 dogs and by the time Zeke had his turn he was totally wired and did not want to settle down to actual "hunting."

In complete contrast, when Saturday morning dawned, Zeke had apparently tuned into his inner Zen state and seemed unnaturally calm. We weren't sure if this was a good thing or not... As it turned out all went well. He did his thing in reasonable time and was greeted with applause from the spectators. Mel however, was concentrating so hard he did not hear the applause and was quite sure Zeke had not done the required "climb" and was still trying to organize that so that a somewhat puzzled Wally had to tell him "You're done." Zeke managed to cut a couple of seconds off his time from October, but his was still the slowest time of the 5 Medium qualifiers that morning so no placement ribbon, but hey, a pass is a pass. Only one more to go.

We thought we had that in the afternoon after a lovely run by Zeke, only to be told by Victoria that Mel had disqualified them by going down on one knee when he released Zeke. There are an awful lot of rules in Barn Hunt. Participants are expected to be familiar with all of them, even though they seem to be under constant revision. To say we were bitterly disappointed would be a gross understatement. Now we had to wait through another night, hoping Zeke could make one of the two runs the next day.

Sunday morning did not go well. The "real" quarry was in a tricky spot and Zeke could not smell it properly, so Mel ended up calling the decoy. Now we are down to the last try in the afternoon, again with Wally judging. I forgot to mention that after the previous afternoon's unhappiness, I had decided I could not bear to be around to watch, but would instead wait outside. I was also paranoid about being accused of double handling if I knew where the quarry was and inadvertently made some movement or gesture that indicated its location. So Sunday afternoon I left the building by the north entrance as Mel and Zeke entered by the south one. By the time I got to the south end of the building I could hear Zeke barking, Good sign, I thought. Then I heard applause. Very good sign, I thought. Then I heard Zeke barking again. What the?, I thought. Fortunately Mel soon emerged carrying Zeke and gave a big thumbs up to accompany his huge grin. Wow, what a relief!

Now, it took a while to get the full story about what happened inside. Apparently, on being released, Zeke headed leisurely towards the tunnel so Mel gave him the "tunnel" command, which has often proved futile in the past, not just for Mel but for many others in Barn Hunt. This time it worked although Mel claims Zeke sauntered through the tunnel as if he had all the time in the world. Then, suddenly he speeded up, nailed the quarry (barking) and Mel took the tube from him, handing it to the rat wrangler and quickly got him to climb up on a bail (mission completed - applause). Now all Mel had to do was pick Zeke up and - except Zeke had other ideas. In practices he has had to find as many as 4 gerbils so now he was sure there must be more. He took off like a shot and ran around the ring. Not immediately finding another rat, he went back to where he knew there was one. Normally the rat wrangler would have handed the tube to someone outside he ring for safekeeping, but as Zeke should have been leaving the ring immediately she had held onto it and was still holding it when Zeke returned and jumped up on the bale next to her to get closer to his prey (more barking). At this point Mel managed to grab the little blighter and get him collared and leashed, as required by the rules, and safely out of the ring. Whew!

Chatting with the secretary's helper later, it came up that this would be Zeke's Novice title, so she scolded me for not letting them know, and then reached into her box for a "new title" ribbon. When she put it with Zeke's other ribbons, I saw the blue ribbon, so I knew he had finished 1st. in the Medium height qualifiers. Then later we borrowed the ribbons for pictures there was yet another ribbon, but we were too dazed or stupefied to realize what it meant. Having dutifully returned the ribbons so they could be properly presented later we then waited for the more advanced classes to finish. We hadn't even checked the back of the ribbons where the time for his run was recorded. In the end, Zeke was 1st. in his height class, with a time of 25.4 seconds! Still, wasn't there was a ribbon missing...? At the end of the presentation of the Novice ribbons, was the one for "High in Class" - the fastest time of any dog in Novice. Naturally this almost always goes to one of the larger dogs if only because they can cover more ground in less time. But not this time. This time the honour was Zeke's. What a guy! You may be sure there is steak on the menu for him very soon. After all, you can't eat ribbons."

"Old" dog, new "tricks"! Why not?

Performance and Earthdog Association of Alberta Barn Hunt Tests, October 15-16, 2016

Judges: John Fisher and Donna Braschler

Zeke earned the first leg towards his Novice Barn Hunt title finding the quarry in 1 min. 37 sec and placing third in his height category.


Saluki Club of Canada Chase Ability Tests - September 9th 2016

On Friday at Delisle, Saskatchewan, Zeke earned his 10th. CKC Chase Ability leg to complete the requirements for his CAX title. As far as we know, he is the first BT in Canada to earn this title and he has loved every minute of the chase.

Judge: Linda A Smith
Lure Operator: Bruce Ingram

He earned a bonus leg (#11) on Saturday

Judge: Karen Douglass
Lure Operator: Bruce Ingram

....and running!!!!

Alberta Lure Coursing Association Chase Ability Tests - August 13th 2016

Zeke added yet two more qualifying runs towards his CKC Chase Ability Program CAX title - 9 down, 1 to go. Nail biting time

Judge: Ed Molloy
Lure Operator: Cherie Huncha

Keep on running!!!!

Alberta Lure Coursing Association Chase Ability Tests - July 16th 2016

Zeke added two more qualifying runs towards his CKC Chase Ability Program CAX title - 7 down, 3 to go.

Judge: Karen Douglas
Lure Operator: Ed Molloy

Barely home and unpacked before he is off and running!!!!

Foothills Gazehound Club Chase Ability Tests - July 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2016

Zeke aced his CKC Chase Ability Program CA title with three qualifying runs plus two bonus qualifying runs towards his CAX.

Judges: Pat Ingram and Tom Robinson

Border Terrier Club of America 2016 National Specialty success

Roberts Event Center, Wilmington, OH - June 13th-17th, 2016

Zeke completed his AKC Rally Novice title with a very nice 96 and a first place finish in a strong class under judge Laurale Stern.

The following day he followed up by winning the 13 plus Veteran Dog Class under breeder Judge Patrick Glover

November 7th, 2015 - Strathmore, AB - Barn Hunt

Zeke Aced his RATI with the 4th fastest time in his size class

Border Terrier Canada National Specialty - August 1st, 2015, Spruce Meadows, Alberta

Zeke beat out a younger dog (and slightly older bitch) to go Best Veteran in Sweepstakes under breeder judge Margaret Henning

Her critique says it all

"This was another veteran in wonderful condition who enjoyed his time in the ring. Pleasing head, nice front that has aged well, nice length of body and rib, nice underline, still a very narrow dog. Movement on this guy caught my eye because he, at this age, still moves effortlessly and correctly around the ring. I was happy to award him Best in Veteran Sweepstakes "

Border Terrier Canada 2014 National Specialty related events

Erie Shores Kennel Club Rally Trials - June 6th & 7th, 2014

Zeke knocked off his Rally Advanced Title with three straight qualifying rounds under judges Marie Sawford and Mike Calhoun with scores of 87, 87, 98

Border Terrier Club of America Specialty, Purina Farms, Gray Summit, MO - May 18-22, 2014

May 20th, Tuesday -- Obedience/Rally/Sweepstakes

Zeke earned his second Rally Novice B leg with a very nice 97 and 2nd place (Judge Ginger Kinion)

2013 BTCA National Specialty Achievements (June 23-27, Warwick, Rhode Island)

Zeke started his Specialty spree with another Senior ED Ribbon at the Specialty Earthdog Test on the Sunday, though his dowel demolishing run was hampered by solid oak dowels.

That success was just the beginning. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to Marion for letting me handle Zeke in Rally Novice B. I do so love handling in Rally but admit it is a bit of a nerve to steal the limelight when Marion has obvioulsy done a beautiful job training Zeke.
Her hard work paid off with a very respectable 95 and 4th place despite the extremly hot conditions.
Judge Tibby Chase couldn't have been nicer in accommodating conflicts between Sweeps and Rally.

Because I knew it was going to be very emotional showing Gunter, Amanda offered to take Zeke in Veteran Sweeps and Regular Veterans and what a magical team they turned out to be. I don't think I have ever seen Zeke look so happy in the show ring and it paid of with him winning both his 10-13 year classes under judged Lynn Looper and Kathy Wilkinson.

Patience Pays

Zeke is one very smart cookie and about as ring wise as they come. His ability to forget how to sit in the Rally ring is only surpassed by his lightning fast sits outside of the ring - when treats are in the offing!!
Fortunatley, Marion is persistent as well as patient and it finally paid off with Zeke earning his CKC Rally Novice Title at the Red Deer & District Kennel Club Trials on November 2nd, 3rd and 4th
Judges were Richard Lewis and David Denis

2012 BTCA Specialty Achievements, Oconomowoc WI, June 10-14, 2012

Zeke turned in another dowel demolishing performance to collect another nice Senior ED Rosette from our own JoAnn Frier-Murza

P...... On That!

Zeke was the third of our dogs to take his ATTS Temperament Test on April 26, 2009 in Ballston Spa, NY.

From the moment he got close to the enclosure where the tests was being conducted, Zeke was convinced it was an Earthdog Test - why else would there be a defined area with people standing around but no dogs - certainly not a dog show!!

As we approached each station in the test, Zeke's attitude was clearly "Are you going to let me go now? Are you? Are you?" - each segment of the test was just another frustration getting in the way of his true purpose.

His frustration peaked when faced with the threatening stranger - he took one look at the yelling, leaping, clearly deranged stranger in the floppy hat and fluorescent orange rain slicker and peed on a cone! Just another frustrated owner dealing with the Senior Recall no doubt!!!

Thanks to the knowledge of the chief tester and the common sense of the others - Zeke passed

The test was hosted by "Out of the Pits" a pitbull welfare organisation. This brag benefits their cause.

No shame in this Cabin Fever Weekend Best Opposite

At the Mohawk Valley KC BTCA Supported Entry show in Queensbury NY on Feb 03, 2008 judge Charlotte Patterson chose Zeke over eight male specials and her Winners Dog for Best Opposite Sex to the Shoreman's lovely female Ch Roschel Firefly.

2007 BTCA National Specialty successes

Like "cousin" Hazel, Zeke enjoyed earning a bonus SE leg under judge Annette Neff at the specialty ED Test on September 18th.

Maritime Madness Success

Making it an annual event??? Zeke repeated his 2006 performance by going Group 3rd at the Fredericton Kennel Club show in Sheffield NB on July 28, 2007 (Judge Ann Hennigan).

Very Nice Encore

Not satisfied with his Fredericton Group 3rd, Zeke - capably handled by foster Mom, Mel - topped that with a Group 2nd under respected Terrier Specialist "Mike" McBeth at the New Brunswick Kennel Club show in St John, NB on August 21, 2006.

Anything you can do.........

Following relative Roger's Group 3rd on the Friday, Zeke made Saturday July 29, 2006 his day at the "Border supported" Fredericton KC show under judge David Ojalvo (Argentina) by also going Best of Breed and Group 3rd (other three dogs in group line-up were identical to Friday)

Titling Out the Border Terrier Club of Ontario and Cairn Terrier Association of Ontario Earthdog tests near Guelph on May 13th/14th

Leg two of his Canadian Senior Earthdog title came by "the skin of his teeth" on Saturday under "local" judge, Carly Martin. Leg three and his title was earned the hard way under JoAnn Frier Murza.

Senior Moment

....and a good one at that at the Dachshund Club of Greater Ontario CKC Earthdog tests on June 25/26, 2005. After taking too long to reach the quarry on Saturday, Zeke turned in a picture perfect performance on Sunday under judge Kate Kenny to earn the first leg on his CKC Senior Earthdog Title.

Three in a Row

He's a "Jersey Boy" at heart - Zeke completed his Senior Earthdog title under Judge Richard Reynolds at the NJBEC Trial on November 6, 2004.

Not Just a Fluke

Zeke followed up on his Specialty achievement by earning his second Senior Leg at the National Earthdog Test on October 04, 2004 in Crosswicks New Jersey (judge Joyce Moore).

2004 BTCA National Specialty Brag

Zeke chose the Specialty Earthdog Test to get his act together and earn his first Senior Earthdog leg under judge Judy Todd. Needless to say, I was thrilled with his performance.

It's in the Blood

Beneath Zeke's laid back attitude to life lurks a true BT and that side of him surfaced with a vengeance in New Jersey where he earned his Certificate of Gameness (judge Teddy Moritz) at the North American Teckel Club's AWTA trial on May 31, 2004 and the first leg of his AKC JE title (judge Ed Bear) at the NBTC AKC Earthdog Test on June 6, 2004.
He then racked up his CKC JE. at the DCGO trials on June 19 and 21, 2004 (judges Trudy Kawami and Carly Martin).
A quick trip back down to New Jersey the following weekend took care of his AKC JE. (judge Michael Jones).

Finished in Four!

Weekends of shows in Canada
And what a nice way to finish with a five point win at the BTCO supported Kitchener Waterloo KC show on May 22nd (judge Ray Krohne) (see photo)
Zeke made his show ring debut at the Ottawa Kennel Club shows on November 13th, 14th & 15th.
He was the only Border on Friday and Sunday but beat another 6-month old puppy (a female) for one point on Saturday.
During the course of the three days, Zeke progressed from hesitant puppy to consummate showman.
So much so that he made the cut in the adult group on Sunday despite the fact that there was a "surplus" of best in show terriers (it was the Show of Shows weekend)
He added 6 more points to his tally at the Caledon shows in Mississauga, Ontario shows at the end of November where he went Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Friday under Canadian Judge John Reeve-Newson for 3 points. He repeated the performance on Sunday under well known US Judge, James White - when we went in for Winners Dog, I did not even have chance to set Zeke up before Mr. White moved him to the front of the line. Saturday's judge - Dan Ericsson - didn't care for him - but that's OK. That was also the day that Zeke did a back flip on the "up and back".
At the Club Canin de Rive Sud shows in April we drew a blank point-wise (no breed competition and a tough group), though he did take Best Puppy in Group on the Sunday (the day the side door of the van "fell off" in my hands).

Three and Done!

On his third weekend of showing in the US, Zeke wrapped up his American Championship going Best of Winners under Fred Ferris at the Springfield Kennel Club Show on April 16, 2004, and Winners Dog under Joseph Gregory at the Pioneer Valley Kennel Club Show, April 17, 2004. Zeke made his US debut a winning one on January 10, 2004 at the Greater Lowell KC (Judge Alice Watkins) with a three-point major, despite being in "full coat" to say the least.
Three weeks later, and in even fuller coat, he made his mark, though thankfully not in the motel room, at the Saratoga shows (an after thought to the NBTC Cabin Fever Weekend Activities). These shows have always been good to my dogs - 2004 (January 30, 31, February 01) was no exception. Winners Dog under Richard Cashoudian for two points, Winners Dog under Dorothy Hutchinson for two points and Winners Dog, Best of Winners under Keke Kahn for a five point major sums it up.

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