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January:Enough with the snow already!!!!
February:What is it with this winter!!!
March:Spring!!! Maybe yes, maybe no!!!
April:The weather roller coaster continues
May:Summer is here...with a bang!
June:Border Terrier Club of America National Specialty, Purina Farms MO

July:Hazy and somewhat lazy days of Summer
August:Border Terrier Canada National Specialty, Spruce Measows, AB
September:Summer continued!!!
October:Indian Summer
November:Unbelievable Heartache
December:Holiday Greetings and more

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November - Unbelievable Heartache

The month started with unbelievable heartache when Tony and Beth lost their beloved baby boy Blue to a sudden and catastrophic bacterial infection, he was just 18 months old!

Helen Blake's Bramble was lost to a presumed brain tumour just one day before on November 6th and her CBTW adoptee Rufus has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Birthdays in November were celebrated by Merlin on November 1st, Finlay who turned 12 on November 16th, Jane's Eli who celebrated on November 18th, Albert who turned two on November 22nd, and Cotton who turned five on November 24th. The Lola-Felek kids; Iza, Peaniut, Nimbus and Pickles turned three on November 29th and the month ended with Bea's birthday on November 30th

Wee miss you Blue, more than words can ever express
Peanut sporting a new spiffy look for her birthday
Nimbus celebrating in style, making birthday memories with Sophie


October - Indian Summer

October saw us blessed with weather more akin to summer than fall. We finally got Digger out for his first ride in the Grumman Sport boat. He is such a good "crew dog".

Fells underwent successful surgery for the removal of another, less sinister mass on his other leg. He is currently undergoing the melanoma vaccine protocol.

BTC and BTCA held a great training day and two CKC ED tests in the middle of the month. This marked the end of an era at Skerryvore and plans are well under way for activities at the new site just north of Uxbridge

Jenny's long anticipated trip up ended up being here on Monday back home on Tuesday owing to Anna testing positive for Covid and myself having been in close contact with her during the earthdog weekend. I ended up not contracting it but it was not worth the risk to Jenny's health.
We will reschedule to May next year.

Digger and Pickles earned their Canine Good Citizen titles under the watchful but kind eye of Mikki Bradford.

Gracie was winterized, once again she was not used as much as anticipated owing to a variety of circumstances.

Birthdays in October were celebrated by Lola, Emma and Ruby who turned 6 on October 3rd and Fells who became a teenager on October 12th.

"Ahoy There!" Digger enjoying his first ride in the Sportboat
So sorry that Jenny did not get to see Pumpkinferno at the Kingston Pen
"Trick or Treat" You can't keep a good dog down and Fells is no exception!!


September - Summer continues!!!

Some of September's plans were derailed by a blip in Chris's health status, including activities planned for when his cousin Kevin and partner Catherine visited from UK.

Donna S and her mom went on a European cruise visiting some amazing places including Iceland and Norway.

Ivy has finally found her calling excelling in FastCAT

I enjoyed two trips in Gracie, she is worth every penny we paid for her.

Birthdays in September: Double Digits!!! Abbey, Digger, Keltic and Loki all turned 10 on September 1st. Shari's Merlin also celebrated a birthday on September 1st turning 11 years old..

Way to go Ivy, though she could be mistaken for her dad in this photo!!!
Happy 10th Birthday Abbey and also to siblings Digger, Keltic and Loki
Loki says there is no better way to celebrate your birthday than with a successful start to grouse hunting.
Looks like Blue may be getting ready to follow in Gremlin and Loki's pawprints.
Jo Ann's Cotton can now add Farm Dog Certification to his lists of accomplishments.
Pickles on squirrel alert while I enjoy a nice supper. One of our two Gracie trips in September


August - Border Terrier Canada National Specialty and more

As we did not attend the BTC National Specialty in Alberta, and Jenny's much anticipated trip to Ontario had to be postponed to October, August was a "'relatively" lazy month chez Dyer.

Anna and I did head up to the new ED site north of Uxbridge ON in Gracie to assist with marking out and getting the trenches dug. Thanks to the right number of willing volunteers it went extremely well and Jen Holder's hubby on the mower and an awesome digger operator were the icing on the cake.

Tony and Beth and Mel and Marion were in attendance at the National Specialty with Mel and Marion handling Judges' hospitality. Our esteemed judge for this event was JJ stalwart Amanda Pough. In addition to doing a great job of judging, she gave a judge's seminar which was extremely well received.

Closer to home, Nimbus carried on her winning ways in Earthdog and Barn Hunt

Sadly, August was not without its bad news with Donna's boy Fells being diagnosed with an aggressive form of Melanoma. Hopefully surgery and the latest melanoma vaccine will buy them both some quality time. CANCER SUCKS!!!

Birthdays in August were celebrated by Freddie and Maisie (NB) who both turned 15 on August 4th with fond memories of "Bridge Brothers" Hermit and Tumnus. Deenie's Pippa celebrated her 9th birthday on August 11th while Mark and Michele's Grizzy turned 7 on August 25th.

Happy 15th Birthday Freddy
Master Earthdog trenches well under way
Senior den in a beautiful location
Blue and Loki in familiar repose
Potential Specialty site...
....with parking in the shade


July - Hazy and somewhat lazy days of Summer

Sadly, July also brought bad news as Penny and family had to say goodbye to their beloved Casey, the last of the Falconbrook dogs.

Anna and I attended a rather unique Art Show, Fantasy in the Forest.

Fred and Marnie came for a quick visit and Iza went home with them, she is very much a work in progress but she is in capable hands.

Several of the JJ gang attended the Finger Lake Earthdog Tests in Candor New York and came home with our fair share of loot.

Birthdays in July were celebrated by Ivy and Scout who turned 8 on July 11th, Pippa's Rupert celebrated birthday 9 on July 17th and Tiago turned three on July 27th.

Pickles enjoying a time out on the deck
While sister Iza lounges on the Fielding's sofa
And Olive and Abbey lounge on each other
Felek soaking up the evening sun on Anna's patio
Seasoned campers, Loki and Blue curl up by the fire.
Robyn would like to curl up but her bed is occupied!!!
Whimsical entrance to Fantasy in the Forest Art Festival
The Finger Lakes Earthdog site is truly picturesque, well worth the drive.
Enjoy your "Big Adventure" Casey, you have earned it but are sorely missed


June - Border Terrier Club of America National Specialty and more!!!

On June 6th Chris and I headed out with Gracie (our camper van), Robyn, Digger and Pickles for the BTCA National Specialty At Purina Farms in Missouri.
As I did last year, we broke our trip Chez Pippa in Michigan and were treated to good food, good wine and the best company, two legged and four.
The following day we made it down to Casey's campground in Illinois, a very disappointing KOA
On Friday we did the short trip to Purina Farms and met up with Jo Ann and Steve. All the RV parking was sorted so that we were all in a line and no-one had to move as originally feared.
Shawna and Anna arrived later that afternoon (bringing supper I might add). Pippa, Donna, Mel and Marion and Tony and Beth all arrived Saturday.

It was a great week, once more outstanding evening meals and company topped the bill. Having a full hook up was definitley a bonus as it was wicked hot and while we missed having the Fifth Wheel as Border Base Camp, Mel and Marion more than made up for it with MegaMe.

The extended Jansim family's success at the Specialty is detailed in the brag pages. Friends of the family Tinks, Rupert and Albert also brought home their share of the spoils.

Our journey home was broken by one overnight stop at a municipal park. At $10 for the night there was nothing to complain about.

Tony and Beth and Mel and Marion ran through some really nasty weather but eventually made it home safe and sound as did Jo Ann and Steve. Travelling by car Donna, Anna and Shawna had a less exciting but no less long journey home.

A few days after our return from the Specialty we learned that Tumnus had left on his "Big Adventure", it was not unexpected and I think many of us bid him a quiet DogSpeed at the Specialty. None-the less, we were grateful that he got to spend the week being doted on by Tony when Pippa was busy. He seemed at peace and I hope that helped Pippa come to terms with what had to be done.

At the end of the month, David and Lisa headed out on their long awaited trip to England, taking in Stratford, the Cotswolds and North Wales. Anyone who did not follow them on FaceBook missed a real photographic treat!!!.

The only birthdays in June were celebrated by Jane's Didi who turned 5 on June 6th and Amanda's Reen who turned 14 on June 17th.

Gracie is loaded and ready to roll, all dogs on board and it looks like Robyn is navigating
Boondocking at Pippa's, a lovely way to spend the first evening and a good night's rest.
Second night spent at Casey's KOA and Pickles was convinced there was a mouse in our firewood!!
Loki and Blue definitely have the "are we there yet"? Soon pups, soon!!
Jo Ann and Steve were there a week before us for the Saluki Specialty
The socializing is what it is all about, Mel & Marion's MegaMe was the perfect home away from home base.
The FastCAT field where several Jansim dogs had a blast and earned titles
The flexibility demonstration during the Breeders Education Seminar was a hit, starring Rupert and Tinks
Most of us never made it to the Dock Diving pool so grateful to Mel for grabbing some shots
Hanging out chez Gracie, it was hot, very hot! But they handled it really well and we had A/C when neededs.
More good food on the grill, an early celebration of Steve's birthday
Tony absolutely nailed the shrimp skewers on the last night, never tasted better.


May - Summer is here...with a bang!

Iza made her CKC Agility debut with mixed results but I am so very proud of her. Pickles also had mixed success in Agility but she continues to be so much fun to run. Chris Morett's Rosie on the other hand was as consistent as ever. What a team they are.

The newest and youngest competitor to join the Jansim ranks did so in a big way. At barely a year old, Spike competed successfully in Barn Hunt and UKC Nosework.

Birthdays in May included Robyn who, against all odds, celebrated her 15th birthday on May 6th. Amanda's Cole turned 8 on May 18th and Lexi took no time out from burning up the show circuit to party on May 12th when she turned three. And of course the "Blues Brothers" version 2 (Spike and Blue) celebrated their first birthday also on May 12th

On the 25th of May, Fred and Marnie bid farewell to 17 year-old Teazle. She enjoyed an amazing, active and engaged retirement with them for 4 years and outlived the vet's expectations by several months thanks to topnotch care and attention to detail.

Happy 15th Birthday Robyn, keep on truckin' old girl.
Pickles is very much at home in "Gracie"
Caption this!! Happy Birthday Blue doesn't quite cover it!!


April - The weather roller coaster continues

Easter was fairly early in April and it was special this yeear as Donna and Fells came for a visit that included a marmalade making session with Chris and knitting lessons with Anna. Fells mainly got to hang out but he was a good house guest.

April also saw me heading off to Michigan to judge earthdog and spend some quality time with Pippa and the "boys". The ED site was fantastic, completely fenced. On Saturday we were grateful to have the clubhouse to warm up in and Sunday we were thankful to go there and cool off.

As was the case last year, April once again saw me wearing my Canadian Border Terrier Welfare hat as we finalized the fund raising for Gus's surgery in his foster with intent home.

Digger unfortunatley had to have a dental to finally address his overcrowded teeth and ended up losing a substantial number of them, guess that puts paid to ever showing him again in working or as a veteran.

Fells chilling out chez Dyer
Lola catnapping with Robyn
Jax fitting in very well, just how long is that tail???
Keltic, as handsome as ever at 9-1/2 years
Nimbus, all tuckered out after Barn Hunt
Teazle practicing for tongue out Tuesday


March - Spring!!! Maybe yes, maybe no!!!

The weather still seemed unable to head in one direction with sun and snow making appearances apparently at random.


Birthdays in March:
Touzie and Bramble celebrated their 14th birthday on March 4th, never forgetting Bridge Sibs, Tankie and Geordie!
Gryzia and Salem celebrated birthdays turning eleven and twelve respectively on March 7th.
Rosie officially attained veteran status with her 7th birthday on March 15th and Olive turned 3 on March 21st, where does teh time go?

Teazle, dressed for the occasion...and the weather
Partied too hard?? Olive enjoying a birthday nap
Rosie seemd to be wondering what all the birthday fuss is about.


February - What is it with this winter!!!

Our "'on again off again winter delivered more snow and enough warm weather to make it disappear...until the next dump!!!

In addition to enjoying Agility training with Digger and Pickles, I handled Iza in her foundation and beginers class, she is a star

Birthdays in February:
Against all odds, Teazle celebrated her 17th birthday on February 9th.
Jinx and Karma turned 14 on February 21st.

Too cold for walks so Robyn has to make do with indoor enrichment
While we are shivering Fells is welcoming the first daffodils...
...and Grizzy is soaking up the Florida sunshine
Celebrating in style, happy 17th Birthdau Teazle
...and yes, there was cake!!
Striking a pose!!! All Gryzia needs is a glass of wine.....
Blue and Loki demonstrate double decker Borders
While Stan Lee and Frieda off up the Whippet version!
And Indy and prefer a variation on the theme


January - Enough with the snow already!!!

Following on from the Christma "Snowmageddon", Kingston received two more signifigant snow falls prior to month's end. In other parts of the extended JJ family domain, rain (and accompanying mud) was the order of the day.

Although Rally and Agility classes won't start until February, Diggewr was happy to get back to scent work and Felek started his scentwork journey with enthusiasm.

Birthdays in January:
Sarah M's Neville turned three on January 12th.
David and Lisa's Jessie celebrated her eigth birthday on January 19th and Anna's Felek hit double digits turning 10 on January 24th

Jessie, quite the dignified lady at eight
Felek in a contemplative mood.
Meanwhile daughter Ivy is easy to bribe.
Speaking of contemplative, Olive on critter watch!!
Border mash up, where does Loki end and Blue begin?
Pickles watching the wildlife, Robyn has a better idea!!


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