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January:Anticipation and here comes winter
February:Sad news times three
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February - Sad news times three

February started out with summer-like weather that was much enjoyed. Anne Geall came from Nova Scotia for a puppy sitting visit at Anna's and her company and assistance were truly appreciated.

On February 15th we said farewell to Robyn, she passed peacefully at home thanks to the services of Dr. Meredith Galbraith.
That should have been it but on February 25th Sarah lost her beloved Touzie suddenly and without warning. Touzie was the last of a very special but much too short lived litter.
Then we heard that Maisie, New Brusnwick sibling to Freddie and bridge sibs Hermit and Tumnus, had left on her "Big Adventure" on February 26th.

Birthdays in February:
Jinx and Karma turned 15 on February 21st.

Wow! Stunning dog, stunning backdrop. Cotton in the desert
Lola and Felek appreciated Anne's visit as much as the puppies and Anna did.
Gryzia has her eyes on something being consumed for sure. "Where's mine?"
Fells patrolling his garden, well it's Donna's really but don't tell Fells
Finlay prefers to keep an eye on his garden from the comfort of his window seat.
RB and BB don't have to worry about keeping an eye on anything


January - Anticipation and here comes winter

After a green Christmas, snow came the first weekend in January

An X-ray on January 5th confirmed Lola was pregnant with two pups. and on January the 12th they were delivered by C-Section. Despite the best preictions that science can offer, it appears they were a couple of days early.
You can follow their progress here ./pups2024.htm

Birthdays in January:
Sarah M's Neville turned four on January 12th.
David and Lisa's Jessie turned nine years young on January 19th and Anna's Felek celebrated his 11th birthday on January 24th

Abbey and Olive have the right idea when it comes to winter, I am in full agreement.
Gryzia's position on the subject might be slightly different but the sentiment is the same.
On the other side of the country, Loki is in full agreement snuggling up with Lamb Chop
Lola's naps are not quite so restful since the arrival of her [very] little ones
Typical, the tiny ones are falling asleep on the very important job of topping up.
Bucking the trend!!! Jessie has a very different take on winter!! You go girl!!


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