Greywoode Ottawa Owl

Date of Birth: 11 July 2015

CHIC #: Pending

CAN.CH Firelands Felek at Jansim CG AM.CAN.JE RATN

AM.CH. Coombe Hill Bramble

UK.CH. Olderhill Neutron

Olderhill Oberon

UK.CH. Mansergh Doublet At Plushcourt

Odgoblin Of Olderhill

Olderhill Tuppence

UK.CH. Dandyhow Claudius

Olderhill Omega

Foxwash Jade

Riverworth Riley

UK.CH. Valmyre Magician Of Dandyhow

Riverworth Reconcile

Caecoed Becky

UK.CH. Oxcroft Royal WC.

Oxcroft Milly

AM.CH. Firelands Coco

AM.Ch Kandu's Marathon Man RE SE

AM.CH. Coombe Hill Bramble

UK.CH. Olderhill Neutron

Foxwash Jade

Kandu's Just Thawed Her Out

AM.CH. Traveler of Foxley

AM.CH. Kandu's One Fine Shady Lady

AM.CH. Firelands Lucy

AM.CH. Sparravohn's Buchanan

UK.AM.CAN.CH. Conundrum Co-Writer

AM.CH. Firelands Mystical Magical Mia

AM.CH. Firelands After All

UK.AM.CAN.CH. Conundrum Leveller

AM.CH. Firelands Turia

Greywoode Willow Warbler at Peacable

AM.Ch Greywoode Walter Crosby

AM.CH. Peaceable Sweet Woodruff

AM.CH. Oldstone Franc

AM.CH. Oldstone Sawbuck

Oldstone Silver Puffin

AM.CH. Peaceable Silverbelle

AM.CH. Oldstone Redgate's Sterling

AM.CH. Peaceable Bright Water

Greywoode Northern Flicker

AM.CH. Oldstone Sawbuck

AM.CH. Oldstone Tenor

Oldstone Finnish Florian

Greywoode Northern Harrier

Greywoode Jade Le

Greywoode Northern Shrike

Oldstone Jubilee

AM.CH. Oldstone Sawbuck

AM.CH. Oldstone Tenor

Oldstone T.O.P. Provenance

AM.CH. Oldstone Lilli Marlene

Oldstone Finnish Florian

Fin.AM.CH. Foxforest Finnish Design

AM.CH. Oldstone Giles Hill Brass Coin

Oldstone Silver Puffin

AM.CH. Homehill Rebel Of Oldstone

AM.CH. Herdsman Of Dandyhow

Plushcourt Blue Delight

AM.CH. Oldstone Penrith Molasses

AM.CH. Dandyhow Top Notch

Oldstone Rapscallion

Scout at 8 Weeks