Norbury Pups - born February 09, 2006
Dad: Am.Can.Ch. Jansim Toad in the Hole TT,CGC,CG,Am.ME,Can.SE,Am.Can.RA,Am.Can.CD.
Mom: Am.Can.Ch. Lothlorien Norbury Miz Daisy CG. Am.RN, Am.SE, Can.JE.

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My! The house is quiet!

Old friends...

...New friends....

...Good Friends...

Best Friends!

13 - 18 weeks ....all alone am I!

Pipsqueak practicing being a "show dog"

Pipsqueak and the possum

New friends - Pip snuggling happily with Mark Dougherty

Am I handsome...or what!!!
Pip ready for new adventures.

10 - 12 weeks ....and then there was two!

Pipsqueak stepping out

Pipsqueak and Red Boy climbing out

Red Boy meets Brat the blond rat

Scary stuff! All teeth and nails

"pup-a-lump-one" at 10 weeks

"pup-a-lump-two" at 10 weeks

"pup-a-lump-four" at 10 weeks

Dark Girl morphs into "Teazle"

8 to 9 weeks and "full of promise"


a.k.a. "Pipsqueak"

and "little boy"

now known as Pip


a.k.a. "Hot Lips"

and "dark girl"

now known as Teazle


a.k.a. "piglet"

and "red girl"

now known as Maisie


a.k.a. "porky"

and "big boy"

now known as Dundee

7 to 8 week "puppers" - So much has changed

Snuggle time - happiness is a comfey puppy

One on one - "Here's looking at you kid!"

"Capable of squeezing through narrow apertures"

Double Decker pups - and watch where you're thinking of biting!

Jailed! From "protesting" to "public mischief" - they've done it all

Solitary Confinement! The realities of "growing up"
Sweet Dreams

Lapful of Love
Lisa's "tour of Duty" as pup sitter No. 6

"I've got a bone to pick with you!"

Pup-a-lumps no more! 6 week-old "pupper-doos" (lots of doo doos)

Taking a "ribbing"

"Tunnel work"

"Kiss my....."

"Good to the last drop!"

At 5 weeks, they're beginning to look a lot like "puppers"!

"Nobody knows....."

"Oh my gawd...."


"We are Siamese......"

Dining "Al Fresco" "au naturelle"

Comfortable in Western Toggs

A whole mess of puppies

The importance of good sleeping habits

Pup-a-lumps frolicking (or just looking cute) at 4 Weeks

"Am I cute or what?"

"Toad in the Hole! I'll give him !*#$ in the hole when I get hold of him!"

"Hey! Come back with the milk cart!"

Tender moments make everyone's hard work worthwhile

"Sock it to ya" Natural retriever or foot fetish?

Flyball - no sweat, just wait 'til my mouth gets bigger!!

"Where's the beef?" - organic of course

Pup-sitter's fond farewell.."till thee meet again"

Pup-a-lumps at 3 Weeks

Here's looking at you....

Fading on the one minute sit

Three minute down... No sweat

Oscar performance?

Snoozing Pup-a-lumps at 16 days

Pup-a-lump one

Pup-a-lump two

Pup-a-lump three

Pup-a-lump four

Pup-a-lumps at 10 days

How does your garden grow? With Daisies, and Toad and Pups in a row

One on one - pup-a-lump one enjoys some "quality time" with Anna and Mom

"Man! That was some good milk!" All sacked out puppy style

Daisy, all sacked out Momma style - ten-day-old pups can sure be demanding

Pup-a-lumps at 6-7 days

Snuggling in at one week old. She's a good momma

Wasn't that a [birthday] party - pup-a-lump style

Pup-a-lump one "hanging on" after the party

All in a row, left to right pup-a-lumps (PALS) 4,3,2,1

A room with a view purpose

Proud momma and 6 day-old pup-a-lumps (2,1,4,3)

getting the "poops" out of the pups

All "pooped" out!

Pup-a-lumps at birth

red grizzle male 6 oz
born 8:30pm

grizzle female 8 oz
born 9:15pm

red grizzle female 7 oz
born 11:30pm

red grizzle male 8 oz
born 11:45pm

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