Maisie-Devlin Pups - born November 16, 2011

Dad: Am.Can.Ch L'Dickens Bandersnatch Devilry RE,CD,Am.ME,Can.JE. (Devlin)
Mom: Can.Ch. Norbury Hollyhill Foxglove FDCh,Am.Can.SE,Can.RA (Maisie)

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Yikes - Sixteen Weeks - where did the time go

What is he after now?

He's really quite determined...

...that explains it!!!

Finlay and his grand-dad Gunter doing PR at the Purina Charity show

"Hey Granfa, thanks for showing me all the good stuff in the yard."

No doubt about it, Finlay likes his Grand-paw Gunter

Eight weeks and every inch a Border

Seven weeks and growing up fast!!

Finally, puppy has a name!!!
Finlay checking out the great outdoors...

...and learning how to run zoomies he tries to chase Maisie

She's really fast, don't think I can catch her, so...
maybe I'll just stand here and watch her!

Six weeks and so many new adventures

Every inch a "boy" dog

He sure knows how to play tug

Time for a nap in his "big" dog bed

Four Weeks Old and looking a bit like a Border

Even better than mom's milk

My very first tug toy

What have you been eating?

What you staring at?

I'm out of here!

I hear show dogs get lots of treats

Three Weeks Old and Looking Good

How's my profile?

Here's looking at you!

Working on the "sit stay"

Changing fast as he passes the two week milestone, ears and eyes open and receiving

A warm pile of "puppies", snuggling between two fake sibs

Sound asleep with a big fat tummy just begging to be tickled

Starting to play - he sure could use his brother now.

One week old and fat as a butterball.
He has doubled his birth weight and appears to be a grizzle and tan rather than red grizzle.

No question about it, he may be fat and greedy, but he's also darn cute

After a birthday breakfast and birthday brunch he's all sacked out. out

Thankful for what is, but still hurting for what might have been.

Maisie gave birth to two good-sized boys after a difficult, vet assisted delivery.
We are overjoyed to welcome a red grizzle with grandaddy Big G's tail into the world but mourn the loss of his brother, his life was over almost before it began, but he will not be forgotten.

Snuggling with his fake siblings

At least he has his momma

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