Jansim (Lombardy, Kingston) Pups - born January 12, 2024

Dad: EW.C.I.B.Multi.CH.Multi.JCH. CAN.CH Brankell Mastermind (Lorek)
Mom: BPIS BISS CAN.CH Jansim You Got Me Singing RATN CAN.JE AM.SE BCAT (Lola)

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Eight to ten weeks and their world has expanded

They have really come into themselves in the last two weeks. Their personalities are delightful but different. BB (now Olek) will be staing in Kingston with Anna while RB (now Fergus) is headed for new adventures with Andrea Boulding in Nova Scotia.

Typical earthdog/barn hunters in the making

Olek at 10 weeks

Fergus at 9 weeks

Eight weeks but still immature for their age

8 week Stats

RB - 5 lb 4 oz
BB - 4 lb 7 oz

It has been interesting to compare both their looks and development with previous litters of the same age. The findings seem to confirm our suspicions that, despite the best science out there, they were born early

They still love their momma

Cute as buttons...when they're asleep

Five weeks and exploring the new digs

Five week stats

Pup-one - red boy RB - 3 lb 1 oz
Pup-two - blue boy BB - 2 lb 9 oz

While they still have the puppy room for night time complete with open crates which they are happy to use, they now spend their days in the adventure pen in the living roo. Interacting with different sights, sounds and surfaces.

RB exploring while BB pesters mom

Nothing cuter than sleeping puppies

Four weeks and time to start on some solid food

Four week stats

Pup-one - red boy RB - 2 lb 4 oz
Pup-two - blue boy BB - 1 lb 15 oz

Their first taste of solid food went down very well. With Lola still very stingy with the milk, weaning cannot happen soon enough but must still be done carefully.

Post Puppy Mousse coma

BB snuggled on a pillow of toys

A wide awake RB and his toy

They are loving having Anne visit

BB in his happy place

Three weeks and finally some consistent progress with fewer hiccups

Three week stats

Pup-one - red boy RB - 1 lb 10 oz
Pup-two - blue boy BB - 1 lb 6 oz

They are starting to interact with their surroundings and RB likes chewing on fingers.
BB is likely to beat chunky RB when it comes to walking.
RB can still rule the milk bar if not watched but BB is holding his own with a little policing by Anna

Milk coma BB style and RB style

Post first nail trim comfort suckle

BB, RB, Quick!! The milk bar is open, albeit briefly

Side by side comparison, despite the weight difference they are similar in length

BB working hard to get the milk down while RB just bides his time

Two weeks and a new learning curve as we deal with supply and demand issues. A balancing act indeed

Two week stats

Pup-one - red boy RB - 15.3 oz
Pup-two - blue boy BB - 11.7 oz

Chow time, having a good feed

Milk coma, RB being a typical boy

Optical illusion, RB is actually substantially bigger and chunkier than BB!!

Although RB's eyes actually started opening first (at 13 days) he is apparently camera shy!!!

BB showing off his little peepers and round little tummy

One week old and things are improving

7 day Stats

Pup-one - red boy - 7.7 oz
Pup-two - blue boy - 5.7 oz

Lola is a good mom despite a delayed milk supply. Thankfully, Fenugreek and "Mother's pudding" is working

The difference in size between BB (blue boy) and RB (red boy) is quite apparent already

Welcome to the world little ones

Birth Stats

Pup-one - red boy - 4.4 oz
Pup-two - blue boy - 4.1 oz

Born by elective C-section, the little Blue boy took a while to get going but not so much the red boy.

Despite the topnotch progesterone and LH surge timing, it appears they were likely at least 48 hours premature.

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