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The following questions are not intended to be critical or judgmental.
The answers will help us to establish the right breeder/prospective owner relationship. It may even result in your realising that a Border Terrier is not the right breed for you.
When we place a puppy or adult in a new home we want the placement to be a happy situation for you and your family as well as for the dog. The decision to own any dog may well affect the next 15 or more years of your life so we want to do our part it ensuring your choice is the right one.
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**Have you lived with or personally owned a Border Terrier before?
What made you choose a Border Terrier and what sources of information did you use to learn about the breed?
Are you looking for a Border Terrier that you can participate with in the following activities (check as many as you like):
Earthdog Tests Conformation Hunting Barn Hunt Nose Work Obedience Rally
Therapy Tracking Agility Flyball Breeding
Do you have a strong preference for male or female?
No Preference
If you have a preference, please explain why.
**How would you describe your accommodation.
**Do you own or rent
How would you describe your location?
**Do you have a completely fenced yard suitable for a dog?
If the answer to the above is "yes", please describe the fencing.
If no fenced yard, how will you handle a puppy/dog's exercise and toilet needs?
**Are you aware that the Border Terrier coat needs to be stripped (not clipped) two or three times a year and will require more frequent attention if you wish to keep the neat short-coated appearance commonly seen in the show ring today?
What are you plans for maintaining your Border Terrier's coat. (Do it yourself? Local groomer? Etc..
**Is it important to you to walk with your dog off leash?
Please list all the adult members of your household with their ages.
If you have children at home or regularly visit your home please provide their ages and experience with dogs.
Please provide information on any other pets you currently own.
Please provide information on any dogs you have owned in the past and the circumstances under which they left your household.
How long will your dog need to be alone and what arrangements are you considering?
Where would you leave the dog while you were out of the home? (you may select more than one answer):
Free run of the house Confined to part of the house Crate
Other Please specify
What plans do you have for your dog when you go on vacation
What, if any, training/socialization classes do you expect to take your puppy/dog to?
**Are any members of your household allergic to animals?
If "Yes", please provide information on the allergies and why you feel a Border Terrier will not be a problem in this situation
Who will be the primary caregiver for your Border Terrier?
Please describe your lifestyle and those activities that you enjoy and hope to share with your puppy/dog
Please use the space below if there is anything else you would like to tell us or any specific questions you would like to ask.

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire. We hope that it has helped you think through the serious decision to add a new canine member to your household and we look forward to continuing this conversation.
Pam Dyer

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