Boomer - a.k.a. "Boomie", a.k.a. "The Party Girl"

October 16, 2002 - March 18, 2020

I fell in love with Boomer at 4 days old. Her "get it done" attitude was pure Border Terrier. Whether it was shoving another pup out of the way so she could get the best spot at the milk bar or climbing over them to get where she wanted to be, she did it with true terrier determination.
Initially she went home with Jenny Chambers, but I doubt they were 20 minutes down the road when I knew I wanted her back.
I cannot thank Jenny enough for her graciousness in meeting me two weeks later so that Boomerang could come home. She was my constant companion from that day on.
She turned business trips into adventures. Hanging out in the car during meetings and chilling with me in the motel room at the end of a busy day.
When I was working seven days a week on a project I would sneak her into work at the weekends. Carrying her past the security cameras in a tote bag. She would then lie quiet beside my chair, slipping under my desk when the security guard did his rounds. Despite her well earned reputation as the "party girl", she knew when silence mattered.
She flew with me to Texas, Alabama, Florida and of course Nova Scotia. We did road trips to, or through, 40 States and 9 provinces including Oregon, Alberta, Texas, Missouri, Florida and so many more.
In her 17 plus years, she attended 13 Border Terrier Club of America National Specialties and every Border Terrier Canade National Specialty with the exception of 2019.
We canoed and camped, sharing chilly nights and cozy nights in everything from a tent to the van to a tent trailer and, of course, our beloved fifth wheel.
She went on boat rides and horse carriage rides (sorry we never managed the train ride Boomie)



She dipped her paws in the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. She saw the Tall ships in Boston Harbour and eyed the bison in Yellowstone Park. Viewed the Christmas lights in Bethlehem [PA} and shopped wherever allowed.
We competed in Earthdog, Obedience, Rally, Coursing, Agility, Barn Hunt, and Trick Dog with her last title being earned after she turned 16.
We saw the sights and stopped to smell the roses. She dined at the Hot Dog Café and graced countless restaurant patios over the years.
She hunted with some great dogs and amazing people. She spent countless hours (far too many of them) beside me at the computer, patiently waiting for the Windows Shut Down sound.
She faced health challenges in her teenage years and I never expected her to "make old bones". We did several "farewell tours" visiting and revisiting favourite places, people and dogs. Despite the odds, she kept on trucking.
The three months in the camper while we house-hunted in Kingston nearly proved too much for her. The weather was not kind.
But she rallied once we moved into our new home and we had several, very precious and very special months together. Celebrating her 17th Birthday and one more Christmas before age and a failing heart caught up with her.
She was a memorable "Hello", but truly my hardest "Goodbye".
DoG speed Boomie, until we meet at the bridge, enjoy your "Big Adventure" and "party on my friend, party on".

The era of the magnificent seven may be over, but their legacy lives on, not in progeny for none were ever bred, but in priceless friendships and what they taught us about living life to the full.

Bred, owned, and cherished by Pam & Chris

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