Am.Ch. Shelburne Bumble Brie Blue


22 February 2003 - 01 June 2017

Owned and forever loved by Deenie Galipeau

Look up to the sky tonight for that bright star....I know she will be there chasing rabbits, chewing pockets out of coats and sweaters looking for treats, and breathing in everyone's faces the bad breath that she has always had! As we were saying our goodbyes to her, her vet kept feeding her those stinky pill pockets... FOOD to the end, yes! She was by far the happiest.Oh! Bumbleoni, we all will miss you so!

Fondly remembered by Amanda Pough

Tears of sadness. And tears of joy - with great memories ...

  • Bumble IN the bird feeders
  • Bumble on a diet because she has learned how to get in the bird feeders
  • Deenie inventing "lick-its" before anyone else -- PB in squeeze tubes
  • Bumble on a diet as she has learned how to get Deenie to dispense PB in a tube
  • Bumble on a diet as she learned method after method to get Deenie to feed her treats all day long
  • Bumble and Tux -- Bumble and Peter -- Bumble and Indy
  • and the way she just was up for any and all adventures, middle of the night during nor'easter walks, trips to shows, visits for grooming and play, and just being called BUMBLEOOOONNNNNNIIIIIIII!

All my love,



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