AM.CAN.CH Lothlorien Norbury's Miz Daisy CG BN RA AM.SE CAN.JE


26 March 2003 - 27 August 2018

Owned and loved by Jenny Chambers

Although I could not speak to you, one look into my eyes should have told you how much I loved you.

I understood and was thankful for everything you did to keep me with you but it was time for me to go on.

To those who say animals have no soul, I tell you this is not so.

There exists a very special place for us in Heaven.

We were created to share with you our love and knowledge, unconditionally.

The reason you miss me so is because of that Love.

I never judged you but was always there to love you when you needed me.

I hope I have taught you well.

If you search, you will understand just how much you have learned about yourself from me.

Thank you for your love and for your home.

Please, don't cry, but know I am with you Always, in your heart.

Kevin Z. 1997

Go find Danny, Gunter and Higgs, you loved them well



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