Foxchase Special of the Day "Daisy "

December 28, 1995 - February 27, 2013

As so many people who met her knew, Daisy was very sweet in her old age, however, in her youth she was quite the "pisser".

She moved in at eight weeks of age and immediately started bossing our two year old Mackie, also a BT, around. She tried to drag all of the toys into her crate. We had bought some tiny toys for her befitting her size but she wanted them all. She struggled to drag a ball about as big as herself into her crate.

She also ordered Mackie off of our bed. Poor Mackie was very nice to her and just could not understand why this mite of a creature was cussing him out. He moved to a bed in the guest room. We had to take charge and inform miss high and mighty that we were the ones who decided who slept where. We gave Mackie a special pillow on the bottom of our bed.

Mark slept on the side near the door and Mackie guarded the bottom of the bed. The "bitches" slept in the middle.

I know that in her infancy with Judy Donaldson they were taught to share and share alike. The one detail was that there were four girls and one boy in the litter. The boy was the largest but the girls would all beat up on him so maybe that is where she got the idea.

She also dismantled a very nice Eddie Bauer boot of Mark's. Fortunately she did not try to eat any of it. Mackie never caused any damage in his life outside of killing furry mouse toys. Daisy was also responsible for the execution of countless young woodchucks who were foolish enough to enter our fenced yard.

She was very good with vets, children and all other people. She had an annoying habit of "hip checking" Mackie out of the way if there was attention available from a human. It would cause her to knock her spine out of alignment which would give her digestive trouble. She would need a chiropractic adjustment to be put back in order as Mackie was way bigger than she was. It reminded me of a line from The Man of La Mancha. His sidekick Sancho Panza declared that "whether the pitcher hits the stone or the stone hits the pitcher it is going to be bad for the pitcher". She would also push Mackie out of the way to have first dibs on being treated by the chiropractor. They did play together and Mackie grew to accept that "bitches rule".

Daisy Senior

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Owned, loved and forever missed by Mark & Michele

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