Bernfield's Ellie CAN.SE


10 February 2004 - 15 March 2020

Owned and Cherished by Anne geall

I decided I wanted a Border Terrier because my previous dog, a Terrier Mix, probably was part Border.
It was a decision I have never regretted. I found a breeder in Nova Scotia and brought Ellie home at 8 weeks old. When Ellie was about 2 we were introduced to Earth Dog. We were hooked! She quickly got her Junior ED title and the next year got her Senior ED title. I was so proud of my little brown dog.
Ellie was a grand little dog and game for most things. Right from early on she was obsessed with balls. She would chase a ball until I got tired of throwing it. The same thing went for snowballs. She would be shivering and shaking with the cold but still wanted me to throw another.
I tried her in Rally O, thinking she would excel at that because she was very good at following commands. That did NOT go as planned. She kept looking for rats at the command stations! Her Rally O career ended shortly after the first try!
Ellie wasn't a fan of other dogs after she had a bad experience, but she always loved puppies. When Ellie was 10 I brought home Geordie and she loved him right away. She was the best "stepmother" a puppy could have asked for.
She put up with being dragged across the carpet by needle toothed Geordie and all the other abuse he doled out. She just adored him.



Until just recently, she loved her walks. She had arthritis so I fixed up a wagon so she could still come along on walks with Geordie and I. She quite liked being chauffeured around and looked like a Queen aboard her "Elliemobile".
If we were just going for a short walk she was happy to come along.
Although she had cataracts, she could still notice any person who had grey hair and pulled me as she ran to them for a cookie. There are two grey-haired elderly ladies in the neighbourhood who always have cookies with them, but Ellie thought ALL grey-haired people must have a cookie. It really was quite funny.
She loved laying in the grass in the backyard on sunny days and chewing on bones.
She slept a lot the last year and was sadly suffering from dementia and "sundowners".
This week she was diagnosed with another ailment and even with medication, it became worse.
So this morning I made the heart-wrenching decision to let her go.
She went peacefully with me, a close friend of mine, and her best friend, Geordie by her side.
Farewell, my darling


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