Rosecrest Gator

March 09, 2005 - March 19, 2022

So well cared for and loved by Helen Blake

Gator was relinquished to Canadian Border Terrier Welfare in June 2014 when his first owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness. His owner's unselfish gesture ensured the best of futures for his much loved companion.

Gator was immediately fostered by Pippa Sahiner down in Michigan and he couldn't have asked for a better start to his new life.

He did not have to wait long for that new life as he was adopted in July by Helen Blake in Nova Scotia. He made the cross border trek courtesy of "CBTW transit" via Pippa, Isobel McGowan, myself and Anna Robaczewski. He has just had the best life with Helen and Bramble.

On the occasion of his 17th birthday (just 10 days before his passing), Helen shared these words:

Gator is a magnificent example of sheer persistence in aging! His opening photo shows him at his best.....calm, comfortable, contentedly asleep.
At his more challenging times, he paces, heads into any corner he can find, and tries to thread his way under or through any obstacle he encounters.
I had no idea until recently that wooden chair rungs can be used by an aging Border Terrier as a natural obstacle course (artificial agility courses be damned!).
Thank heavens that he has the very useful Border Terrier tail with which he can be gently eased backwards and then redirected along our pine floors.
There were several times within the last year when we did not expect the old fellow to be with us the next day (TIAs I expect), but there he has been in the morning, bright as he ever is, waiting for his breakfast.
Thank you once again for giving me the privilege of sharing my life with him, a sentiment shared by the rest of the family.



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