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04 March 2009 - 18 July 2022

Owned, loved and Sorely Missed by Anne Geall, fondly remembered by Anna Robaczewski & Pam Dyer

My darling Geordie (Geordie McBagpipe) went over the rainbow bridge at home.
He was my heart dog from when I met him on the second day of his life until now.
He was the best cuddle dog (velcro dog) and so very affectionate.
In his younger years, he loved to play with other dogs and of course with his best friend Ellie (RIP).
Ellie indulged him never telling him off despite being dragged across the carpet by needle-sharp puppy teeth by the neck and more.
He loved shaking his toys to death, sleeping on my bed, the outdoors and long walks, ice cream, raw food, carrots and his favourite, pizza bones.
He was such an easy-going dog, so laid back and chill, yet very sensitive.
I am so proud that he got to pass on his great personality to his progeny. He was bred twice and although I only ever met one from his first litter, I heard they were lovely dogs.
His second litter I knew from their birth and saw them often as they grew, which was a fantastic experience.
What great little dogs those three little girls are.
He indeed passed on his great personality to them…of course, their mother had something to do with that as well.
He was shown to his Championship by Pam Dyer. Between Pam and I handling him, he got his Rally Novice Title.
He also worked towards getting his Junior Earthdog Title which he really enjoyed doing.
He was loved by his (co-owners, breeders, and good friends) Anna Robaczewski and Pam Dyer immensely.
I can never thank them enough for allowing me to have Geordie. They both have been there for me along the way for anything I needed and to answer any questions I had.
I am so going to miss my boy. Coming home to an empty house is going to be so hard.
You were a one-in-a-million dog, Geordie. I love you




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