Towzie Tyke Harris Tweed ME, CG, AX, AXJ, AD, FMX, CGC, RN


July 26, 1993 - November 24, 2008

Looking back on a life well lived, a dog well loved and a companion sorely missed.

Harry had the worst head in his litter and was chosen by me because of it.

He also was very balanced and athletic and willing to please...but with the attention span of a gnat and a huge sense of humor.

He loved to travel and we went to many places together, up and down the east coast from Nova Scotia to Florida and across the country to Oregon just last year.

He loved everyone he met and tried desperately to get along with every dog he met.

He was my shoulder dog. He loved to perch there no matter if I was sitting or standing.

He excelled at begging food from anyone who passed by him:

I will really miss this little dog.

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