CAN.CH Rovin Seventh Heaven RN CGN AM.SE CAN.JE


05 May 2003 - 05 May 2016

Owned and forever cherished by David and Lisa Lessard

Run free, sweet Higgs

It was an incredible 13 years. You've left a very big hole in our lives and hearts. We will miss you terribly.
With gratitude to Pam Dyer and Sheryl Shaker for entrusting you to our care and for all the love and support from our friends and family.
We never imagined what joy a pet could bring us and how many wonderful people you would connect us to. You were truly special in so many ways.
We will never forget you Higgs and you will forever hold a most special place in our hearts.

I thought I could say something witty about dying on his birthday, like Shakespeare, Raphael, and Sidney Bechet; but I can't.
However, like these great artists, he lived an amazing life, touching and inspiring almost everyone he came in contact with.
There is an emptiness inside me, but my memories are full.

"Goodbyes are only for those who see with their eyes; because for those who see with heart and soul, there is no separation."

With this slide show, I invite you to take a glimpse into the incredible adventures shared by David, Lisa and Higgs and recognise the fullness of the years not their number



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