Am.Ch. Ristle Stepn Stone at Bsntch RN JE CGC

06 October 1998 - 23 December 2015

Owned and forever cherished by Lauren Moore

Lauren and Indy were magic together, Lauren's words sum up why.

12 years ago, a little Border Terrier named Indy entered my life and laid claim to my heart. Today, she took a piece of my heart with her as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
To say that she will forever be my heart dog is an understatement. She taught me how to love and be loved. She taught me how to be competitive yet humble. She taught me hard work and dedication. She taught me how to laugh when it seemed impossible.
For 12 years she was my rock and my confidant. Indy led me down a path that I could have never expected. She led me to Eukanuba and Westminster then Earthdog and rally trials. For 12 years she gave me everything that she could.
Thank you to Amanda and Marg for sending a little girl a dog that needed a kid. I can only hope that one day I will be able to repay the gift.
Rest in peace sweet Indy. I'll see you on the other side.

...and from Amanda, who loved Indy enough to let her go to where she was needed and needed to be.

When Tonya )Lauren's mom) and I were discussing if Indy would move to Oklahoma, one email contained questions from Lauren (then 8 years old). She wondered what food Indy ate, what size crate she would need, what toys she liked, what tricks she knew and would she wear clothes. (And yes, that was the email that made me know she needed to be Lauren's.)
I wrote back that when I tried to put clothes on Indy, she would freeze. Mere moments after Indy arrived in Oklahoma, the "Indy-happily-wearing-clothes" stories started. If Lauren wanted her to wear clothes, bandanas, toy horse tack or what-have-you, Indy would wear it. If it made Lauren happy, it made Indy happy.
Thank you to Kathy & Jim who gave me Indy to begin with. She helped me through a tough time and gave me great joy. It took a while to know she needed a kid of her own, but the greater BT world connected me with the Moore's and the rest is history.
Not only did I get to celebrate all their accomplishments, I watched Lauren grow up. I gained more than a family I placed a dog with, I gained friends for a lifetime.
Love you Indus.



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