Can. Ch. Buachaille Adventurer

July 18, 1992 - August 15, 2009

"Medrick" (a.k.a "The Man" a.k.a "HRH")


Running fast, running free,
That's how I would wish you remember me,
I may have passed but I'm certainly not gone,
As thoughts of much happier times in your mind linger on,
Days full of sunshine where we played until we dropped,
Or tearing up the house on the days the rain refused to stop,
From the cuddles on the sofa when you were feeling down,
To all the adoration I gained when you walked me round the town,
With you I had a joyful life and found so many friends,
Many of whom you'll turn to now until your poor heart mends,
You will laugh, you will cry, that is the nature of the beast,
But please don't mourn too long, for now I am at peace.

S Crompton


Tributes to Medrick from his followers

Such very sad news of Medrick The King, I think we were all believing that he might really live forever, which he will do - of course - in our hearts if not in body.
I shall always remember him "strutting his stuff" at last year's Specialty.

Thank you Marion & Mel and Pam, for letting us into Medrick's life via all his stories, adventures, successes, advices & pictures: it made us all feel like we knew him, Medrick The Man, a lovely special dog.

We met Medrick first in Oregon in 2007 scene of his legendary IQ qualifying run. Teazle heard a deal of "If Medrick can do it ............."
When we all convoyed to Hutto Tx. last year we think he must have had a quiet word in her ear and she abandoned her determination to NQ in IQ more ways than any ED ever had in history and qualified. Then she added her CG, we think the encouraging vibes for that were quite strong enough to reach her from Calgary.
We see him head held high, crown and sunglasses securely in place striding across that bridge to hold court among his subjects and "subjects" they will be. Mel and Marion you made him what he was and gave him a wonderful life.

Godspeed to the Adventurer (he sure lived up to that name), the Wise Elder, The Man.
Medrick leaves pawprints on many, many hearts, near and far.

We will all miss the delightful gentlemen who was willing to share his house and yard (and advice) with a lot of Border Terriers and their people. He was a sweet sweet boy and obviously well loved and cared for.
Donna S.

I, too, never had the pleasure of meeting "the man" but felt I knew him through all the correspondences. I hope to one day meet Mel and Marion b/c they are angels on earth. At least I am sure that is what Medrick would say.

I wish I could have had the pleasure of his company, but I will always enjoy his photos and his most recent video of being pushed in his royal coach (a.k.a. stroller) looking ever so regal. I will miss his wonderful stories, and his sage advice to all the younger members of our group.
Chris M.

Although we never met him, the stories about him made clear what a very special boy he was.

We're so glad we were able to check in with you last week, and spend some time with you and your special man.
Tony and Beth

I never had the priviledge of meeting HRH Medrick in person. You have shared many happy years together and he will always be in your hearts.
Donna M-L

I never met Medrick, but I know that he was an outstanding Border Terrier, a wonderful example to us "youngsters". We know you are very sad and will be thinking of you. Special licks from Tumnus and Parker.

I never met Medrick, but felt I got to know him . What a wonderful long life he had with you and now he has a new bunch of friends waiting at the Bridge. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers . The house will be so empty without the little guy.

The Rainbow Bridge has now a new colour to it... Royal colour... Marion & Mel, my heart goes out to you. Medrick had the best life with you. Dog leave permanent paw prints on our heart, and his are certainly huge ones.

Medrick - a very special dog with very special people

Truly, many hearts will miss him, but watch out Bridge Kids- It ainít going to be the same there NOW! My heart is heavy for you

My thoughts are with Mel and Marion on their loss of this special guy. I never got a chance to meet him but felt I got to know him through the group. Hugs to his special owners,

What a sad loss! God Bless Mel and Marion for giving Medrick such a wonderful life!
Michele and Mark

Such sad, sad news. I never got to met "The Man" in person, but I felt like I knew him from what everyone said about him. He was one lucky dog to live so long and to own such great people like Mel and Marion. You two were surely blessed. God speed little man.

I am so sorry to hear the sad news of your wonderful boy ... I feel very sorry for your loss and I never even had the privilege of meeting him! Your posts on his behalf have been very instructive for my little man and I could tell Medrick had a wonderful life with you both. Medrick will be whipping them into shape at the bridge and waiting for you both. Until then, remember the good times you had together.
Sarah J

I was sooo lucky to meet him. If I had been born a dog - being Medrick would have been my choice. Hugs to you both.
Anna R

Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

Goodbye good boy, you were well loved, we should all be so lucky.
Lyn Bolt

Look out Bridge Kids - HRH has arrived.
Long Live the King
Pam & Chris


Owned, loved and sorely missed by Mel and Marion Miners
His memory treasured by all who met him and many who didn't but knew of him through his many adventures.

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