Chrismatts Chosen One

August 01, 1989 - July 04, 2005


Cute Points!
Even the "Wicked Witch of the West" was young and innocent....


Morgan, as mystical and aloof as her name


A more mature Morgan welcomes Medrick!
Sort of!!!

"Can you spell G.A.T.E.? Good!
Now can you spell G.O.O.D. B.Y.E.?"

As is the case with the "best of bitches" - Morgan controlled her household (at least the Medrick component) with "that look". Reprimands were unnecessary. Medrick would roll over on his back looking for her approval and then she would look up as if to say "What am I supposed to do with him?"
As time passed and the "I'll put up with you, but if you want to leave, I'll help you pack your bags" relationship solidified - the beseeching for approval became less frequent and the beseecher more likely to be ignored.
Strangely however, Morgan would give up the choicest place in the sun if Medrick just stood beside her and waited and maybe whined just a little. She knew she was the lady of the manor and could afford a little condescension to the serfs.


"My ball...and don't you forget it!!"


"And your point is?"


"When I grow old I will wear a red hat and purple dress...or was that a red coat and a purple collar?"

Morgan at fifteen plus - a venerable old lady.


"On the road again"

"Down this road, That never seems to end,
where new adventure, lies just around the bend!"

Morgan may no longer walk among us, but wherever she is headed - they better watch out!

Happy hunting old friend....


Loved and missed by Mel and Marion Miners.

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