Parker UCD, FO, RN, RA

October (?)2003 - March 17, 2014

A Fitting Tribute

With a very heavy heart, I have to inform you, that, just a short while ago, I sent my beloved, nemesis, Parker to the Rainbow Bridge.

Parker was not a Border Terrier, but he was raised, from 8 or 9 weeks old by Django, who took no nonsense from any dog, no-matter how big.

Parker was a wonderful brother to Tumnus. Guiding him, to Pam's surprise, through puppy-hood, with only the mildest of corrections, a raised eye-brow, or to me, inaudible growl.

He welcomed Sensei into our pack, and was extraordinarily gentle with Nicholas.

Yes. he was different, at times difficult, but dignified to the end.

Lord Parker of Parkman, Melangeiyan from Detroit

Life for Tumnus, and I, without him, is going to be empty and strange.

As it is St. Patricks Day. I bid him farewell, and drink to him a parting glass.


I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong. - Auden

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