Shivaree Claddagh Falconbrook

"Parker Posy"

08 November 2006 - 22 December 2020

Owned and cherished by Shari Sabourin

RIP Parker

Parker passed away today in my arms.
She was an amazing little dog and although had numerous health problems the last couple of years made it to over 14 years young.
What a unique personality and she made us laugh all the time.
She had funny walks for every situation. The funniest was when she used to lift her front legs high the more excited she got.
She had a pony canter as well she used to use when walking to Bachmans beach, her favourite spot even up until last October when we would drive out there regularly.
When it became too hard for her to walk I got her a dog buggy so she would not be left behind when her companion Merlin and I would go for a walk.
She loved that and used to let me know when she wanted out for a good sniff around.
So many memories to reflect back on.
Love you to bits Parker Posey.
You will be sadly missed



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