Am.Can.Ch. Jansim Lothlorien Pepper TT,CGC,CG,ME,WC,Am.Can.CD.

November 13, 1983 - June 8, 1999

To Chip, she was his comfort in a darkening world, a gentle touch, a reassuring bark.

To Pinch, she was the protectress, more a partner than a pal, but always there when needed.

To the youngsters she was the matriarch, their coach and disciplinarian, unwilling to be messed with but willing to be flirted with.

To me, she was everything, my buddy for 15 plus years. To lose her at two years younger than Chip and barely eight months later was almost more than I could bear and certainly more than I could understand.

We shared a lifetime of adventures together, but it was a dog's life time and far too short. It seems but the blink of an eye from the moment Pickle deposited her wet and wriggling into my cupped hands to the moment she lay feather-light and forever still, cradled in my arms.

I have a treasure trove of memories but they cannot begin to fill the void.

Pam Dyer

Pepper was a "happening dog" - always ready for new adventures - she took her first plane ride at 15 plus years of age, traveling with me to an AKC Earthdog Test in Florida

Brothers and Sisters I bid you beware.
Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.

(Rudyard Kipling).

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