Norbury Jansim Toadflax CGC Am.ME Can.SE.


09 February 2006 - 10 May 2016

Owned and forever cherished by Mark and Michele Dougherty

The following is but a small example of the indelible memories that this wonderful boy has left behind. They, and his memory will be treasured by many, not least Mark and Michele who gave him eveything he could have wished for and more. What they shared is another example of making years count not counting the years.

The Mysterious Warbling Pipster!
From Michele, February 22, 2016

We went to Sanibel Island yesterday. The traffic to get there is awful.
At least Pip was able to take a dip at a beach there. People get a big kick out od the way he purposely walks across the sand headed for the water and then plunks himself down on his belly letting the small waves wash over him.
We went on the wildlife sanctuary. Dogs are allowed there on a six foot lead.and we had him out for a lot of the stops on wildlife drive.
One stop is an observation tower you can climb so we left him in the truck in his crate. It was parked nearby so he could still see us.
There were all sorts of bird watchers there from amateur to dedicated professional photographers with very fancy cameras.
All are observing the flats at the water's edge and scanning the trees for other species.
All of a sudden a mysterious plaintive multi toned sound is heard. Some people eyes are as wide as saucers as they scan the trees for the source.
I leave to return to the truck as Mark announces that it is his dog making the cry. For a while no one believes him sure that it is the cry of some exotic species of bird.
Mark asked Pip whether he wanted to be alligator bait at the next stop.
Needless to say, no such threat was carried out!



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