Falconbrook Governor General CAN.SE RATI


04 December 2007 - 09 February 2020

Owned and cherished by Sarah Jones

Taken too young by copper storage disease
A gentle soul, unless you were quarry!
He will be missed.

Henry and Rollie, partners in "crime"...
...together forever.
CKC JE leg 1 - in his element
CKC JE leg 2 - that's a title!
AKC JE leg 1 - south of the border success
CKC SE leg 2 - on his way in Senior
CKC SE leg 3 - that's Senior done and dusted
CKC ME leg 1 - Mastering Master
"Come out, come out whereve you are!"
Critter patrol, July 2014
"Ready, set, dead it!!"
Happy 7th Birthday Rollie
This "on guard for thee" business is exhausting
Snug as a bug!!! March 2015
Merry Christmas, December 2015
Happy 11th birthday Rollie! December 2018
Left to right: Sensei, Rollie, Tumnus, Henry. Rollie loved hanging out with his "peeps"...
...but time with Sarah was the best

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