Am.Can.Ch. Jansim Just Rosemary TT,CGC,CG,Can.JE,Am.ME, ADC,Am.Can.CD.
Versatility Excellent


April 05, 1993 - August 25, 2007

Mom: Penny
Dad: PC Sage
Breeder: Chris & Pam Dyer
Platonic boy friend: Bordeaux
Surrogate Mom: Auntie Nipper
Special "small" friend: Pinch

Rosie & sister Gizmo

A very pretty girl with titles at both ends.

(Saratoga Winter Parade): When the ground is frozen...bring your own quarry!

First CKC JE qualifiers in the East

(December 2006) "Be Merry!"

A loving trio: Pinch, Bordeaux & Rosie

Rosie… my little ray of sunshine traded her radiant rays for bright starlight.... but I will always feel her joyful warmth.
Thank you Rosie for the happiness you put in my life… you were so important for my well being.

Your Joyful disposition, your wiggly "Fish out of the water" bum could always put a smile on my face.
You were the perfect "Auntie", a terrific generous "Hostess", the best companion for Bordeaux and my family, and… a terrible car traveller. But once arrived to destination, you were a well mannered "happy to be here and do things" very cute little visitor (she even got comments of earning "cute points" from an Obedience judge when she got her CD in Toronto).
You were so patient when I stripped you… soooo patient… and with teeth cleaning & nail cutting.

Rosie had a very special place in her heart for both Nipper and Pinch whom she always greeted with tender loving kisses… even with Pinch's old age bad breath.

First mouse caught at 3 months.. great job! Good girl! First skunk caught at 7 years old... great job NOT! but Proud girl! She did very nice ME performances.

Bless you my girl for what you brought to all of us… enjoy your "Pain free" rest and join Bordeaux and many of your friends up there playing, hunting and eating... They are very lucky to have you with them now...

I hope to be as good of a person as you were a dog...

Je t'aime…

Happiness is a warm Whippet especially Auntie Nipper

Hello you!

I'm 14: can I eat my cake now!

Enjoying the ride & the view

Emilie & Rosie: a special bond...

Owned and cherished by Jocelyne Tassé-Durocher

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