May 24, 1990 - August 12, 2005

Rusty's past is surrounded in mystery. Found as a stray in Ontario in 2001, he was taken into foster care. According to a clearly legible tattoo, Rusty was identified by the Canadian Kennel Club to be Canaan Yogi; Date of Birth May 24, 1990; Litter TL 623970XJ; Canadian Kennel Club Registration XJ879904.

And there the plot thickens. Initial attempts to contact the registered owners failed - they had moved. A bit of detective work tracked them down but a phone call elicited the information that the dog with the tattoo AZ32Y had been euthanized as a result of severe allergies. Veterinary paperwork apparently substantiated this fact.
According to the Canadian Kennel Club there were only two males in the litter - a call to the owners of the other male confirmed him snoozing on the couch. So who was Rusty? A case of misidentification or the result of truths untold? We will never know!
Rusty was temporarily rehomed but a family of large dogs and young, active children was not his scene. He went back into foster care with a Canadian Border Terrier Welfare Rep (Jacqueline) who worked with him to understand and minimize his issues. Then along came David.


In Jacqueline's words
I liked David as soon as I met him but I guess with all rescues you worry after they've gone to their new home for a while.
Rusty was with me for approximately 6 weeks and because of the nature of my job at the time, he spent a lot of time with me and we developed a strong bond.
David had borrowed a crate from me and a couple of weeks after Rusty went to live with David and his family, David brought my crate back and brought Rusty along for the car ride and to see me.
I have NEVER been so HAPPY to see a dog so RELUCTANT to see me! He came to me but head down and clearly wanted David to get back in the car and take him home!
All my worries vanished at that point, I could see that their bond had already developed and that Rusty had the life he truly deserved.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

From that day on, Rusty indeed led a life that any Border would envy.
David picks up the simple but eloquent story

Since we left Jacqueline's apartment in December of 2001, he was my constant companion: my mother's comment was when she first met him, "that little dog follows you everywhere" and aside from extremely hot days or extremely cold he went everywhere with me.

Rusty rests beneath a butternut tree planted in his honour on a ridge over looking the Dunrobin Valley, on one of his favourite sniffing vantages.

To quote the words of a friend:

I really admire people who will take in a dog knowing their time with them will be limited.

That unselfish act is a gift beyond measure.
Thank You

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