Starkweathers Perfect Sense CD RA CGC TDI


08 April 2003 - 06 October 2019

Owned and cherished by Aram Duziam and Pippa Sahiner

It is with a very heavy heart and tears which won't stop, that I have to tell you that, today, my son, Aram, and I, sent Sensei on his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.
When Sensei was 6, there was an incident with his owner's husband.
They decided to euthanize him, but Elizabeth Faber, (Starkweather Border Terriers), his breeder, took him back, had him temperament tested, and eventually he appeared on the JJ site.
Aram had recently returned from 2 tours in Iraq, and was not in good shape.
We were having dinner. It must have been 9.00 pm. when I mentioned the posting. Aram insisted I call Pam immediately.
Eventually, Aram drove to New York, took ownership of Sensei, and brought him home.

Sensei was just what Aram needed. A companion, someone to be cared for, considered and valued; as needy as was he.
Since then they have been inseparable companions. Even when Aram was driving to Ohio and back. Sensei always rode shotgun.
Recently, Sensei has been staying with me; as he needed more supervision.
Surprisingly, Rupert, the pistol of the pack, has been his constant helper; letting me know if he was stuck, or needed to go out.
They even snuggled, sometimes.

Saying farewell to Sensei has been awful, but watching Aram have to lose him was unbearable.

Sensei, what you did for Aram was wonderful. Please, from wherever you are now, ride shotgun for him.



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