Norbury Brendan's Teazle TT CG CGC TDI Am.RA Can.RN Am.CD RATN TACh2


09 February 2006 - 25 May 2023

Originally owned and loved by Jack and Gwen McCullagh, then owned, cherished and cared for beyond measure by Fred and Marnie after Gwen's passing.

Teazle was from Jenny Chambers last litter (Gunter - Daisy) that was whelped chez Dyer and raised by the extended Jansim family when Jenny was desperately ill in hospital.
As a puppy, Teazle went to live with Gwen and Jack McCullagh where she was eventually joined by Declan (Sunkist New Deck). The two of them earned a multitude of titles in a variety of venues.
After Gwen's passing in 2018, Jack came to the difficult but selfless decision that Teazle deserved more time and attention than he could provide and, in April 2019 at 13 years of age, Teazle moved in with Fred & Marnie.
That they were willing to open their hearts and home to a senior in need just two months after losing their beloved Archie speaks volumes. Truly the salt of the earth.
Teazle could not have found a better "retirement" home. They helped her remain active and engaged up until the end whilst always putting her needs first.
She was diagnosed with advanced aggressive lymphoma at the beginning of December 2022 but outlived the vets' expectations, in no small part thanks to the endless love, comfort and attention to detail that Fred & Marnie bestowed on her.
She may have led a life in two halves, but undoubtedly both halves were what she needed when she needed them, and together they made her life whole.
A very lucky dog who was blessed with amazing owners throughout her long, well lived and well loved life.
Our hearts go out to Fred and Marnie on the loss of their "funny" girl.
Her passing also marks the end of an era for Jack, and, as she was the last of that amazing litter, so ends the era of the litter that was "raised by a village"



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