Lothlorien Teddy


11 December 2003 - 17 May 2021

Owned, loved and sorely missed by Ines, Steve and the entire Wessman family

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I'm sharing the news that Teddy died on Monday night (May 17th, 2021). He was at home and with Steven who adored him.

Steven and Nick had been home with him, keeping him in in his usual geriatric routines and paying special attention to his needs. While Nick stepped out to run an errand and he was alone with Steven, he had an episode of labored breathing and died.

Steven was closest to Teddy throughout his life. It is as though Teddy waited for him to come home, and me to not be at home (I was away overnight for the first time in over a year) -- it felt as though he wanted to spare me that final agonizing goodbye. Teddy took great comfort from Steven throughout his life., so I know he was in the most loving of hands. Teddy was my constant companion since Kit died, and a great comfort to Kate, Steven and Nick, who all adored him.

We are heartbroken, needless to say. He was an incredibly treasured member of our family for 17 1/2 years -- our children's entire childhoods were marked by his wonderful presence and he was loved and known by so many members of the family who are no longer with us. We all adored him and doted on him.

What an incredible litter of puppies -- we were so blessed to be accepted into a wonderful circle of amazing people and dogs. We are eternally grateful.

Teddy has crossed the rainbow bridge and we pray he is with his canine and human departed loved ones.

We are hurting deeply, but oh so grateful for his presence in our lives,




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