CAN.CH Falconbrook Persuasion


10 February 2004 - 26 November 2020

Owned by Anna Fraser and Alan Grant, loved by many

Tinker was bred by Border Terrier Canada founding member, the late Anna Fraser. After Anna's passing in 2015, Tinker stayed with Anna's husband, Alan, but with countless visits and sleep overs at Anna Robaczewski's. When Alan moved into Assisted Living in Toronto in 2018, Tinker lived with Anna R. full time and moved to Kingston with her in October 2019. Once in Kingston, Tinker enjoyed weekly sleepovers "chez Dyer" and moved in full time at the start of the "lock down". Tinker was blessed with the life time support system that every responsible breeder owes their dogs

I will be eternally grateful to Anna R. for allowing Tinker to spend the last 8 months of her long, well lived life, "chez Dyer". She helped me adjust to life without Boomie.
I am also incredibly indebted to Chris, he did not "sign on" for another heavy maintenance geriatric after we lost Boomie, but his patience with Tinker was unbelievable.
Enjoy your "Big Adventure" Tinks, you are in amazing company.



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