Tweed Hill Diamond Jim CGC, Am.CD.

July 01, 1992 - February 21, 2008


This little dog stole my heart when he shared my sandwich at Tim Horton's, after our first meeting, and has had it ever since.



When Django was relinquished to CBTW his then owner said
1) he'd never be able to get along with other dogs
2) he can't sleep in anyone's bedroom, he's too dominant
3) he definitely isn't allowed on the furniture, he's too territorial and possessive.
I know that she didn't understand him or dog behaviour really, but that could have continued if she hadn't sent him to CBTW so that he could find Philipa who proved that with love and discipline in fair measure - all three were possible.

CBTW Coordinator in 2002


Django came into Canadian Border Terrier Welfare as a 10 year-old senior rescue with issues in 2002 He was fostered and evaluated by our coordinator at that time, Jacqueline Tulip - it was rapidly apparent that he needed a very special home and sooner rather than later
It was almost too good to be true when we received Philipa's application
But lady fate who had seemed to have dealt Django such a harsh blow in ousting him from his previous home had an ace up her sleeve and that ace was indeed Philipa.
The well defined boundary of unconditional love and consistent, fair discipline that Philipa establishd were just the ticket. Django flourished - he not only passed his Canine Good Citizen Test but earned his AKC Companion Dog Obedience title - an impossible dream under other circumstances.
But most of all, he lived his senior years as every Border should.
It is not how long a life is lived, but how well - and Django's years with Philipa were lived to the full

CBTW President


I had the pleasure of meeting Philippa & Django in Ohio at the BT Specialty in 2006 - actually, they were our "roomies" for a couple of nights. Django was a gentleman, and did a lovely job of ignoring Molly, Zeke and PussPussWhippet. He was kind enough to let me fuss with him in a manner largely devoid of the dignity and decorum that a fellow of his age and experience should expect from folks. What a guy!

CBTW Maritime Rep.


A life well lived


...a dog well loved


It is with great sorrow that I have to report that I have just returned from sending Django on his final journey. He has been my constant companion and treasure for over five wonderful years.
He went very peacefully, in my arms, and I know that he is now at the Rainbow Bridge where he is joyfully greeting Waif, (my Lurcher) and 3 Dobermans: Masis 1, Masis 2, and Skyler, together with all the sadly missed members of the Jansim Jottings group.
He leaves behind him a very sad Mum, a bewildered brother, Parker, whom he raised and taught to be a gentleman, many, many, friends, both 2 and 4 legged, and a whole wonderful group, without whom I would not have had Django and who have given me strength during this last few weeks.
Play hard, Django, stay tough, just as you lived your life.

Dogs leave indelible paw prints on our hearts.


Owned, loved and missed by Philipa Sahiner

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