Cortaillod Falmouth CD,HIT. "Keeley"

May 05, 1999 - February 05, 2013

Judging from the wonderful comments following her passing, Keeley's "public" image was exemplary, Through Isobel's wonderful trinute, we are able to meet the "real" Keeley. Truly a dog to be proud of:

Thanks to all for your sympathy and kind words about Keeley, although I have smiled a little to read about her being described as steady, quiet etc. Clearly Keeley was going out of her way to be good in public, probably having been warned by me about "manners".

In her everyday life, until she was well into her senior years, she was boisterous and energetic, determined to do things her way, protective of her family and ruling the dog here ever argued with Keeley.

She loved people, was gentle as a lamb with small children, patient with puppies and just a "look" from under those Schnauzer eyebrows would quell the most rambunctious.

I tried her with a variety of dog activities ,,,,,In Obed. she quickly demonstrated her intelligence, if not willingness , she got her CD, coming first in Class with each leg, but refused ( and I mean REFUSED ) to have anything to do with the dumbell, so we quit Obed.

She was extremely athletic and we tried her in Agility, True to form, she would start out beautifully and made it all seem effortless as she ran the course. Sadly , inevitably , part way through she'd lose interest and go off to investigate something that had caught her attention.

Because she was so fast and strong, our Flyball team thought she would be a great asset. , she loved the jumping part but refused to take a ball that had been in somebody else's mouth !

I tried her in Lure Coursing....she looked at me in disbelief, clearly saying "it's a plastic bag, why would I chase it? "

She tolerated the BTs ED activities but around here she was the champion squirrel catcher.

She was probably the smartest dog I ever owned and constantly out-smarted me. Eventually I gave up trying to turn her into the performance dog she did not want to be and just let her be the affectionate, sometimes quirky dog she was .

She was no saint, but I loved her to bits and I miss her

Isobel McGowan

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