Ch Bandersnatch Red Jacket, CD, SE AX, NAJ, CGC, ThD, VX

Farewell - Robin

June, 1990 - March 17, 2006

Ch Bandersnatch Red Jacket, CD, SE AX, NAJ, CGC, ThD, VX aka Robin went to the Rainbow Bridge on March 17, 2006. She would have been 16 in June.
Robin was sired by Ch Thoraldby Tomahawk out of Bandersnatch Black Magic CD TD.
Robin was a very eclectic dog, willing to do almost anything with anyone. She earned points on her championship handled by Marg & Amanda Pough, Kerry & Renee Boisvert and our friend Cindy Sherman.
I despaired of doing earthdog with her - as like her mother - she stared at the rats waiting for them to move so she could POUNCE on them. Perhaps she was just waiting for AKC to start the Earthdog program. At the 1995 specialty she practically demolished the liner trying to get the rats!
She became Renee Boisvert's Junior dog when she was a year old. And Renee and Robin won the first BTCA Junior Showmanship match and the first Helen Irving Award.
Robin was a wonderful brood bitch. She had 20 puppies in four litters, and passed her lovely temperament on to her pups. Most went to be well beloved pets, and most are still living. She produced Ch Bandersnatch Tuxedo CD ME CG CGC V, Ch Bandersnatch Voyager, Ch Bandersnatch Falcon and Ch Bandersnatch Kestrel.
She took Renee Boisvert through 4H, and Kerry decided to take her into the obedience ring and get a CD on her. Kerry then decided to do Agility with Robin. It took some time persuading Robin that there were NO RATS under the pause table or the A frame. Kerry learned to walk the grounds of outdoor trials to show Robin that there were no tunnels. During her agility career - the quest for her SE was put on hold. However, Robin loved agility and got her AX and NAJ inspite of occasionally visiting the ring stewards.
After Agility she came back to Earthdog and earned her Senior Earthdog Title.
Meanwhile, the Cornell Vet School was starting a Pet Therapy program called Cornell Companions. Robin was tested, and passed with flying colors. We visited a group of severely physically handicapped children. Robin never minded if hands pulled her skin, or pinched. In fact, the first day there was one child who could walk on her own. We sat her on the floor so she could pat Robin. "T" grabbed hold of Robin's pelt and Robin just backed into T's lap, and relaxed. At the end of the visit, T surprised everyone as she said "Bye Bye Robin" - she had been non-verbal in the classroom setting prior to that. Robin ended each visit with a jumping - crawling demonstration. Jumping over the bar and crawling under it. As a Cornell Companion, Robin also visited the hospital and most recently she and Alison visited an assisted living facility.
Robin lived with me, then with Kerry, then with a friend who missed her large Goldens, and finally spent her last years living with Alison Reissman. With Alison she continued as a Cornell Companion, and learned about dancing with dogs as well as visiting Longview.
Robin learned to live with cats - but always knew which cats belonged. My Sasquatch, was a big as she was. At Kerry's she lived with Toffee, and Alison has two cats. At BOCES we visited with cats as well. She knew Sneakers, but the semester that there was a substitute cat in the room, I had to watch her as she was always willing to try to grab that long fluffy tail. And at the hospital, she totally ignored Jack a big white cat, UNTIL he was put in the carrier to leave. Then she got that "look" in her eye, and the devilment was there.
She was a grand dog, always willing to do anything with anyone. She brought joy to many lives, and will be missed by us all.

Marg and Amanda Pough, Kerry and Renee Boisvert, Alison Reissman


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