Shelburne Vixen

April 26, 1997 - December 20, 2002


Shelburne Funny Girl (Crooker)

September 01, 1992 - March 13, 2003

owned, loved and missed by Deenie Galipeau

Vixen and Crooker
Happier Times - Crooker (left) Vixen (right)
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Vixen Vixen loved to rough house with the labs.
Sadly, she was no match for the marauding coyotes who stole her life.
Crooker was also a Border whose courage knew no bounds. She fought long and hard to stay for mom, but a higher calling would not be denied.
We know she is waiting with Vixen at the "Rainbow Bridge"


Mourning lost friends
"Gone Away" but never forgotten

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