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Chris & Pam Dyer

Our breeding program is based on established Working/Show/Obedience bloodlines with major consideration being given to correct type, size and working ability combined with the true Border Terrier character that makes this breed so special.

Over the years, we have maintained a reasonable and realistic pricing policy. Puppies are sold on a co-ownership or a Canadian Kennel Club or Private Non-Breeding Agreement. We support spaying or neutering at an appropriate age depending on the circumstances. Bringing puppies into a world which destroys thousands daily is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

All our breeding stock receive health clearances in accordance with the Canine Health Information Center requirements for Border Terriers and we take all reasonable measures to ensure that our puppies will be free from hereditary/congenital defects. Pups are sold with a 5 day health guarantee which is backed up by a 30-day "getting acquainted" period, and lifetime back-to-the-breeder policy.

We aim to place ALL our puppies in homes where they will live first and foremost as active members of the household, as we firmly believe this is the best environment for any Border Terrier, regardless of his role as a working terrier, show dog, obedience prospect, agility fiend or simple family companion.

Our interest in our puppies does not end with the signing of the contract, we are always ready to assist in any way possible should problems of any nature arise. An immeasurable amount of time, thought and effort goes into producing a litter of happy, healthy pups and we are prepared to stand behind our progeny 100%.

In return we expect a high level of communication with prospective owners including home visits (ours and possibly yours). We do not sell to people we have not met in person. We do not ship pups unaccompanied. In addition, we fully expect new owners to provide a loving but disciplined home for their puppy, this should include a fenced yard or enclosed area where he can run and play safely, regular exercise and health care, appropriate socialization and basic training. It is not our intention to encroach upon the developing relationship between a puppy and his new owners but we are ready to assist with advice and support whenever it is needed and do expect owners to stay in touch.

Should we feel that a Border Terrier is not the right breed for you, we will not hesitate to say so: remember the decision to own a dog may well affect the next 15 or more years of your life -so think carefully on it!

Many thanks for your enquiry about our beloved breed, do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information, and feel free to come visit our little gang, but please - call for an appointment first.

Please click here to see what breedings we may have planned. Please understand that we breed very infrequently but are always willing to refer prospective owners to other responsible breeders.

Life Members of the Canadian Kennel Club Club

Members of the Border Terrier Club of America since 1980
We have signed and abide by the BTCA Ethical Standard

Founding member of Border Terrier Canada

Charter Members of the Northeast Border Terrier Club

Members of the American Working Terrier Association since 1982