February 26, 1996 - August 02, 2011

Welcome to Michigan

A nice nap after a long trip

Look for spring with Tumnus

Happy 15th birthday Nicholas

Enjoying the show

Nicholas was just three months short of fifteen when his owner died. He went into foster care with North American Border Terrier Welfare but, given his age and some health issues his future was far from certain.
That's when Philipa stepped up to the plate, offering him a home in Michigan with Border Terrier Tumnus and "street mutt" Parker.
It was agreed that if he could tolerate a very much needed dental and his health issues were not critical that he would join the Sahiner household.
Genie Hurme took wonderful care of him over the Christmas Holidays and Marg Pough arranged the dental and treatment of his immediate health needs.
On the 6th February, 2010, Nicholas moved to Michigan where he became a go anywhere, do anything member of Philipa's family, duly celebrating his fifteenth birthday in fitting style.
He loved going to shows, trials and training classes and meeting people (especially those with treats).
He loved his walks and naps and wrestling with Tumnus (twelve years his junior).
He handled the visits of Tumnus' various relatives with grace if not enthusiasm.
All in all, Nicholas lived his new life to the fullest. the six months he spent with Philipa were days well lived by a dog well loved.
He was blessed that the cancer that took him did not rob him of his quality of life until the last two days. We owe Philipa a debt of gratitude for doing so well by this old gentleman but perhaps the truest words belong to Philipa

"Nicholas was, My "Trooper". Anything I did for him pales in comparison to the lessons, in patience, compassion, and caring, he taught, both to myself, Parker and Tumnus. The pleasure we took in the small things, the odd lick, occasional tail wag, the joy in seeing him play. The laughter at his "ornery" personality, which, I am convinced, is what kept him going for so long. We miss him terribly.
You were a treasure Nicholas.
Philipa, with Parker (not BT), and Mr. Tumnus. "

Wrestling with buddy Tumnus

The mind needs exercise too

Now it's time catch some Z's

Let's go for a walk

Earthdog outing in June

Nicholas is Philipa's second senior rescue, her dedication to the veterans is equally reflected in Django's memorium

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